Content posted in August 2007
China's Disk Dive
Commentary  |  8/31/2007  | 
Seagate sticks with Uncle Sam
A Hopeless Situation
Commentary  |  8/31/2007  | 
Storage automation will be a sophisticated sideshow to other IT automation wares
Startup Gear6 Speeds Storage
Commentary  |  8/30/2007  | 
For most applications, the storage industry is fairly adept at delivering requisite performance. All, that is, except for large data set processing. Think: Financial market modeling, or digital image rendering, or seismic analysis for the gas and oil industry. For...
Sympathy for Reyes
Commentary  |  8/29/2007  | 
Storage pros aren't as tough as the feds on the ex-Brocade CEO
Viral Video of the Week: TV Logo Signon and Signoffs
Commentary  |  8/29/2007  | 
When I was a kid I remember sitting in front of the TV during the holiday seasons, waiting for one of the Charlie Brown specials to begin. Just before it started, CBS would display it's Special Presentation Identity logo --...
Wi-Fi Security Hysteria Promulgated by UM
Commentary  |  8/28/2007  | 
It's distressing enough when a lay person mistakes the facts surrounding Wi-Fi security, but it's even more painful when an institution of higher learning, in this case the University of Maryland, leads people further astray....
Time to Think of HP in Networking, Not Computer, Terms
Commentary  |  8/28/2007  | 
Looking for a high-performance, low cost Ethernet switch. Chances are names like Cisco, Nortel, 3Com and Extreme Networks pop into your mind when you start your search. Yet, the hottest company in the switch area is none of these companies; it is Hewlett-Packard, which sells the ProCurve product line. Surprised, surprise, surprise.
Emulex Management Gets a Raise
Commentary  |  8/28/2007  | 
Emulex execs get a nice base raise in pay, not to mention bonuses
The VoIP Provider That Won't Stay Dead
Commentary  |  8/27/2007  | 
Ah, the wacky world of VoIP. First SunRocket, a VoIP provider closes its doors suddenly, leaving approximately 200,000 customers in the lurch. Now the company formerly known as dead is showing signs of life by suing Vonage, another VoIP provider, saying the company used its subscriber list without paying for it.
Taking Virtualization Security Seriously
Commentary  |  8/24/2007  | 
Virtualization security has been on the minds of a lot of IT folks lately. There's no doubt that virtualization changes the security game - and because it involves new software - the potential for new exploits exists....
Do You Want the Red Pill or the Blue One?
Commentary  |  8/24/2007  | 
Virtualization is a hot topic by any measure, and the security world has not escaped healthy debates and new discoveries from researchers just beginning to plumb the issues. They're looking at not only the impact of virtualization on security, but...
Commentary  |  8/24/2007  | 
Welcome to the Virtualization Immersion Center. Normally this first blog post would come from your site editor, Joe Hernick, but Joe is taking a few weeks to move and settle into a new home. So, in Joe's absence, I welcome...
Viral Video of the Week: Robert Goulet -- Office Gremlin
Commentary  |  8/24/2007  | 
I know, I know -- how can it be called "Viral Video of the Week" if I don't have one every week? Cut me some slack, huh? One little slip, sheesh. Anyway, I'm back with a doozy -- did you...
Instant Mess(aging) -- The Ongoing Battle Over Network Usage
Commentary  |  8/24/2007  | 
A friend of mine works for a large financial services firm. Recently, he told me that the company blocked employees' access to YouTube, MySpace and a few other "time-wasting" sites. My first reaction? Those meanies.
Sun Scraps Ticker Symbol
Commentary  |  8/24/2007  | 
Schwartz and Co. set sail for JAVA
Compliance Should Not Drive You to NAC
Commentary  |  8/23/2007  | 
There is so much hype in the IT media and vendor product pitches about policy compliance it makes my head swim. Survey results published by Network Instruments shows many organizations don???t think they have the data or the means to...
Storage Startups Track Trends
Commentary  |  8/22/2007  | 
1:00 PM - Our new Top 10 highlights developments in virtualization, backup reporting, security, and more
Diligent & the De-Dupe Rumor Mill
Commentary  |  8/21/2007  | 
Diligent's funding raises the level of whispering about potential partners
Skype Recovers from Windows Smackdown
Commentary  |  8/20/2007  | 
Skype service is "back to normal" as of Saturday morning after an outage last week knocked out the popular VoIP service for two days and left many small businesses fuming.
