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Art Wittmann is a former editor for InformationWeek.
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posted in January 2007

Greetings From Demo 2007

This week finds me at Demo 2007. Chris Shipley now drives this show, and quite honestly, it's not an obvious fit for Network Computing. The technologies discussed tend toward the consumer side, or at least toward enabling B-to-C business. If...

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Don't Try This at Home!

Sean Ginevan, one of our frequent contributors out of our Syracuse lab found a study that delves into the addictive nature of the BlackBerry. Anyone who's been around a gaggle of BlackBerry users has surely seen some of the phenomena...

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BlackBerry Tips from the Field

Ok, I'm done obessing over the iPhone. Five months is a long to drool over a phone. And like other, ahem, mature technologists - I'll probably wait for the second generation (yeah, right). As I mentioned previously, I got some...

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Some iProduct iDeas

I'm still obsessing on the iPhone. I promise I'll get back to the BlackBerry thing shortly, but Apple's newest creation has got me thinking about the company's overall business model. iPods, iPhones, iBooks, iTVs, what else might the company have...

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My blog: Over Before It Started?

So less than a week after I start my hip and trendy BlackBerry blog, Apple introduces the iPhone. Everything about the iPhone is interesting, to the point where you have to wonder why someone else didn't come up with at...

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The Introduction

A blog on a BlackBerry, well that's original, isn't it? Ok, it's not so original; Google reports over seven million hits for "blackberry blog". However I recently wrote a column on getting the thing, and received about ten times as...

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