Content posted in June 2004
Internet Porn Law Blocked -- Judges on Crack
Commentary  |  6/30/2004  | 
That's the way the news headlines should read, in my opinion. According to the Supreme Court, the law meant to punish pornographers who market their "wares" to minors is a possible breach of the first amendment -- the right to...
A New Record for...Phone Text Messaging?
Commentary  |  6/29/2004  | 
Forget the world's oldest man. Never mind the largest number of hot dogs consumed in one sitting. There's a new world's record to beaten, ladies and gentlemen. A Singapore student has grabbed the honor of being the fastest mobile phone...
Commentary  |  6/25/2004  | 
Ultimately, this isn't actually that funny a story, but California cows may have been exposed to unsafe levels of a chemical used in rocket fuel, according to a new study. Not so funny because young children and pregnant women have...
Vegas Lights Dimmer This Fall -- No Comdex
Commentary  |  6/24/2004  | 
The curtain has fallen on the renowned tradeshow, at least for this year. A combination of industry downturns, shrinking crowds, tighter budgets and a plethora of other reasons have resulted in the current owners of Comdex canceling the show for...
AOL Employee Commits Crime most Foul
Commentary  |  6/24/2004  | 
So much for America Online's claims of a safe community. Such statements get tossed out the window when one of their own fold betrays the trust of AOL subscribers by selling their email addresses to SPAMmers. Slimeball and soon-to-be former...
Brush Up On Bluetooth
Commentary  |  6/24/2004  | 
Improvements in Bluetooth wireless personal networking technology have made it simple to configure, with automatic and almost instantaneous connections.
SPAMming the Blind
Commentary  |  6/23/2004  | 
The daily routine of rummaging through our inboxes, sorting between wanted emails and SPAM is enough to make our vision go blurry. But for the blind, it's no laughing matter. That's because the visually impaired check their email using text-to-speech...
Improper Use of Tech #234-C: Test Cheating
Commentary  |  6/22/2004  | 
It never fails. Whenever technology is created to better our lives, someone comes up with a way to exploit it. Granted, it's usually a creative exploitation, such as in the case of students in Rome, Italy, who have allegedly been...
Old Macdonald had a Wi-Fi Farm
Commentary  |  6/21/2004  | 
E-I-E-I-O. And on his farm, he had a wireless computer network. E-I-E-I-O. With a unmanned tractor here, and automated livestock feeding there. Eh, so it's not so catchy as the original. Nevertheless, wireless technology may end up playing a large...
Top 11 Lame IT Pickup Lines
Commentary  |  6/21/2004  | 
Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for last week's call for the Top 11 lame IT pick up lines. We were stunned and impressed by the number of "quality responses." So even before we publish the final, best of the...
IP is Transforming Telecom
Commentary  |  6/18/2004  | 
It's just a matter of time before MPLS and VoIP become part of your network. Discover how IP is changing the face of telecom as we know it.
Don't Give up on E-Mail
Commentary  |  6/18/2004  | 
Will comprehensive antispam efforts actually make it cost-prohibitive for most spammers to continue?
Sun's Strategy in Need of Change
Commentary  |  6/18/2004  | 
The company's survival is on the line. Dramatic thinking is its only hope.
Where, oh Where has my Blog Gone?
Commentary  |  6/17/2004  | 
That's the lament of many of the bloggers who had their online journals hosted at Blog pioneer Dave Winer, who has been hosting approximately 3,000 blogs for free, has decided to pull the plug, citing a number of reasons,...
Get a "Facial" Before your Vacation
Commentary  |  6/16/2004  | 
You're tired. You need a holiday. You're off to Cancun for some fun in the sun. You hand your passport over to the immigration officials who tell you to pause for the facial-recognition scan? No McFly, we haven't gone Back...
Yahoo/Google FreeMail Battle Continues
Commentary  |  6/15/2004  | 
Yahoo's not going to give up their position as the king of free email serives without a fight. As of today (Tuesday) Yahoo upped the email storage for free accounts to 100 MB (up till a paltry 4MB). That's still...
Hello from the NetSec show in San Fran
Commentary  |  6/14/2004  | 
Dave Joachim here from Network Computing and Secure Enterprise magazines, coming to you from sunny San Francisco, where our NetSec conference kicked off today. As I write I'm enjoying a glorious landscape view of the Bay Bridge from my hotel...
Gmail Swapmeet
Commentary  |  6/14/2004  | 
Speaking of Google supremacy, it appears that not everyone received a gilded invitation to participate in the Google Gmail beta program. Tisk Tisk. If you weren't one of the lucky ones, have no fear. The Gmail swap is on! Just...
Just Google It!
Commentary  |  6/14/2004  | 
This is by far the best "here's your sign" insult I've seen in quite some time. I'm compiling a list of recipients right now. Beware SODN: slightly offensive domain name in use... ...
Is Your Computer Killing You?
Commentary  |  6/14/2004  | 
Second-hand smoke. Fatty Foods. Reality TV. All three can be hazzardous to your health (well, the last one maybe to your intelligence). Several environmental groups, however, want to add your PC to the list of biological threats. According to their...
Fixed Wireless Struggles for Success
Commentary  |  6/11/2004  | 
The majority of today's most popular fixed-wireless systems eschew FCC licensing in favor of unlicensed frequencies, usually in the 2.4-GHz ISM or 5-GHz UNII bands. The end result has been
Spectrum Politics and Universal Broadband Service
Commentary  |  6/11/2004  | 
Spectrum regulation made its way to the forefront of Washington politics recently, with both the President and representatives of the FCC expressing views on the future of broadband wireless data
Innovation and Growth in the Enterprise Wi-Fi Market
Commentary  |  6/11/2004  | 
The enterprise Wi-Fi market is growing. Cisco continues to dominate, with over 60 percent of enterprise sales, but there is evidence of increasing competition from both new and established players.
First Person: Storage Utility: Anarchy Rules
Commentary  |  6/10/2004  | 
The very technologies that need a common management scheme probably wouldn't exist if not for Capitalist Self Interest.
Your own private RSS feed
Commentary  |  6/8/2004  | 
I was reading through Cory Doctorow's treatise (lifehacks) on the beauty and efficiency of all things ascii last night, and I felt like a drunk wandering into an AA meeting. I am not alone in my habit of dumping "everything"...
Linux, Technological Innovation and Originality
Commentary  |  6/7/2004  | 
How much innovation must be wholly original and how much comes from natural adaptation and evolution.
WLAN Innovations and Higher Education
Commentary  |  6/7/2004  | 
Universities play an enormous role in the refinement of enterprise WLAN technologies.
Reality IT: Implementing Solutions Against Your Will
Commentary  |  6/7/2004  | 
When your IT department is told to implement a technology it wouldn't have chosen, what choice do you have?
Commentary  |  6/4/2004  | 
For the first time in 239 days we had to reboot IPCop. :-( I know it's sad, but sometime yesterday the poor little box that could stopped responding to requests and just couldn't take the traffic anymore. But a quick...
DidTheyReadIt? Probably Not
Commentary  |  6/3/2004  | 
Well, there's yet another privacy-skirting company on the horizon promising to "ensure" that when you send someone a message, you can verify (without their knowledge) whether or not they read it. Form IT's perspective, I'd think these things would just...

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