Dell to push storage for small business
Commentary  |  8/20/2007  | 
Dell is apparently getting serious about promoting advanced storage for small and midsize companies. According to an email that just landed in my inbox, CEO Michael Dell himself is coming to San Francisco on September 10 to explain how Dell plans to change the economics of storage for smaller companies.
What's Xohm? Sprint gives more detail on WiMAX
Commentary  |  8/17/2007  | 
While all of Sprint's services from push to talk (CEO Gary Forsee announced that Sprint's PTT services both iDEN and CDMA will be marketed as Nextel Direct Connect) to Sprint's Pivot quad-play product got their moment in the sun, it...
Logging matters
Commentary  |  8/17/2007  | 
As I start to test product for the upcoming NAC reviews, in-line NAC being the first of many, one thing strikes me as truly annoying???the lack of decent logging and reporting within network devices. Without good logging, there is no...
Desktops' Virtual Dance
Commentary  |  8/17/2007  | 
Is Citrix's XenSource acquisition the shape of things to come?
Citrix's End Game
Commentary  |  8/16/2007  | 
Citrix buying XenSource is a bit of a surprise, but the real shocker is the price tag. A half billion dollars for a three year old company with a few hundred customers, almost no profits and a part of its...
Breach Notification Service is a Bad Sign
Commentary  |  8/16/2007  | 
You know data security breaches are way too common when a company builds a business around customer notification of stolen information....
Three Vendors and an Analyst Walk Into a Bar...
Commentary  |  8/15/2007  | 
What happens when you get Michelle McLean from ConSentry Networks, Mike Rothman from Security Incite, Alan Shimel from StillSecure, Dominic Wilde from Nevis Networks together? The answer is a rather engaging give and take about network access control between four...
EqualLogic Locks Onto IPO
Commentary  |  8/15/2007  | 
iSCSI vendor preps its public offering
The Other Side of VMware's IPO
Commentary  |  8/15/2007  | 
Some second thoughts on today's firecracker IPO
Pity the Fool
Commentary  |  8/10/2007  | 
HDS rolls out the big guns
Meat Space Still Matters in a Web 2.0 World
Commentary  |  8/8/2007  | 
It's important for enterprises to recognize the limitations of Internet-mediated communication and collaboration.
An Open Letter to Apple: Begging for a Better iPhone
Commentary  |  8/8/2007  | 
IT Administrator Kevin Miller has decided not to support the iPhone on his company's network. Find out why and what Apple could do to change his mind.
Applications vs Application Level
Commentary  |  8/8/2007  | 
Understanding the difference between application layer security and application access control will help you determine when and if NAC will be effective in solving your access control problems.
Cisco's Storage Grows
Commentary  |  8/8/2007  | 
Storage slips in with the rest of Cisco's Advanced Tech group as stellar performer
Viral Video of the Week: Let's Play iMario
Commentary  |  8/7/2007  | 
So much for a 'closed system,' right Mister Jobs? This video short shows how someone hacked the iPhone in order to install an emulator running the classic Nintendo Entertainment System....
F5 & Acopia vs. Cisco & NeoPath
Commentary  |  8/7/2007  | 
F5's purchase of Acopia raises questions about when Cisco will produce a full-fledged optimization product
Fear of the Press
Commentary  |  8/4/2007  | 
Clearly, some analysts are allergic to me
Xirrus Breaks Down Classroom Walls in Boulder
Commentary  |  8/3/2007  | 
The enterprise WLAN vendor will be providing the infrastructure for all 55 schools of the Boulder Valley School District.
The limits of access control in NAC
Commentary  |  8/2/2007  | 
Alan Shimel, in his July 30th blog Is quantine black and white or is there access control in NAC?, takes Kurt Roemer from Citrix to task for Roemer???s portrayal of NAC as black and white access control. I agree with...
365 Main Does PR for DR
Commentary  |  8/2/2007  | 
Data center colocation provider is pelted with virtual eggs in wake of SF outage
Caringo Bongo
Commentary  |  8/1/2007  | 
Software startup beats its CAS drum

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