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George Crump is president and founder of Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst firm focused on the storage and virtualization segments. With 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for datacenters across the US, he has seen the birth of such technologies as RAID, NAS, and SAN. Prior to founding Storage Switzerland, he was CTO at one the nation’s largest storage integrators, where he was in charge of technology testing, integration, and product selection. George is responsible for the storage blog on InformationWeek's website and is a regular contributor to publications such as Byte and Switch, SearchStorage, eWeek, SearchServerVirtualizaiton, and SearchDataBackup.
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posted in February 2010

How Hot Is Automated Tiering?

Last week, a CEO at a large storage manufacturer predicted that automated tiering, the process of moving data between different tiers or classes of storage, was over-hyped. The executive's comment quickly brought responses from other storage manufacturers claiming the contrary. Most vendors position automated tiering as a "must have," and as is often the case with this type of topic, a digital food fight broke out.

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The Services Of Storage Replacement

Last year, I was working with a user through the process of a storage replacement. They basically had run up against a wall with their current storage, and our team was helping them through the selection process. One of the areas that simply amazed me was how ill-prepared some of the vendors were when it came to guiding the customer through the replacement. They had about 30TBs of storage on the old platform and none of the initial proposals gave any consideration to guiding the customer through

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SSD Reliability Isn't An Issue

Why is there ongoing concern about SSD reliability? I know of several vendors who have this concern, but more often than not, this worry is due to lack of experience and a lack of understanding about SSD. SSD reliability shouldn't be an issue anymore, especially if you are using enterprise-class memory.

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Deduplication Replication - CommVault

CommVault was one of the first enterprise back-up software vendors to integrate deduplication into their product offering. While it wasn't a surprise that they did this, it was a surprise that they were able to add the ability to deduplicate to tape. In my most recent regular blog post on Network Computing, I covered the trend to deduplicate on media other than traditional disk-based systems. CommVault's hybrid approach is a unique compared to how others perform deduplication, and worth examinin

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Deduplicating Elsewhere

Deduplication technology discussions usually center on deduplicating the backup target. That makes sense, as this is where the biggest payoff is for the technology. Increasingly, the discussion is moving more to using deduplication as a part of archive disk or primary storage. Deduplication, however, is also branching out beyond standard disk, and there are areas to consider whether applying the technology is worth the investment.

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Cloud Storage Enabled Applications

CommVault's recent announcement of enabling cloud storage as an additional backup target for their application created a bit of buzz in the cloud storage community. As it should. CommVault along with Atempo, Symantec and others that are making cloud storage just another button to click will go a long way in its adoption. I think what is more interesting is the use of cloud storage by Independent Software Developer's (ISV) that are not your typical storage guys.

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SSDs Making The Meek Powerful

Often when we discuss Solid State Disk (SSD) there is a tendency to focus on the very high-end systems with demanding databases or thousands of simultaneous users. However, one of the benefits of SSD is the ability to enable mid-tier systems to deliver performance that matches that of high-end systems with hundreds of mechanical drives. The mid-tier is often overlooked and that could be a mistake. One of the powerful capabilities of SSD is that it can improve performance of just about any system

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We Still Need Storage Hardware Vendors

Let's face it, most storage hardware vendors are now really software vendors or at best integrators. They take their software stacks, buy storage hardware from an OEM and then integrate the two together. There are a few storage vendors that are adding additional value in custom ASICs, and some are customizing their software to take advantage of the hardware that they OEM. Most, though, are just loading their software on what is essentially an Intel server with external drive expansion capabiliti

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Deduplicating Replication - Atempo

Enterprise Backup Software manufacturer Atempo has entered the deduplication marketplace, as have a growing list of other software manufacturers. Hopefully, we can cover all or most of them in future entries. Atempo has integrated deduplication as part of its Time Navigator agent software that is installed on a server to be backed-up. Atempo deduplication is source-side, meaning not only does it reduce the amount of data stored on disk, it also reduces the amount of data transferred across the n

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NAS Commoditization

Does basic office productivity application data like spreadsheets, word processing and presentation files belong on a purpose-built NAS? Most NAS systems are now tuned to deliver high-performance storage I/O for applications like VMware, Oracle and large processing type of environments. Most are well worth the expense if the increased I/O can increase productivity or response time for customers but often are overkill for basic office productivity data.

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Deduplicating Replication - NetApp

NetApp made headlines last year in its attempt to purchase Data Domain. While the story of that not working out has been very well documented, NetApp also had two other deduplication technologies. One leverages the ability of OnTap (the NetApp OS) to do deduplication and the other is available with their VTL solution. This entry will focus on the former.

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