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posted in March 2006

Skype Fails and Other Tails of VoIP Woes

The Registrar is reporting that el Skypo has fixed a problem with its SkypeIn service over in the motherland, the UK. Apparently users complained that the SkypeIn service was down for a week. The outage was particularly frustrating because Skype...

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The Real Competitor for Your VoIP Budget

Cisco and Avaya may be relishing their newest SIP announcements, but the real 1,000-pound gorilla on the enterprise VoIP landscape isn't on your premises. It's in your network, as in the mobile operator....

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Net Neutrality Nonsense

For the past few weeks, my partner in crime, Preston Gralla, has bombarded you poor folk with his diatribe on Net Neutrality. He's referred to AT&T and other carriers as running a " Soprano-like business model". He's warned you how...

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A Biz Case for Presence

One of the most exciting technologies that companies can leverage is presence, understanding the status of other online users, but making the business case for presence has been anything but easy. Stumping for a technology on potential productivity gains within...

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Sudden Impact

In this podcast, I chat with the leading experts from Avaya, Microsoft, the Burton Group, and the Yankee Group on the impact real-time and non-real time collaboration technologies will have on the enterprise....

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The Preacher of VoIP

John Chambers electrified the VoiceCon audience here in Orlando in his keynote address that ended 10 minutes ago. The man who VoiceCon co-chair Fred Knight introduced as the "rock star" of our industry walked out to a standing ovation. One...

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It's Time for a Web Services-SIP Standard

Avaya, Cisco, and Sphere Communications took the first step this week towards VoIP-enabling corporate applications by introducing Web service interfaces to their underlying VoIP servers. Such interfaces enable applications to perform nearly any VoIP functions, such as initiating, answering and...

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Net-Based Mind Reading

This is a scary. How much can Amazon, Ebay or any e-tailer do to predict your buying habits? More importantly what lessons can you apply to you own e-commerce site to achieve better results?...

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Why I Hate Open Source Routing

Why is it that perfectly sane, intelligent, and bright journalists get boinked when it comes to open source technology? Mention Firefox and they interpret 10 percent marketshare as market dominance. They sing the praises of Asterisk not stopping to think...

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