Content posted in July 2004
What about iSCSI HBAs?
Commentary  |  7/30/2004  | 
So the Storage writers in the Green Bay lab have been conducting ongoing testing and conversations about one basic premise of the iSCSI world: That you need an HBA in your servers. We've come to the conclusion that this is...
Here Comes the Amish Virus
Commentary  |  7/30/2004  | 
One of our editors just unleashed a rather devastating virus internally, which I of course feel compelled to share with you here. Enjoy. Amish virus You have just received the Amish virus. Since we have no electricity or computers, you...
I'm so Blue
Commentary  |  7/30/2004  | 
Sorry about the break in blogging. Blame it on travel, on some surgery, or on the fact that we get a blue moon tomorrow night. Whatever it was, I'm back. Good thing, too, because I had an interesting conversation yesterday...
Reality IT: Encouraging After-Hours Support
Commentary  |  7/30/2004  | 
Motivating your IT staff to contribute around the clock if and when needed isn't always about money. It's about access.
Balancing IT Scheduling, Budgeting and Customization
Commentary  |  7/30/2004  | 
If you give in to all the demands of your colleagues or supervisors, you're not being "part of the team," you're risking your project.
The Battle for Wireless Radio Spectrum
Commentary  |  7/30/2004  | 
We've had about a hundred years to figure out how best to regulate this invisible resource. Are we getting any better at it?
Are You a Naysayer?
Commentary  |  7/29/2004  | 
Just because commercial unlicensed radio data technologies are working, it doesn't mean you can't ask questions about future viability.
First Step Toward a 500-Mbps WLAN
Commentary  |  7/29/2004  | 
To define what might be the most significant wireless LAN standard ever, the IEEE 802.11n task group this week kicks off a serious effort. As is the case with many
Watch out for New Bin Laden Virus
Commentary  |  7/29/2004  | 
Without getting too embroiled in the heated issues of politics, terrorism and the quest for justice, it's no surprise that the majority of Americans and some folks around the world would like to see terrorist Osama Bin Laden dead. Unfortunately,...
Serial ATA not for primary storage?
Commentary  |  7/28/2004  | 
You know, we've been living in this world where people have inflated expectations. SCSI vs. S-ATA is one of those cases. For most people, most companies, most data... S-ATA is good enough to handle our data needs. So why do...
From the home office in Santa Clara, Ca.
Commentary  |  7/26/2004  | 
Borrowing from David Letterman (after all who hasn't?), security firm McAfee has announced their top ten threats of the year so far. Can we get a Drum Roll? Exploit-MhtRedir.gen (also known as Download.Ject or Scob) VBS/Psyme Adware-Gator Adware-180Solutions Adware-Cydoor Adware-BetterInet...
Too Young for Tech?
Commentary  |  7/23/2004  | 
Take a walk through a Target, Walmart, or Babies R Us, and you'll find a ton of software dedicated to very young children. Add to the fact that there is a myriad of websites for entertaining and educating those youngters....
From the Inside
Commentary  |  7/22/2004  | 
We spend a lot of time preventing people outside our organization from cracking into the system. Sometimes, though, we need to put more effort into keeping people on the inside from being naughty. Over at, Joe Bolin has written...
...and that's why we need security
Commentary  |  7/22/2004  | 
What happens when there are vulnerabilities in your network and database? Sometimes, a thief gets in and steals 8 gigs of customer data. Think any of the people who had their e-mail accounts turned into spam-pots are unhappy with the...
Bagle times Three
Commentary  |  7/22/2004  | 
The Bagle virus just gets more and more entertaining, with three variations launching since the weekend. The variations seem to be getting worse as time passes. It's hard to know whether it's the natural evolution of programmers working on a...
Reading, Writing, iPod?
Commentary  |  7/21/2004  | 
North Carolina's Duke University is handing out more than just campus maps and directions to the bookstore to their incoming freshmen this fall -- they're also giving each an every one of them an iPod. No, the faculty hasn't gone...
The Game is Over
Commentary  |  7/20/2004  | 
It's nice to know that the end of spam is at hand. Now that the good folks at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have decided that spam is a bad thing, I'm sure that the spammers will see the error...
Another Little Phishy
Commentary  |  7/20/2004  | 
OK, so maybe it's time to shelve the "my browser is more secure than your browser" arguments once and for all. Sam Greenhalgh has discovered a new phishing technique that uses cross-site scripting to successfully spoof either IE or Mozilla...
Online Conferencing: Quick Poll Results
Commentary  |  7/19/2004  | 
A week ago we quick polled our readers, asking them if they were currently implementing online conferencing services? Here's how the ninety-two respondants answered: 42%No current plans 15%Within the year 11%Less than six months 4%We've been collaborating from Tulsa to...
Return of the Browser Wars?
Commentary  |  7/19/2004  | 
Is it possible? Could the timeless battle between Internet Explorer and some Web-surfing rival renew once more? It seems very plausible. With yet another barrage of security patches being announced, Microsoft has seen a 1% drop in Internet Explorer usage...
A Code with a Schmear
Commentary  |  7/16/2004  | 
Doncha just love variations on a theme? There's a new variation on the Bagle virus floating around--time to make sure that your virus signatures are up to date. I can't help but think that there are a ton of script...
Wemoweh Code
Commentary  |  7/16/2004  | 
Since many network security components work by identifying either suspicious behavior or known code signatures, how worried should we be about worms that sleep on our systems? Part of me says that the possibility of malicious code, digital Manchurian Candidates...
Intel, AMD and the Enterprise Chip War
Commentary  |  7/16/2004  | 
When it comes to Intel's Itanium and AMD's x86 architecture, both companies are taking chances but also facing high hurdles.
