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President, Storage Switzerland
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George Crump is president and founder of Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst firm focused on the storage and virtualization segments. With 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for datacenters across the US, he has seen the birth of such technologies as RAID, NAS, and SAN. Prior to founding Storage Switzerland, he was CTO at one the nation’s largest storage integrators, where he was in charge of technology testing, integration, and product selection. George is responsible for the storage blog on InformationWeek's website and is a regular contributor to publications such as Byte and Switch, SearchStorage, eWeek, SearchServerVirtualizaiton, and SearchDataBackup.
Articles by George Crump

What Is Storage QoS?

Storage QoS ensures specific performance levels for applications and workloads. Will it push datacenters to 100% virtualization?

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The Coming SSD War

Consolidation is making the SSD market more competitive than ever. Here's what to keep in mind when you're considering enterprise storage solutions.

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The Role Of DRAM In Storage

Don't discount DRAM. Thanks to increased server capacities and sophisticated caching technologies, DRAM can serve as a tier in the storage infrastructure.

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The Virtualized Backup Gap

Most enterprises run two backup systems -- one for virtualized servers and one for non-virtualized servers. New products in the works should resolve that problem.

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Stop SSD Sprawl

Solid state storage devices are being implemented in servers, networks, and storage systems, leading to sprawl and performance problems in data centers. This has to change.

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SSDs: Understand The Options

IT managers face an overwhelming number of options when selecting solid state drives. Here's how to cut through the marketing hype and balance your performance gains against the costs.

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Is Legacy Storage Dead?

Every major vendor will bring out a flash-only storage system before the end of the year--and almost every one of these products will fail. Legacy vendors have got to stop treating solid-state storage as if it were just a faster hard drive.

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Do We Need World Backup Day?

March 31 is World Backup Day. Do we really need a day devoted to something that we should be doing every day? If we do, we should have a World Test Recovery Day, too.

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Saving The SAN

You don't have to turn your storage area network upside down, with performance-sensitive data moved into the server on a flash-memory device. If you can fix its performance issues, the SAN has distinct advantages over server-side caching.

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The Upside-Down SAN

Vendors are pushing local flash storage for your most active data, which may turn your storage area network to a digital dumping ground.

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How To Make Backup And Recovery Foolproof

Nobody wants the nerve-wracking job of backup guy. But there's good news: Intelligent disk-based backup, virtualization, and lots of practice recoveries can make it safe to be in charge of the backup process.

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Move Data Closer To Apps

The future of location-based storage tiering will be dependent on vendors being able to orchestrate movement of active data closer to the application.

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Your Next Storage System

IT managers should be making plans to update their storage infrastructure in 2012. Consider these tips to sort through all the new features, capabilities, and options.

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