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Mathew Schwartz served as the InformationWeek information security reporter from 2010 until mid-2014.

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NSA Battles Tor: 9 Facts

National Security Agency has had limited success in cracking Tor communications. Here's what we have learned about the anonymizing network.

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Can You Hack A Heartbeat?

Nymi biometric wristband promises to let you unlock everything from cars to hotel rooms without a PIN or password. It authenticates you using heart rhythms.

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Dropbox Adopts Single Sign-On Technology

Dropbox says any off-the-shelf or homegrown identity management system that's compatible with the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard can be configured to automatically sign users into its service.

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Is CISPA Worth Saving?

Cybersecurity bill continues to draw fire from privacy groups even as it is revised. Some experts predict the entire bill will be tabled.

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What's Next For IBM Security?

IBM's new security mantra for enterprises might be summed up like this: Think big, see small. It's marrying security monitoring, big data analytics, and threat intelligence.

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