Content posted in May 2012
The Second Coming Of Facebook
Commentary  |  5/30/2012  | 
Beyond the post-IPO gloom lurks unchanged potential for greatness.
How Shopping for Solid-State Storage Is Like Shopping for a Fast Car
Commentary  |  5/29/2012  | 
Much like the luxury car market, there are a variety of options in the solid-state storage market. Focused on speed? Bargain shopping? There's an SSD vendor for you.
EMC Co-Opts Competitors' Best Features
Commentary  |  5/25/2012  | 
There were some familiar features on display by the vendor at its EMC World gathering this week.
AirMagnet Planner Gives Cisco Small Business Wireless a Boost
Commentary  |  5/25/2012  | 
Fluke's new AirMagnet Planner for Cisco Small Business offers a strong tool set to model wireless spaces before deployment. Find out what else it offers.
BYOD Policies vs. the Realities of Corporate IT
Commentary  |  5/24/2012  | 
Users have high expectations, thanks to the IT capabilities of their consumer devices. BYOD policies are popular, but can corporate IT hope to offer the same level of service?
The Stack Wars: OpenStack vs. CloudStack
Commentary  |  5/23/2012  | 
What are the differences between OpenStack and CloudStack? Here are some things to know.
All-Flash Systems Vs. SSD Appliances
Commentary  |  5/23/2012  | 
EMC World draws attention to the many solid-state disk deployment options available.
Day 2 at EMC World: Touching Base With EMC Partners
Commentary  |  5/23/2012  | 
We check in with EMC partners and others at the vendor's annual conference. Get the latest from VCE, find out what's new with EMC flash storage and learn why Infineta may be worth watching.
Technical Debt Will Have to Be Paid Back Eventually
Commentary  |  5/22/2012  | 
Is your VMware server a little long in the tooth? Are you reworking the quality-of-service configuration on the WAN link to delay an upgrade? Technical debt is alive and well--just be prepared to pay the price.
Clouds, Cloud Storage and EMC
Commentary  |  5/22/2012  | 
EMC's definition of cloud computing may not be the same as yours. Here's what the company means, and a look at its cloud storage offerings.
The IT Law of Holes: Stop Digging and Start the Technology Migration
Commentary  |  5/21/2012  | 
Eventually, you'll need to retire the legacy systems and make that technology migration. Embrace the Law of Holes and learn how to set your cap-and-grow strategy.
Consider Cloud Computing Services Before Your Users Do
Commentary  |  5/21/2012  | 
Google Docs, Dropbox, Carbonite and other cloud computing services may be hosting your corporate data right now. Learn why you need to accept the cloud and regain control.
Cloud Security a Concern, Mobile Devices Less So, Survey Finds
Commentary  |  5/21/2012  | 
The InformationWeek Strategic Security Survey finds that, overall, network security programs are compliant, yet overly broad. But organizations are buckling down on cloud security issues.
Are SSD-Based Storage Arrays Doomed?
Commentary  |  5/18/2012  | 
Our blogger examines SSD-based storage arrays: Are latency and cost drawbacks? What about reliability?
How Facebook IPO Impacts Social Business Space
Commentary  |  5/18/2012  | 
Facebook's $16 billion IPO will have direct and indirect effects on companies evaluating and deploying social business solutions.
How Facebook Ignores Its Users
Commentary  |  5/17/2012  | 
Facebook consulted with users on Timeline more than on any previous product change. Users hated it, but Facebook gave it to them anyway.
So Long, Unlimited Data Plan: Customer Focus Dies at Verizon Wireless
Commentary  |  5/17/2012  | 
Verizon Wireless is putting an end to its unlimited data plan offering--the latest in a long line of customer-unfriendly moves by mobile carriers, according to our blogger.
Consolidation Hits All-Solid-State Market
Commentary  |  5/16/2012  | 
EMC's purchase of XtremIO wasn't a surprise to our blogger; find out what other moves he's expecting in the all-solid-state market.
Laserfiche Mobile Brings Enterprise Content Management to iDevices
Commentary  |  5/15/2012  | 
Laserfiche's new application puts enterprise content management into the hands of mobile users.
Time To Say Goodbye To Static IPs
Commentary  |  5/15/2012  | 
Configuring static IP addresses on switches, routers, log servers, databases, management systems and other parts of the infrastructure is a common practice. It's also a bad one. Extending that error to virtual machines and applications is worse.
Hybrid Memory Cube Takes RAM to the Third Dimension
Commentary  |  5/14/2012  | 
The new Hybrid Memory Cube promises memory bandwidth up to 1 Tbps, using one-eighth the power per gigabyte. Find out how.
Cisco Acquires Data Analytics Company Truviso: Can It Execute?
Commentary  |  5/14/2012  | 
Cisco says it intends to acquire Truviso. Our blogger asks: Can the networking company execute on this dive into the data analytics trend?
Interop Las Vegas 2012: A Big Thanks to the Speakers
Commentary  |  5/11/2012  | 
Our blogger takes a moment to thank the speakers and audience members who took part in Interop Las Vegas--and is already preparing for Interop New York.
Huawei, Cisco Battle Heats Up
Commentary  |  5/11/2012  | 
Huawei's CloudEngine line, launched at Interop, puts Cisco on notice that the Chinese behemoth has big U.S. data center ambitions.
Searching for an SDN Definition: What Is Software-Defined Networking?
Commentary  |  5/10/2012  | 
SDN was top of mind this week at Interop--but what is it, really? Our blogger takes a look at the varying definitions of software-defined networking.
How To Solve The Scale Out Storage Problem
Commentary  |  5/9/2012  | 
More nodes equals increased storage capacity, but you don't want to waste CPU cycles. These options could save money and data center floor space.
You Shouldn't Build Your Data Center: The Benefits of a Co-lo Facility
Commentary  |  5/9/2012  | 
Sure, you could build a data center, one expert told the Interop crowd. But a co-lo facility may be more resource- and cost-efficient in the long run. Find out why.
Prediction: OpenFlow Is Dead by 2014; SDN Reborn in Network Management
Commentary  |  5/8/2012  | 
OpenFlow and software-defined networking were on the agenda at Interop yesterday. But will they stand the test of time, or will SDN eventually become part of network management?
Edgewater Claims 50x Better Wi-Fi Performance
Commentary  |  5/7/2012  | 
As The Wireless Association’s CTIA show unfolds in New Orleans this week, one relatively new wireless company hopes to make its name known among potential customers and fellow industry players. Edgewater Wireless is a Canadian startup that is throwing some pretty big claims around in a market known for big claims. But will people buy in enough to learn more?
Rethinking The Midrange Array
Commentary  |  5/7/2012  | 
Rather than a cosmetic makeover, new midrange array architectures are challenging the dominance of the old two-controller models, with scale-out systems, hybrid systems that move RAID to the drive shelves and shared cache systems.
How Many Storage Vendors Should You Have?
Commentary  |  5/3/2012  | 
It's usually easier to solve cross-vendor management issues than to find one company that meets all your data protection needs.
Catch Up With The Wi-Fi Alliance: Passpoint, Voice-Enterprise And More
Commentary  |  5/2/2012  | 
The technical director for the Wi-Fi Alliance talks about everything from Wi-Fi offload to the smart grid space and why Passpoint and Voice-Enterprise are worth watching.
Is Your Load Balancer A Firewall?
Commentary  |  5/2/2012  | 
If you've already set up a load balancer, do you really need a firewall, too? Our blogger says no.

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