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Art Wittmann is a former editor for InformationWeek.
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posted in August 2007

Startup Gear6 Speeds Storage

For most applications, the storage industry is fairly adept at delivering requisite performance. All, that is, except for large data set processing. Think: Financial market modeling, or digital image rendering, or seismic analysis for the gas and oil industry. For...

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Taking Virtualization Security Seriously

Virtualization security has been on the minds of a lot of IT folks lately. There's no doubt that virtualization changes the security game - and because it involves new software - the potential for new exploits exists....

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Welcome to the Virtualization Immersion Center. Normally this first blog post would come from your site editor, Joe Hernick, but Joe is taking a few weeks to move and settle into a new home. So, in Joe's absence, I welcome...

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Citrix's End Game

Citrix buying XenSource is a bit of a surprise, but the real shocker is the price tag. A half billion dollars for a three year old company with a few hundred customers, almost no profits and a part of its...

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