Content posted in September 2006
Getting Down & Dirty
Commentary  |  9/30/2006  | 
With Holloween a month away, readers identify vendors who trick more than they treat
Strategy Session: Network General: Duck or Phoenix?
Commentary  |  9/29/2006  | 
Having languished for several years as part of Network Associates, Network General attempts a comeback with "Fusion." But can the company overcome its "bad marriage" and win back customers, both
Air Time: Mobile Video: The Next Killer App
Commentary  |  9/29/2006  | 
Mobile video technologies will be driven by consumer entertainment, but the technical advances required to make this happen will also pay dividends for enterprise users.
Power to Whom?
Commentary  |  9/29/2006  | 
Is shifting backup responsibilities to end-users worth it?
Who Goes There?
Commentary  |  9/27/2006  | 
Do you really know who you're talking to?
Opinion: High-Definition Video--Bad For Consumers, Bad For Hollywood
Commentary  |  9/26/2006  | 
Digital rights management gadgetry has turned high-definition video into a lumbering dinosaur that consumers won't want to buy. And a good thing, too--because Hollywood doesn't know what to do with
Bottom-Up Compliance
Commentary  |  9/22/2006  | 
Although compliance with specific regulations certainly requires a good bit more than simple common sense, keeping data safe usually demands exactly that.
Reality IT: Wired or Wireless? You Decide
Commentary  |  9/22/2006  | 
My company is setting up a new satellite office in a nearby city. One major decision is whether or not to go fully wireless at this remote location, and you
10 Steps to Mobilization
Commentary  |  9/22/2006  | 
A mobility project can transform your enterprise--if you avoid the complexity and cost pitfalls. We offer a road map to a successful mobile application deployment.
Drip, Drip, Drip
Commentary  |  9/22/2006  | 
Is your company leaking? Call a plumber
Users Mull ILM Muddle
Commentary  |  9/20/2006  | 
ILM hype continues to mystify
How Much Is Too Much?
Commentary  |  9/20/2006  | 
6:15 PM -- Iron Mountain continues to have high-profile snafus. Is it just bad luck?
The New Storage Lexicon
Commentary  |  9/19/2006  | 
Storage technology doesn't change nearly as fast the verbiage we use to describe it
Has Apple Lost Its Security Shine?
Commentary  |  9/18/2006  | 
With the latest large sets of security patches and an alleged wireless driver vulnerability, Mac OS X no longer seems invincible. Our expert delves into the real threats in the
Executive Privilege
Commentary  |  9/16/2006  | 
Data management projects increasingly require support from non-IT execs
Strategy Session: Armchair Economics
Commentary  |  9/15/2006  | 
Vendors are eyeing the state of the economy and the coming fiscal year with pessimism. So what's a well-intentioned IT planner to do?
On the road to 4G
Commentary  |  9/14/2006  | 
In announcing that they had decided to deploy a WiMAX network using their 2.5GHz spectrum, Sprint proclaimed that their decision marked their commitment to building a 4G wireless broadband network. Several commentators, including Network Computing's own, Peter Rysavy, were quick...
Five More Years
Commentary  |  9/13/2006  | 
Dell and EMC need each other more than ever
The Cable-less Console
Commentary  |  9/11/2006  | 
Serial based console ports have long been the lowest common denominator when it comes to configuring routers and switches. Although in-band management solutions such as telnet, SNMP and SSH allow for far greater flexibility, the physical nature of a serial...
Acquisition of the Week: webMethods and Infravio
Commentary  |  9/11/2006  | 
webMethods, Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Infravio, Inc. for approximately $38 million in cash. The deal is expected to close during the month of September 2006 and it is...
It's Wi-Fi Baby!
Commentary  |  9/8/2006  | 
Couldn't pass up sharing this cute baby onesie. There's a slew of others future geek clothing, including a shirt for baby bloggers, little Linux Users and more at
Paranoia in Palo Alto
Commentary  |  9/8/2006  | 
Fear and loathing is the name of the game over at HP
Customized Systems Management Suites
Commentary  |  9/8/2006  | 
So you're not a Fortune 1,000. That doesn't mean your small enterprise doesn't deserve its own custom-tailored systems management strategy. Here's how to design a strategy to match your needs
Reality IT: Advancing by Degrees
Commentary  |  9/8/2006  | 
Returning to school for a master's degree to advance within the IT profession isn't as easy as ABC.
Strategy Session: Introducing Holistic Analysis
Commentary  |  9/8/2006  | 
To simplify your technology evaluation process, we're pleased to announce, your new home for holistic technology analysis.
Chase Trashes Tapes
Commentary  |  9/7/2006  | 
Chase digs landfill for tapes improperly disposed
NAC/NAP: A House of Cards?
Commentary  |  9/6/2006  | 
Is the new Cisco NAC/Microsoft NAP Interoperability Architecture partnership a harbinger of things to come? Is this the situation that NAC vendors have feared (or welcomed, depending on your point of view)? It certainly is an ambitious partnership and if...
Cisco Backs Into Optimization
Commentary  |  9/6/2006  | 
What's the hurry, when you're Cisco?
Dual-Core CPU Buyer's Guide
Commentary  |  9/5/2006  | 
With Intel and AMD embroiled in a performance and price war, choosing a desktop processor can be tough. We'll make the decision easier with a guide to chip choices and
Wheeling & Dealing
Commentary  |  9/1/2006  | 
Got cash? Good. If you're a storage vendor, let's spend it
CommVault: Worth the Wait?
Commentary  |  9/1/2006  | 
Here comes CVLT, and it looks like a muted start

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