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Christine Taylor, an analyst with The Taneja Group, has more than a decade of experience in covering the IT and communications industries. She has written extensively on the role of technology in e-discovery, compliance and governance, and information management.
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posted in October 2009

ECA: Value Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

eDiscovery vendors and analysts - including myself - are coming out with a raft of product and commentary about Early Case Assessment (ECA). However, we might be assuming a lawyerly acceptance of ECA that just isn't there.

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When It Comes to eDiscovery, Even Walmart Can Get It Wrong

Mimosa Systems' excellent (and entertaining) Know-It-All Guide recently reminded me of an older but still relevant case, Testa vs. Walmart, and the giant retailer actually lost it. The mid-90s case is still relevant because the same practices that led to Walmart's loss happen every day in business. The settlement was small at $50K and Walmart could readily afford it, but do you really want to go there by making the same mistake they did?

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Stratify Tells You What You've Got

In this morning's announcement, Stratify used a catchy phrase for their integrated ECA/review platform: "Know What You Have." They are not the first vendor to use a phrase instead of a coined name to identify a product's function, especially when the function combines multiple products or services.

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