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Study: Skype Used For Business, Not Home
Commentary  |  8/31/2006  | 
Contrary to what you may believe, Skype is primarily used for business, not home use. So concludes a Cornell University study of Skype use....
Drawing The Curtain
Commentary  |  8/31/2006  | 
The server business is entering a fascinating phase, with processors that feature power through the roof and energy efficiency unrivaled by older chips; extraordinary hardware options available to you whether you're in a large enterprise or a small business; a...
Yankee Group Study Reveals Attitudes Toward Mobile Data Among Small and Medium Sized Businesses
Commentary  |  8/30/2006  | 
Last week, the Information Technology Solution Provider Alliance (ITSPA) put out a press release about the adoption of mobile data solutions amongst small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). The release cited a study, conducted by the Yankee Group, that surveyed...
Wireless Propagator: A Wireless Repeater to Switch Transition? -- Part 4
Commentary  |  8/30/2006  | 
Metro Wi-Fi deployments are expensive. Although coverage over capacity remains a viable goal in this early stage of the market, anything an operator can do to reduce the number of nodes will drive those installation costs down. Cohda, Go Networks and Wavion each offers technologies to address those requirements.
New Study: Kiss Traditional Telephones Good-Bye
Commentary  |  8/28/2006  | 
A new study from PointTopic found that VoIP subscribers jumped by 83% in 2005, and hit nearly 19 million subscribers worldwide. It's just one more piece of evidence that traditional telephone are going the way of the horse and buggy....
McData Post-Mortem
Commentary  |  8/26/2006  | 
Lack of 4-gig directors -- and salesforce turmoil -- struck the final blows
What's In A Name?
Commentary  |  8/25/2006  | 
I've covered the IT business long enough to be continually amused when companies decide to junk a technology that, a mere few years before, promised to save the world....
Acquisition of the Week: BEA and Flashline
Commentary  |  8/25/2006  | 
Yesterday BEA announced it would acquire SOA Governance vendor Flashline for an undisclosed sum....
Friday Freebie
Commentary  |  8/25/2006  | 
Happy Friday! Today's freebie is a product that's just been released as a service and provides IT analytic capabilities for free....
Strategy Session: Our Magazine's New Look
Commentary  |  8/25/2006  | 
We've redesigned Network Computing magazine to better help you use technology to meet the needs of your business.
Air Time: A Wireless Education
Commentary  |  8/25/2006  | 
Laptops and multipurpose cell phones are rapidly becoming the norm among students on campus. To support all these wireless devices and technology, however, schools must start offering serious network infrastructures
NASA Goes to the Dark Side
Commentary  |  8/25/2006  | 
Leaving no stone unturned in its search for the missing moonwalk tapes
Cablevision May Clean Verizon's Clock
Commentary  |  8/24/2006  | 
Verizon is aggressively targeting Long Island with it fiber-to-the-home FiOS service -- but it looks as if cable company Cablevision may clean its clock. This doesn't bode well for telcos in the upcoming cable versus telco all-out war....
Throw Your Firewall Under The Train?
Commentary  |  8/24/2006  | 
A report from the Mail & Guardian Online claims that a home firewall is virtually useless, and "is not much more than a leaky dike." But there's less to this report than meets the eye, and its conclusions may be...
Intriguing Equation
Commentary  |  8/23/2006  | 
(Citrix + Orbital) x Microsoft = Vastly reshaped market for remote-site and wide-area applications
IBM Acquires ISS for MSSP Biz
Commentary  |  8/23/2006  | 
IBM today announced it will acquire security vendor ISS for approximately $1.3 billion. ISS made its name selling intrusion detection and prevention products, but Big Blue snapped up the company for its managed security services portfolio....
Beyond Print 11 - Beyond Content
Commentary  |  8/23/2006  | 
Beyond Print 11 Podcast - Beyond Content (download here) - Successful blogs and podcasts can hold a visitor beyond what they originally were looking for. A visitor may discover your blog or podcast because they were searching for a topic,...
