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When Disaster Strikes
Commentary  |  6/30/2006  | 
The Green Bay Realworld Lab (tm) meets disaster.
Senate: Telcos Can't Block Municipal Wi-Fi
Commentary  |  6/30/2006  | 
Big telcos have been waging a silent battle to outlaw towns and cities from building Wi-Fi networks, getting state legislatures in states including Florida, Texas, Virginia and Pennsylvania to curb or ban them. But now a U.S. Senate committee, in...
EMC's Blockbuster
Commentary  |  6/30/2006  | 
EMC will buy RSA for $2.1 billion
Will Apple Launch An iVoice Gadget?
Commentary  |  6/29/2006  | 
Apple's next-generation operating system, code-named Leopard, will include VoIP and videoconferencing bundled into iChat 4.0, according to reports. But I don't think Apple will stop there: Expect it to launch a nifty VoIP device, called iVoice maybe?...
Commentary  |  6/29/2006  | 
The news this week was not "news" in the classic sense -- something that happened that you didn't know about beforehand -- but it was news nonetheless....
The Art of IT: Tough Times at the Top
Commentary  |  6/29/2006  | 
Changes in the leadership of our industry's top companies are becoming the norm these days. Although installing a new CEO may satisfy directors and shareholders, it doesn't always address the
IBM: Aperi Lives
Commentary  |  6/29/2006  | 
After Sun leaves, IBM turns Aperi into Eclipse
C3PO Shoots... and Scores!
Commentary  |  6/28/2006  | 
It's hard to cheer for silicon and software
Reality IT: Taming the Wild Inbox
Commentary  |  6/28/2006  | 
Faced with bloated inboxes, our team realized there are two ways to motivate reluctant users to purge thousands of old e-mails: sticks (threats) and carrots (incentives).
FCC Chief Shares Bed With Two Lobbyists
Commentary  |  6/28/2006  | 
Finally, there's evidence that FCC head Kevin Martin is in bed with industry lobbyists -- a photo in Details magazine shows Martin in an unmade bed in a hotel room with a lobbyist and a communications executive....
A Space for the Oakland Raiders
Commentary  |  6/27/2006  | 
Turns out the Raiders play pretty good defense where data's concerned, too
Hacking Iraq: The Rise Of Hajjinets
Commentary  |  6/27/2006  | 
Soliders in Iraq lack many of the most basic amenities, including Internet access, because there are only 6 to 12 computers for every 1,000 troops. So enterprising soliders have set up their own "Hajjinets," troop-owned ISPs on just about every...
IM: A Poor Fit For The Enterprise?
Commentary  |  6/27/2006  | 
In the get-it-done-yesterday world we live and work in, instant messaging may sound like the perfect enterprise communications tool. After all, speed rules these days. Yet in spite of an enterprise push by the biggest IM platform providers, a lot companies are resisting the urge to dive in head first into deploying instant messaging as a corporate application.
Beyond Print 04 - CTC Recap
Commentary  |  6/27/2006  | 
Beyond Print 04 Podcast - CTC Recap (download here) - This week, I give a recap of lessons and discussions from the Collaborative Technology Conference, which I talked about in the last episode. If you couldn't make it, here is...
Microsoft's Big Windows-PBX Plan: Dead On Arrival?
Commentary  |  6/26/2006  | 
Microsoft today rolled out its unified communications platform for tying together PBXs, desktop PCs, and Windows servers -- but it may be that it's too little, too late. There are already plenty other similar solutions out there, and they're not...
FUD Never Changes
Commentary  |  6/24/2006  | 
Hey, it's our old friend FUD making an appearance yet again! FUD, of course, stands for "fear, uncertainty and doubt," and is a weapon that Microsoft has long been accused of using to stave off competition and try to sow...
Emerging Enterprise: When IT and Execs Work Together -- Success Ensues
Commentary  |  6/23/2006  | 
In this first podcast in a series on the emerging enterprise, Andrew Conry-Murray talks with Chuck Hudson, IT director for a pharmaceutical distribution company, about how his IT group works hand in hand with executives to provide competitive advantage and...
AT&T-NSA Snooping May Intercept VoIP, Credit Card Info
Commentary  |  6/23/2006  | 
More details are emerging over the AT&T-NSA joint snooping program, and it gets scarier every day. A report in Salon says that the program could snoop on VoIP calls, capture credit card information, email and more....
Readers Eye EMC's Expansion
Commentary  |  6/23/2006  | 
Readers tell EMC where to go for future acquistions
Bloggers Getting 'Pumped Up'
Commentary  |  6/22/2006  | 
What's the hottest topic to hit blogs in recent months? Could it be Bill Gates' announcement that he'll be stepping down as MS Chief Architect? Perhaps the latest Skype grumblings? Data Security Woes? Wrong, wrong and zippo. It's all about...
Sharpen This
Commentary  |  6/22/2006  | 
Aw, man, do I have to write about blade servers again?...
AT&T: All Your Data Belongs To Us
Commentary  |  6/22/2006  | 
If you're an AT&T customer, your privacy just went up in smoke. The company has sent a letter to its more than seven million Internet customers telling them, essentially, that all their usage information is owned by AT&T -- and...
Management Muddle
Commentary  |  6/22/2006  | 
Sun quits Aperi in the latest tempest in the storage standards teapot
Change Is The Hardest Thing
Commentary  |  6/21/2006  | 
It is human nature to resist change, or at the very least be overwhelmed by it. Yet the phrase adapt or die has never been more relevant than it is to the IT organization where change is the one constant with new devices, systems, and applications constantly appearing in the enterprise either organically or by acquisition. Unfortunately, as many businesses have discovered over time, keeping up with infrastructure changes is an ongoing battle of which too many companies find they are on the losin
Should IT Embrace Web 2.0 Software?
