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Christine Taylor, an analyst with The Taneja Group, has more than a decade of experience in covering the IT and communications industries. She has written extensively on the role of technology in e-discovery, compliance and governance, and information management.
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posted in June 2009

Native Format? Not so Fast

IT may be called on to produce literally millions of pages of discovered data. The product may be printed or electronic or both and IT may have little warning.

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Speeding Up eDiscovery

eDiscovery isn't limited to technology, but technology is a critical component of successful eDiscovery. Here is my take on the technology you really need to successfully accelerate the entire process.

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Taking on Corporate Compliance

IT really does need technology that can manage data with hooks into compliance and governance policies, and that can do it across storage infrastructures. Technology alone won't do the trick; you also need to allow for services and business policies around governance. But the technology platform you choose will be crucial in getting the job done.

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Dragging IT Into the eDiscovery Fold

Legal and IT can and should work together to automate eDiscovery. ROI for doing so is excellent -- but the corporation must have the budget and the will to accomplish it. Better to do it proactively than in response to a devastating series of legal losses.

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