Content posted in September 2004
DWT: Drinking While Typing
Commentary  |  9/28/2004  | 
How fast can you type on your PDA? TextWare solutions wants to know, and they're willing to hand over a sweet bottle of Dom Perignon to the speediest typer. The Dom Perignon IV Speed Contest runs from October 1 to...
Excel, Web Style
Commentary  |  9/24/2004  | 
2Web Technologies has introduced its newest software, XL2Web, a platform for creating interactive, Web based applications from Excel spreadsheets. Not content with simply displaying an Excel spreadsheet in a browser window, 2Web interprets and converts spreadsheets into thin-client applications capable...
Reality IT: Lessons in Vendor Hype
Commentary  |  9/24/2004  | 
Proper product selection is just part of the equation. Learning to see through "vendor talk" is also crucial.
Too Late for Fiber?
Commentary  |  9/24/2004  | 
FTTH stands to increase end-to-end reliability and troubleshooting capabilities enormously. But has the ship already sailed for fiber optics?
The Thin AP "Weight Debate"
Commentary  |  9/24/2004  | 
The need for multiband functionality and other strategic services requires more, not less, intelligence at the edge.
Can You Hear Me -- YOW What's That Smell?
Commentary  |  9/23/2004  | 
From the department of useless technology -- a German telecommunications company is working on a cell phone that offers an unusual feature: it can tell you if your breath stinks. The phone will have a tiny chip that can detect...
Off the Hook?
Commentary  |  9/22/2004  | 
Phishing has been one of those technology topics that keeps popping up in the popular press as consumers are conned into providing all their personal details to fake banking or government sites. This social-engineering exploit (and it is social engineering...
Huzzah! for Web Services
Commentary  |  9/21/2004  | 
Solica Consulting Ltd, a GoldMine?? reseller and developer of add-on products for GoldMine, and StrikeIron???, Inc., a provider of online services and software, today announced the availability of Solica GoldDNC??? for GoldMine. What the heck is that? StrikeIron has a...
Clash of the Titans
Commentary  |  9/21/2004  | 
All the fun we've had with single-vendor computing platforms seems likely to spill over into the security world as Microsoft and Cisco get cranking with the idea of end-to-end security. This story gives a pretty good overview of the initial...
Security Threat Watch Update
Commentary  |  9/20/2004  | 
Compliments of today's Security Threat Watch newsletter: There have been a number of interesting vulnerabilities this week. Microsoft released a patch for a vulnerability in JPEG graphic parsing in various GDI libraries. Part of the problem with this bug is...
Windows SP2 Easter Eggs
Commentary  |  9/20/2004  | 
I was going through the Top 11 submissions for an upcoming issue of Network Computing's Last Mile, where we asked you to tell us the "Top 11 undocumented Easter Eggs hidden within Windows XP SP2," and I was floored by...
Transaction Minder 6.0
Commentary  |  9/20/2004  | 
Netegrity has announced the release of Transaction Minder 6.0. The big news for this release is its Web Services security play. TM 6.0 includes full support for WSSE 1.0, which means the product can consume and produce WS Security headers...
Commentary  |  9/20/2004  | 
The open source IDE Eclipse has its own con. How cool is that? You'll get to hear about new features, attend tutorial sessions and participate in forums with Eclipse developers. If there's a feature you've wanted to see, this is...
Tune Into Wi-Fi NAS
Commentary  |  9/17/2004  | 
Always looking for a stylistic edge and perhaps a modest foothold within your IT shop, Iomega has come up with some pretty odd looking if not elegantly simple storage utilities over the years. So it's no shock to see the...
The World Ends (Take MCMCXXIII)
Commentary  |  9/16/2004  | 
So everyone knows that anything labeled "Critical" must be, like, really important, right? And if Microsoft labels something "Critical" then it must be just totally double-plus ungood, right? So when Microsoft comes out with a critical alert regarding a vulnerability...
Storage Pipeline: First Person: Global File System or Global Name Space?
Commentary  |  9/16/2004  | 
Before we replace our server file systems, we must consider the disruption--and cost--of fixing the architecture.
