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George Crump is president and founder of Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst firm focused on the storage and virtualization segments. With 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for datacenters across the US, he has seen the birth of such technologies as RAID, NAS, and SAN. Prior to founding Storage Switzerland, he was CTO at one the nation’s largest storage integrators, where he was in charge of technology testing, integration, and product selection. George is responsible for the storage blog on InformationWeek's website and is a regular contributor to publications such as Byte and Switch, SearchStorage, eWeek, SearchServerVirtualizaiton, and SearchDataBackup.
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posted in April 2010

More Storage Doesn't Mean More Jobs

Q1 earnings are in and for the most part the news is good, and in some cases very good. There were a few misses, but overall it looks like Q1 was a solid quarter. More importantly, most suppliers are giving upbeat guidance for the rest of the year and into 2011. Indications are that users are beginning to ramp up their storage buying, but there is little evidence to suggest that is going to come with increased head count. In short, the "do more with less" IT staffs are going to become the "do ev

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SSD's New Role: Operational Efficiency

Thanks to the decreased cost of Solid State Disk (SSD) its role within the enterprise continues to evolve. As we discussed in our last entry ( this is leading SSD out of the realm of being used to solely solve the performance demands of the fringe use cases and more into mainstream. Beyond the power utilization improvements that SSD can bring there are also operational improvements to consider.

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Tandberg Data: AccuGuard Server

We continue our look at the source-side dedupe market with Tandberg Data's AccuGuard Server software, a solution designed specifically for the SMB market place. The Tandberg solution bundles deduplication software with their NAS appliances to provide a turnkey backup solution for that market.

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SSD's New Role - Power Efficiency

I've seen several research reports lately that indicate storage spending is going to increase for the rest of 2010. While budgets are loosening, I don't think we are going to see a return to the "ready, fire, aim" strategy of storage purchasing. As I discussed in a recent blog on Information Week, the investment is going to be in new systems that use capacity more effectively. Users are repeatedly telling me they are looking for solutions that take up less space, use less power and simply cost l

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Shouldn't Auto-Tiering Also Auto-Optimize?

Automated tiering, the ability to move data between different types of storage within an array, is quickly becoming a popular feature of advanced storage systems. While there is a focus on how these systems will lower costs and increase performance, there is one feature that is missing: the ability to auto-optimize.

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SNW Summary

What were the key themes of the Spring 2010 Storage Networking World? Well there are two sides of SNW. There is my side, where I spend all day in briefings with suppliers of the technology, and there is the user side where other individuals spend their time in sessions and hands on labs.

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SNW And Thoughts On Deduplication

As predicted last week one of the first topics of discussion at Storage Networking World was deduplication. Our first briefing was with Sepaton, who had a panel on the topic. As part of my conversation with Sepaton (for hourly updates on our briefings at the show please go to our blog), we had a broader discussion about the future of deduplication as part of the backup process.

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Clearing Up Cloud Confusion

One of the complaints about cloud storage is that it is not very neatly defined. The reality is that I don't think it ever will be. There are too many use cases and let's face it, the term "cloud" is being used for everything, not only on the storage side but also on the compute side. As we discussed in our article "What is Cloud Storage" there are many sides to the term. Ideally, we should have reserved the term for providers of storage that you access through the public Internet, for which you

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Source-Side Deduplication: Symantec

With the combination of NetBackup and Backup Exec, Symantec has a market dominating 43 percent share. Many of the target-side appliance systems consider support of Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) an important capability as we discussed in our series on target-side deduplication. Symantec's latest move is to integrate deduplication capabilities into NetBackup and Backup Exec.

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The Cloud Won't Be Like ILM

The best thing about comments to blogs is that sometimes they require a response that is so long it becomes a blog itself, or in the case of DanB's latest response to my SNW Blog, it can become two or even three. It was a great comment and underscores some of the mistakes that we in the analyst/media make when it comes to a subject like cloud storage. Dan's first point and the focus of this entry was that clouds sounded like the next ILM (Information Life Cycle Management). By that I take it tha

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