Content posted in July 2012
Overcome Cost Challenges Of VDI
Commentary  |  7/30/2012  | 
Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) place new demands on the storage systems that support them. Here's how you can cut those costs.
Calling Xsigo Software-Defined Networking Doesn't Make It So
Commentary  |  7/30/2012  | 
Oracle snapped up Xsigo today. The technology is a great fit for Oracle clusters, but it's not software-defined networking.
Novell Jumps Into the Mobile Device Management Pool--Again
Commentary  |  7/26/2012  | 
Novell's new ZenWorks Mobile Management aims to help enterprises manage their own devices and BYOD policies. Here's a look at what it offers, and where it may fall short for some.
Proximal Unveils First SSD Cache for VMware's vSphere
Commentary  |  7/25/2012  | 
To date, server-side SSD caching products include drivers for Windows or Linux. Proximal now supports the hypervisor directly, allowing features like vMotion and Live Migration to work as intended.
How To Stop Storage Node Sprawl
Commentary  |  7/25/2012  | 
Many IT departments deal with capacity demands in scale-out storage by adding nodes. That may not be the best way to fix the problem.
VMware Finally Gets a Network Strategy
Commentary  |  7/24/2012  | 
After some ill-fated attempts, VMware has left private cloud networking to its partner Cisco. By purchasing Nicira, the company regains control of its virtual network strategy in a big way.
Five Steps to Building a Private Cloud
Commentary  |  7/23/2012  | 
Taking a staged approach to building a private cloud helps ensure success along the way. Here's how to break it down.
Meraki's Managed Wireless Gets Stronger Security, But ...
Commentary  |  7/20/2012  | 
Meraki's new code release includes the Air Marshal security module as well as several other features. If you're new to managed wireless, however, here are some things to note.
EMC and VMware's Leadership Shuffle: Beginning of the End?
Commentary  |  7/19/2012  | 
VMware's independence contributed greatly to its dominance. A tighter tie to EMC may spell bad news for IT pros.
Which Scale-Out Storage Architecture Is Best?
Commentary  |  7/19/2012  | 
The future of solid-state storage is scale out, according to our contributor. But which approach should you take with your scale-out storage architecture?
Fortune 500 CEOs Shy Away From Social
Commentary  |  7/18/2012  | 
70% of Fortune 500 CEOs have zero presence on social networks, according to new report. Perhaps newly minted Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, with her 183,022 Twitter followers, will inspire them.
VMware Needs Focus; Shedding Cloud Foundry Will Help
Commentary  |  7/17/2012  | 
Rumors that VMware is going to spin off a cloud company are flying. If they're true, it will be good for the company--VMware needs to regain its focus to thrive.
What to Do About the Scarcity of IPv4 Addresses
Commentary  |  7/17/2012  | 
It's time to speak out and demand that your vendors develop IPv6 migration plans. IPv4 addresses are becoming expensive, and there's no good reason for it.
4 SSD Strategies For Big Storage Vendors
Commentary  |  7/17/2012  | 
Even the largest storage vendors have problems helping customers integrate solid state drives with existing networks. Those storage players should take these four steps.
Can You Take A Vacation From Tech?
Commentary  |  7/17/2012  | 
Try as you might, social and mobile make it tough to get away from it all. But that's not all bad.
One Secret That Stops Hackers: Girlfriends
Commentary  |  7/16/2012  | 
The majority of hackers "age out" of hacking as they get older and find girlfriends, families, and other responsibilities. Why not invest in educating young hackers sooner, instead of locking them up later?
Blue Coat Adds Mobile Application Management for Corporate Networks
Commentary  |  7/16/2012  | 
A new set of mobile application management tools seeks to give IT the control that analysts say is critical as the BYOD trend takes off.
EMC's Data Science Summit 2012: Envisioning the Future of Data
Commentary  |  7/13/2012  | 
Data scientists provide useful analysis and visualization of big data, but David Hill thinks they need to reach a wider audience.
Academia To Apple: Fix Your AirPlay Wireless Protocol
Commentary  |  7/12/2012  | 
College campus users are increasingly looking to use Apple TV and AirPlay in the classroom, but to really embrace the products, they'll need to bid adieu to the Bonjour protocol.
Private Cloud: An IT Staffer's Guide To Success
Commentary  |  7/12/2012  | 
Private-cloud computing is not just about technology, but about how IT delivers services. To be successful, the roles that staffers play are changing, as well. Here's how to adapt.
SSD-Accelerated Storage Arrays for the Rest of Us
Commentary  |  7/11/2012  | 
Storage array makers Overland and Drobo provide enterprise performance and features for entry-level prices.
The No. 1 Threat to Private Cloud Deployment: IT Management and ITIL
Commentary  |  7/11/2012  | 
Private cloud deployments can run into any number of challenges--and IT management is at the top of the list, according to our contributor. Learn why he thinks ITIL and TOGAF can slow IT progress.
Reality Check on the 802.11ac Wireless Standard
Commentary  |  7/9/2012  | 
Vendors are introducing 802.11ac products--are you ready for the wireless standard? Here's what you need to know.
Forget Multiple Hypervisors
Commentary  |  7/9/2012  | 
Multiple hypervisors in the data center may seem like a good idea: You get leverage during negotiations, and potentially avoid vendor lock-in. But dig deeper and the arguments begin to fall apart.
IT Chargeback/Trackback: Yes, You Need It
Commentary  |  7/6/2012  | 
IT chargeback/trackback systems can help IT justify and prioritize new projects and purchases. They can also help ease private cloud deployments, according to our contributor.
Cisco's Connect Cloud Policy Change Was Bad Business
Commentary  |  7/6/2012  | 
Late last month, Cisco started requiring users to create Connect Cloud accounts to manage their routers, and changed its policy to allow data collection and retention. The company has changed course; find out why that's for the best.
9 Facebook Buttons We 'Want' To See
Commentary  |  7/6/2012  | 
Facebook users have long clamored for more options to express themselves. Here are nine new buttons, including the long-rumored 'Want' button, that would do the job.
Throw Hardware At The Problem
Commentary  |  7/6/2012  | 
Sometimes you have to fix a performance problem quickly. Solid state storage can help you do that, if you consider these tips.
Buddy Media On Social Software Pitfalls
Commentary  |  7/5/2012  | 
Chief Product Officer warns against annoying viral tactics that will backfire, API standards that aren't all that standard, and more.

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