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Christine Taylor, an analyst with The Taneja Group, has more than a decade of experience in covering the IT and communications industries. She has written extensively on the role of technology in e-discovery, compliance and governance, and information management.
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posted in July 2009

Records Management and eDiscovery

Records management has always been painful but now it's nearly impossible given the unending growth in ESI. Since corporations are infamous for keeping every stick of data, we're looking at hundreds of terabytes of data just in the data center with many more hundreds of TBs on servers, SAN, NAS, tape, and workstations scattered throughout the enterprise. These terabyte-to-petabyte levels represent a lot of records to manage for multiple business needs including eDiscovery, compliance and data re

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The Cloud and eDiscovery

As far as eDiscovery goes, cloud-based computing primarily presents as a cloud-based hosting site with eDiscovery services running over the hosted data.

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Plowing the Road: Mapping and eDiscovery

Retention policies should do three things: protect business value, comply with regulations, and an infrastructure that streamlines content searches. This is IT's domain but impacts the legal arm as the attorneys are often the bearers of the torch for compliance,...

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Managing Early Case Assessment

Early case assessment (ECA) is an excellent tool to decide the merits of a civil case. However, in a world of fast-growing electronic data and shrinking review times, ECA has become one cumbersome process.

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Asking the Right Questions

The point is to take each eDiscovery stage and clarify how your company treats it now and how they might treat it for minimum risk and maximum efficiency.

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Why eDiscovery SaaS Can Be a Good Idea

In a hosted/Software as a Service model, an eDiscovery vendor secures collected data in a highly secure hosted infrastructure. The vendor provides the eDiscovery SaaS to process and analyze data, and to provide tiered views, tagging and access rights to potentially hundreds of different reviewers.

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A Quick Look at Concept Search

With most meet-and-confer still concentrating on keyword and Boolean searches, is concept search worth the investment in supporting products and time? The answer is sure -- if you know what you're doing.

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