Street Talk: Cisco's Shopping
Commentary  |  8/23/2006  | 
Whispers say NetApp's the target; insiders find it hard to swallow
Nortel's Vision For Telephony
Commentary  |  8/22/2006  | 
I bumped into the Phil Edholm, chief technology officer and vice president of Strategy and Architecture for Nortel's Enterprise Solutions and Packet Networks group, here in the halls at VoiceCon. We spoke about the opportunities for Nortel in light of...
AT&T May Be Big Loser In NSA Wiretap Ruling
Commentary  |  8/21/2006  | 
The recent ruling by a federal judge that the NSA wiretapping program violates the constitution is bad news for AT&T and other telcos -- they may end up paying millions of dollars because of their acquiescence in the program....
Gridding My Teeth
Commentary  |  8/18/2006  | 
Grid computing seems to be another case of too much vendor push, and little-to-no user pull
Is There A Santa Claus?
Commentary  |  8/18/2006  | 
AMD always does well when LinuxWorld rolls around, and this week is no exception. The first major upgrade of its flagship mid- and large-market server processor, the Opteron, sees AMD well on the path to quad-core processing. And it guarantees...
Houston, We've Got a Storage Problem
Commentary  |  8/18/2006  | 
They put a man on the moon... and lost all the data
But Will It Match My Tinfoil Hat?
Commentary  |  8/17/2006  | 
A new line of wallets has metal-infused RF shielding built in to prevent thieves from remotely scanning RFID-embedded credit cards. This is just silly....
The Wireless Edge: Sprint Nextel, WiMAX and the Mobile Broadband Conundrum
Commentary  |  8/16/2006  | 
Sprint Nextel's choice of WiMAX for its 2.5 GHz network helps legitimize the technology. However, WiMAX is not 4G, and Sprint Nextel will face a major challenge trying to make a consumer-oriented mobile broadband service profitable.
Service Providers: Whom Can You Trust?
Commentary  |  8/16/2006  | is reporting that the fall out from AOL's privacy fiasco has begun....
Beyond Print 10 - Unpause
Commentary  |  8/15/2006  | 
Beyond Print 10 Podcast - Unpause (download here) - We're back from the hiatus. New episodes will come out weekly again. I'm currently in the process of writing the Beyond Print printed article. I've noticed that writing and podcasting require...
Fresh Startups
Commentary  |  8/15/2006  | 
New B&S top 10 list features startups that are really just starting up
Laptop Liabilities
Commentary  |  8/12/2006  | 
The VA has racked up a roster of shame when it comes to data security
VoIP Spam: Calling You From Nigeria
Commentary  |  8/11/2006  | 
VoIP has dropped the cost of international calls so drastically that sleazy marketers and scammers call into the U.S. from overseas to evade our country's do-not-call regulations. And the problem is only getting worse....
Does Skype Own The VoIP Brand?
Commentary  |  8/10/2006  | 
When people think of VoIP, they think of Skype. That's the interesting conclusion of Phil Wolff's blog on Skype Journal. That's bad news for Vonage...and very good news for Skype....
President of Zultys responds
Commentary  |  8/10/2006  | 
I wrote briefly about the financial troubles Zultys was having. So I popped off a few questions to Ian Milnes, the President of Zultys. If I were a Zultys customer, I would be really nervous until I saw an announcement...
X Marks The Server
Commentary  |  8/10/2006  | 
I've got to admit, I've been most curious about Apple and what its server strategy will be going forward from its switch to Intel processors. Now, perhaps we'll start finding out. Apple honcho Steve Jobs used the Apple Worldwide Developers...
Business Travel In 2010: Biometrics, 3D, And RFID
Commentary  |  8/10/2006  | 
From receiving video-mail to having your iris scanned at airport security, here's what the world of business travel and communications might look like in the not-so-distant future.
