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Tom Hollingsworth, CCIE #29213, is a former VAR network engineer with 10 years of experience working with primary education and the problems they face implementing technology solutions. He has worked with wireless, storage, and server virtualization in addition to routing and switching. Recently, Tom has switched careers to focus on technology blogging and social media outreach as a part of Gestalt IT media. Tom has a regular blog at and can be heard on various industry podcasts pontificating about the role technology will play in the future.

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SDN Security Under Scrutiny

A researcher at Black Hat reveals ONIE vulnerabilities, showing that SDN isn't immune to security problems. However, the nature of white-box switches promises rapid fixes.

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SDN Benefits For The SME

Software-defined networking has huge applications for the large enterprise, but how can it help small and midsize enterprises? Tom Hollingsworth examines the possibilities.

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Inside White-Box Switches

Switches traditionally use ASICs for packet forwarding, but the new breed of white-box switches relies more heavily on generic CPUs to handle forwarding in order to reduce costs.

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Is It Time For SDN 2.0?

Software-defined networking has become a meaningless buzzword. Let's start fresh with a new term that has strict requirements before vendors can label their products with it.

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OpenFlow Vs. Fabrics

Network fabrics can optimize hardware performance in the data center, but OpenFlow can provide many of the same benefits while also integrating better with tunnels.

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Who Is Really Pushing NFV?

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) turns hardware appliances into virtualized services. As NFV interest grows, who stands to gain the most benefit?

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SDN Meets Data Analytics

Plexxi's Data Services Engine takes software-defined networking to the next level by collecting data in the network and analyzing it to aid traffic flow.

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VMware's NSX End Game

Imagine an app store for the data center, where you can get firewalling, WAN optimization and other services with a few clicks. Here's how NSX might make it happen.

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IPv6 Adoption On The Rise

Several reports indicate that both service providers and enterprises are making the switch to IPv6, negating the need for LISP or tunnel services to help with the transition.

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Software Defined Data Center: Marketing or Meaty?

The software-defined data center is the latest term being applied to the abstraction, orchestration and automation of hardware-based resources via layers of code. Is it just empty marketing, or is there something you can sink your teeth into?

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