The IT Agenda: Battling Targeted Trojan Spoofing
Commentary  |  7/16/2004  | 
While e-mail and antispam vendors try to fix SMTP, we must take action ourselves. Here's what you can do.
Offshore Outsourcing Isn't Inevitable
Commentary  |  7/16/2004  | 
The best companies are the ones that think globally, but act locally.
Set 'em up again...
Commentary  |  7/15/2004  | 
Have you updated yet? If not, your computer, your family, and Western Civilization As We Know It may have only hours to live!! Yeah, it's time for the latest in the on-going series of Windows updates. I know I shouldn't...
Doom Doom Doom!
Commentary  |  7/14/2004  | 
Who cares about Switches, Network Security and WLAN design? The big news today is that finally -- Doom 3 is on its way to becoming a reality. The long -delayed, highly anticipated game just went gold. So much for quality...
Thanks for being our guest, now strip...
Commentary  |  7/14/2004  | 
I've just about decided that the perfect outfit for travel while flying is a hospital gown and shower slides. The question is whether that flattering and oh, so practical garb will become a requirement for corporate on-site visits, as well....
Patents, Patents Everywhere
Commentary  |  7/13/2004  | 
A week ago we quick polled our readers, asking them if "embarrassingly broad technology patents are being handed out like candy by the Patent and Trademark Office?" Here's how the fifty respondants answered: 58% Duh. The EFF is right. We...
The Dangers of Online Job Hunting
Commentary  |  7/13/2004  | 
A woman in Texas was recently arrested as she entered her local bank, charged with with conning a Florida Ebayer out of nine grand for a motorcycle that never existed. Only thing is, "Bobbie-Jean" claims she's the one who was...
One Piece at a Time
Commentary  |  7/13/2004  | 
Sometimes, it's enough to solve one piece of the problem rather than waiting for the magic bullet that will make the problem disappear. Protecting your users against phishing attempts can be tough, since the design of pages (and facilities of...
Security Threat Watch: Update
Commentary  |  7/13/2004  | 
A note from this week's Neohapsis Security Threat Watch newsletter: A lot of discussion this past week concerned the appropriateness of the Organization for Internet Safety (OIS), a vendor-formed organization meant to create a guideline for security vulnerability disclosure. OIS...
www. gone byebye
Commentary  |  7/12/2004  | 
And now from the department of redundancy department, I bring you, "www." Yes, that old friend, the dub dub dub, has outlived its usefulness. Actually, according to the owners of, "www" was never useful. It was a mistake to...
Innovation through Hackination
Commentary  |  7/9/2004  | 
And we thought acquisition was the main source of Redmond innovation: "A Kirkland man arrested last week on allegations that he stole proprietary technology from the AltaVista search engine two years ago is a Microsoft Corp. employee who has been...
Commentary  |  7/9/2004  | 
Innovation isn't just for high tech. Remember last year when our air conditioning died because of the cottonwood mess? Well, our friendly management company's handy man came up with an ingenious plan to ensure we didn't have a similar cottonwood...
It's Google Vs. the Googles from Goo?
Commentary  |  7/9/2004  | 
They're cute. They sing and dance. They're from another planet. They're the Googles, and they're suing a Web Search giant near you!, a children's website operated by Stelor Productions, is suing, everyone's favorite search engine folks, on the...
DIY Geek Furniture
Commentary  |  7/8/2004  | 
What do you do the squishy, shiny packing foam that protects your new PC in transit? If you get enough PCs, you make a squishy, shiny chair, complete with armrest cupholder. Built by Wisc.-based Bryan Berns, I'll wager that this...
Does 802.11i Solve Your WLAN Security Problems?
Commentary  |  7/7/2004  | 
The IEEE recently ratified 802.11i, a workable security standard for 802.11 wireless LANs. It will take some time to mature, but last year's roll out of WPA by the Wi-Fi
Have a Coke and a Wiretap!
Commentary  |  7/7/2004  | 
If you open a case of Coca-Cola this summer and spot a strange looking can with a recessed panel and buttons on the side, you won't be drinking but may be smiling. Turns out these special cans are fitted with...
Unsafe at any site?
Commentary  |  7/2/2004  | 
Do you remember muscle cars? I know I had a serious case of the hots for a '71 Hemi 'Cuda when I was, oh, 12 years old or so. Detroit kept pushing large-displacement cars as far as they could go,...
Happy 4th of July, All
Commentary  |  7/2/2004  | 
This sunday is the 228th celebration of our Nation's Independence. To say that the last few years have been challenging for our country would be a severe understatement. On a daily basis, we're faced with the looming threat of terrorism...
Cell Phone Gives Girl a Hot Pocket
Commentary  |  7/2/2004  | 
Within the last few years there have been some stories circulating in an almost urban legend-eseque fashion -- tales of cell phones combusting. Many of these stories included an injury to the owner of the phone, because that person was...
The EFF Names Names
Commentary  |  7/2/2004  | 
True to its word, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has named the ten worst patents that it thinks the U.S. Patent office should re-examine. According to the EFF, these ten patents are trying to unlawfully take ownership of the most...
Fortifying Your IT Ranks
Commentary  |  7/2/2004  | 
Identify top, critical people on your IT team and spend money on them. When the market improves, do you really want them to start looking for better opportunities?
Reality IT: The Harsh Reality of Disaster Recovery
Commentary  |  7/2/2004  | 
When a trigger-happy CFO crashes the backup systems, one IT team learns some tough lessons about proper disaster-recovery planning -- or lack thereof.
Court: OK for E-Mail Provider to Read Mail
Commentary  |  7/1/2004  | 
Those wacky judges are at it again. Tuesday, the Supreme Court squashed the Internet Porn Law designed to protect children from stumbling onto pornography. Yesterday, a federal appeals court said it was totally fine that a company that offered e-mail...

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