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posted in February 2006

E-mail Admins Play "Which Would You Rather"

To illustrate the challenges of managing e-mail, Osterman Research took a humorous route in its survey of more than 100 IT pros, sponsored by Zenprise, with a series of "which would you rather" questions. I guess this group of administrators has it pretty tough. The survey focused on a single support ill; they were asked to rate the level of difficulty in determining the underlying cause of e-mail problems. The Survey revealed that:

Hip And Cool Means Growth, And More Security Concerns

A little while back I blogged about how messaging technologies have become "cool" and are enjoying "hip" status among those that define "hip" standards for our society, the youth and young adult markets. Well, I'm thinking the vendor and service provider communities are finding this all pretty cool, as well. The Radicati Group Inc., in a series of recent reports, projects some pretty heady growth for messaging-related products and it's not all coming from me

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Presence Meets Collaboration On The Conferencing Front

The integration of collaboration and presence technologies continues to fascinate me for two reasons. First, because it all makes so darn much sense. I mean you can work with a virtual room full of people from your PC in Timbuktu or down the hall. Presence capabilities take the remoteness out of remote collaboration. And the other reason it's fascinating is because the enabling technology is all available, but it requires vendors and service providers to work together to integrate and provision

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On Campus: Combining Social Networking and Social Media

College students have long been amenable users of any technology that allows them to communicate about common interests and now they can combine the best of all the social networking sites and the available social media on one site. The new Uspot service, from Los Angeles-based Uspot, allows college students to create, share and communicate in one location and through common interests such as entertainment, social events and hobbies. Uspot claims to unite two

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Working In Unreal-Time

There's no getting around the fact that the current generation of knowledge workers is overworked. The messaging technologies that promised to make our lives easier have, instead, made us more efficient and elevated performance expectations. We are now able juggle more balls at once and require less support personnel to accomplish bigger projects in less time. And we're working harder than ever. David Ferris of Ferris Research recently wrote down his thoughts in the Post a Comment

Who You Gonna Call?

Will IT managers throw up there hands trying to manage multiple messaging environments from multiple vendors while trying to prevent malware attacks and meet compliance requirements? And by throw up their hands I mean hand the whole mess over to a service provider. That seems to be what Postini is hinting at in its annual Message Management & Threat Report, which was released earlier this week. In the Post a Comment
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