Commentary  |  9/16/2004  | 
If you saw that number and replied "What is the number of high-tech jobs lost between March 2001 and April 2004." then move over Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings, because you're right on the money! Even more surprising, half of those...
VoIP...the MOVIE???
Commentary  |  9/14/2004  | 
Hollywood's made a few attempts to bring the world of IT into the movie theatres with the barest hint of reality associated with them (Antitrust and the Net come to mind), so I wasn't surprised to see what I thought...
Need a Job? Send a Virus
Commentary  |  9/13/2004  | 
Techies at a British anti-virus firm have discovered something strange buried within the lines of code of two new computer worms, "MyDoom-U" and "MyDoom-V." A request for employment. "We searching 4 work in AV (anti-virus) industry," read the message. Because...
Affordable IT: Web Servers
Commentary  |  9/10/2004  | 
Keeping your external Web site available 24/7 means building a reliable Web server environment. Here are your options.
Storage Vision Quest
Commentary  |  9/10/2004  | 
Amid the chaos of a holiday week comes this short collection of the most compelling stories in storage we're following. Serial-attached SCSI (SAS), coming to a storage product near you Hitachi unleashes TagmaStore, self proclaimed speed champion IBM to compete...
This week in Vulnerabilities
Commentary  |  9/10/2004  | 
Courtesy of Security Threat Watch, comes this quick overview of last week's most important vulnerabilities and patches. Many critical vulnerabilities have been found in Oracle and IBM DB2 database servers. The vulnerabilities allow the remote compromise of the databases and...
Safe Databases Are Key to Security
Commentary  |  9/10/2004  | 
Your database and network design may help prevent critical vulnerabilities from being exploited.
The IT Agenda: Desktop Lockdown Limits
Commentary  |  9/10/2004  | 
If you took away your best employees' freedom, would they still be your best employees?
Communicating Business Returns Clearly
Commentary  |  9/10/2004  | 
Communicating the business returns you make possible is almost as important as managing the systems that deliver them.
Neighborhood Tech Support
Commentary  |  9/9/2004  | 
For our Geeks Illustrated issue, which will ship in late November, we're gathering reader horror stories on providing tech support to friends, family and neighbors. So far we've received a number of very funny stories (sadly funny actually). Here's one...
Geek Wish List
Commentary  |  9/9/2004  | 
Thanks to those who have already sent in their holiday geek wish lists. Here are a few of my favorites received thus far. Steve Delahunty wants a Panasonic ToughBook P1 which is Ruggedized and Moisture Resistant, equipped with GPS, Phone...
Affordable IT: White Boxes and Used Gear
Commentary  |  9/8/2004  | 
By asking a lot of questions before buying, you can make white boxes and used networking equipment work for you.
Dinosaurs, Dodo Birds and Floppy Drives
Commentary  |  9/7/2004  | 
One of the oldest and most common computer storage methods is close to joining Eight-Track Tapes and Phonograph records in their retirement. The Floppy Disk Drive is a feature quickly vanishing from newer computers. Dell Computers stopped offering it in...
When Compliance is a good thing.
Commentary  |  9/7/2004  | 
For years we've been talking about the "paperless office", and for years there's just not any budget for it. Even though the costs of printing can be greatly reduced by storing everything in electronic form, we never got around to...
Aruba Rolls Out New "Grid" Architecture
Commentary  |  9/2/2004  | 
Aruba Wireless Networks has a new twist on the enterprise wireless LAN industry's design struggle between coverage and capacity.
3Com and Trapeze: Engaged But Not Married
Commentary  |  9/2/2004  | 
3Com's partnership with wireless LAN switch startup Trapeze brings the company back into the enterprise.
Affordable IT: Protocol Analyzers
Commentary  |  9/1/2004  | 
You don't need to spend a fortune for an analyzer tool that can drill down into the problem and show you where to concentrate your resources. Here's how to easily
Affordable IT: Desktop Security
Commentary  |  9/1/2004  | 
Protecting your organization means guarding against attackers as well as internal problems. Tools are essential, but so is user education.

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