Storage in Wartime
Commentary  |  8/10/2006  | 
Middle Eastern firms have more than power outages and hurricanes on their minds
Asterisk Gets VC Funding: Kiss Old-Time PBXs Good-bye
Commentary  |  8/9/2006  | 
Digium, the company behind open source PBX software Asterisk, has just gotten $13.8 million in Series A funding from the Boston-based VC fund Matrix Partners. This should be the final nail in the coffin of old-style PBXs....
Air Time: Enterprise 802.11n: How Fast?
Commentary  |  8/9/2006  | 
802.11 history tells us it could take up to seven years for the 11n draft to be finalized. What does that mean for the companies using the already shipped millions of 11n chipsets?
The Wireless Edge: Wide-Area Wireless--The Next Five Years
Commentary  |  8/9/2006  | 
Even though 3G cellular-data services are just now rolling out, standards bodies are developing a series of enhancements as well as entirely new network approaches. The results will be significant improvements in capability.
Brocade's Costly Victory
Commentary  |  8/8/2006  | 
$713 million is a lot to cough up for a dying rival
Winners & Losers
Commentary  |  8/8/2006  | 
There will be plenty of each in the Brocade/McData merger
The Skype-Mylo Connection: Ready To Crash And Burn?
Commentary  |  8/8/2006  | 
Sony's new mylo instant messaging/calling device includes Skype so you can make VoIP calls using Wi-Fi networks. Yes, it sounds cool...but I think this one is going to crash and burn, so I don't think Skype will be a big...
Asterisk: A VoIP Hacker's Best Friend
Commentary  |  8/7/2006  | 
Possibly the most disturbing news out of the Black Hat security conference last week was how Asterisk, the open source PBX, is being increasingly used by hackers in a wide variety of hard-to-stop VoIP hacks. Everyone, from home users to...
AT&T's Newest Enemy: Your Electric Utility
Commentary  |  8/4/2006  | 
Not happy with the limited choices you have for broadband Internet access? That may change. The FCC has just announced it plans to back broadband over powerline (BPL) technology, so you may eventually get Net access from your local utility....
Friday Freebie
Commentary  |  8/4/2006  | 
Happy Friday! Today's freebie is for the coders out there - an AJAX/JSF open source toolkit that lets you develop cool Web 2.0 applications without JavaScript......
Big Bond for Reyes
Commentary  |  8/3/2006  | 
Former Brocade CEO Reyes slapped with $2 million bail
Wireless Device Driver Flaws Allow Takeover of PCs, Macs
Commentary  |  8/3/2006  | 
This week Intel and SANS announced three vulnerabilities for Centrino device drivers on Windows, the worst of which could let the attacker execute code with kernel-level privileges....
Beware: VoIP-Hacking Toolkit Hits The Net
Commentary  |  8/3/2006  | 
A hacker's toolkit of 14 programs designed to test VoIP security has just been released at the Black Hat security conference. The tools were designed so that security pros can test the safety of their networks. But you can be...
Keep On Truckin'
Commentary  |  8/3/2006  | 
I really keep waiting for IBM to get around one of these days to licensing the late, great Eddie Kendricks's "Keep On Truckin'" for an ad campaign. Remember that mid-'70s solo smash from the Temptations singer, and the explosion of...
More Bad News For Internet Telephony Providers
Commentary  |  8/2/2006  | 
Internet telephony providers are in for some more rough times. The IRS and Department of Treasury helped traditional carriers cut their costs yesterday by eliminating the three percent Federal Excise Tax (FET) on long-distance telecoms. They also chose not to...
More Lies From Vonage?
Commentary  |  8/1/2006  | 
The Vonage earnings report is out, and it's only bad news: A whopping loss of more than $74 million in the quarter, skyrocketing marketing expenses, and worsening customer churn. Despite that, the company had the gall to claim it's on...
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