Commentary  |  6/20/2006  | 
I recently signed up for CampFire, the Web-based chat site and was once again impressed by the impact social networking software will have on the enterprise....
Beyond Print 03 - Transparent Aluminum
Commentary  |  6/20/2006  | 
Blogs and podcasts should be used to tear down the concrete walls and steel girders of your building, and replace it with crystal clear glass.
Will Vonage Become a Penny Stock?
Commentary  |  6/19/2006  | 
That thud you heard today wasn't the sound of the Vonage stock price falling -- it was the sound of Vonage investors hitting their heads against the wall as more bad news send the stock plummeting. At this rate, Vonage...
New CEO Riffs on RFID
Commentary  |  6/19/2006  | 
Could RFID join ILM in the pantheon of storage acronyms?
The New Giants of Storage
Commentary  |  6/17/2006  | 
Database vendors could be the next storage celebrities
Skype and Vonage: Can You Hear The VoIP Bubble Bursting?
Commentary  |  6/16/2006  | 
It's looking more and more as if the VoIP hype bubble is going the way of the Internet bubble. Skype, bought for up to $4.1 billion by eBay, is turning out to be a bad investment, and as for the...
How To Remotely Monitor Memory Usage
Commentary  |  6/16/2006  | 
Adding extra RAM when your machine doesn't really need it is pointless. Here's how to tell when it's time, whether you're using Windows, Unix or a proprietary OS like Solaris.
Emerging Enterprise: Flex Your Buying Muscle
Commentary  |  6/16/2006  | 
We share tips for getting the same deals on IT products and services as companies that can buy in bulk.
Emerging Enterprise: Strategic IT
Commentary  |  6/16/2006  | 
IT leaders at most small and midsize companies still don't have much say in business decisions, according to an NWC/InformationWeek survey of more than 400 SMB technology executives. We
Can Two Be One?
Commentary  |  6/16/2006  | 
Brocade and McData claim director switch championship, but can they both be right?
What's Missing from the AIM Pro Beta
Commentary  |  6/15/2006  | 
AOL shipped the beta of its new business-oriented IM client, AIM Pro, this week and while the client has a lot to offer business there's plenty that could be improved....
The Joys Of Dual-Booting
Commentary  |  6/15/2006  | 
By letting you run Windows XP and Mac OS X side by side on the same computer, Apple's Boot Camp beta gives you the best of both worlds. Here's how
The Art of IT: The Fall of the IT Control Freak
Commentary  |  6/15/2006  | 
Face it: Your users know more than enough about their computers to be dangerous. So let them choose their own systems and offer a very broad array of software. You
Sifting the Haystack
Commentary  |  6/15/2006  | 
Get ready for an onslaught of data-organizing wares
Net Godfather: VoIP-Tapping Law Opens Big Security Holes
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
The FCC decision that VoIP must comply with the same wiretapping rules as landlines will open up gaping security holes, "rendering the entire Internet???s application space more vulnerable than it already is," says Internet godfather Vinton Cerf and others....
High Performance
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
Microsoft has claimed the lead in server software market share for a good while now, and Windows Server is pretty ubiquitous. But one area in which most of us probably don't think of Windows as the logical platform is high-performance...
VoIP's Real Security Threat
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
Reading about the Asterisk vulnerability that was announced yesterday along with Edwin Pena's $1 million VoIP scam might give one the impression that today's corporate VoIP networks are at serious risk. Nothing could be further from the truth....
Coming In Through The Backdoor
Commentary  |  6/13/2006  | 
Something about the mere mention of a Trojan virus is chill inducing. Of course, the idea of malicious code surreptitiously stealing onto the network and wreaking havoc with precious data should cause alarm. And unfortunately it looks like rather than easing, the threat from Backdoor Trojans is actually becoming an increasingly virulent one in Windows environments.
Air Time: Responsible Mobility
Commentary  |  6/13/2006  | 
Just as the automobile provided key benefits for widespread physical mobility, mobile information is largely a liberating phenomenon. But the revolution has a dark side, a struggle to ensure that
Beyond Print 02 Podcast- Epoll Results
Commentary  |  6/13/2006  | 
Beyond Print 02 - Epoll Results - This is the second episode (download here) in the "Beyond Print: Getting Your Message Out" series. This week, I reveal some of our epoll results. I'll say where Network Computing readers stand on...
Archiving's Active Alliances
Commentary  |  6/13/2006  | 
No matter how many partners come together, a complete archiving platform takes a lot of moving pieces
Vonage: Oops! The FTC Is Still On Our Tail
Commentary  |  6/12/2006  | 
Last week, Vonage announced that the FTC had ended a year-long investigation into whether the company complied with federal emergency 911 regulations. Apparently, the company spoke too soon, because it just announced that the investigation is still ongoing....
A Blade That Cuts Both Ways
Commentary  |  6/10/2006  | 
Will anyone pony up $100M for multi-vendor blade systems?
Cisco Bets The Farm On VoIP
Commentary  |  6/9/2006  | 
In a world where network hardware is increasingly a commodity, where can Cisco turn for its profits in the future? If today's buyout of two private companies is any sign, Cisco is betting the farm on VoIP....
Finally, an editor for iRules
Commentary  |  6/9/2006  | 
Ever since F5 introduced iRules (a TCL-based language) in its BIG-IP line of application delivery controllers I've been waiting for an editor to assist in crafting these powerful rules. Next week F5 unveils a brand-new set of features within its...
Friday Freebie
Commentary  |  6/9/2006  | 
Happy Friday! Today's almost-freebie combines security and FTP servers. It's only free for 30 days, but the company suggests that the initial license should give you ample time to analyze network traffic and determine how secure (or insecure) your FTP...
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