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What the Heck is a 'Mobile Companion' Anyway
Commentary  |  5/31/2007  | 
Network Computing's technology editors love shiny new gadgets. The Foleo -- Palm's new "mobile companion" created instant discussion among their ranks on the system's usability, use cases -- and future. Follow their debate and then let us know what you...
IT: Hotbed of Scandal
Commentary  |  5/31/2007  | 
Technology and human failing make an incendiary pair
IEEE 802.11n and Architecture Redux at Interop
Commentary  |  5/30/2007  | 
All the major enterprise WLAN vendors made their way to Interop Las Vegas 2007 last week, and I had the opportunity to meet with the majority of them. Top on my list: IEEE 802.11n and enterprise WLAN architecture providers. While...
Google Hacked... by Google?
Commentary  |  5/29/2007  | 
Google Hacking is the popular sport of using Google's giant cache and index to discover files or applications that the administrators might not have realized were public. There are whole databases (Johnny Long maintains the most well known) that track...
Numbers Game
Commentary  |  5/25/2007  | 
Three days in Vegas makes it abundantly clear: Spending big is back in style
Interop 2007 - 3G in Sin City
Commentary  |  5/25/2007  | 
Put 20,000 techies into Las Vegas for Interop 2007, add 50,000 BlackBerry addicted real estate professionals (attending the 2007 ICSC show) and you get a perfect storm for cellular carriers. During this year's Interop show myself and Contributing Editor Jameson...
FCoE: The Latest Standard We Don't Need
Commentary  |  5/25/2007  | 
FCoE is either the long-awaited common infrastructure that can run standard network and storage applications or the last gasp of the Fibre Channel industry about to drown in the
It's Vegas, Baby!
Commentary  |  5/24/2007  | 
A visit to Vegas requires suspension of disbelief
Air Time: Understanding 802.11 Interference
Commentary  |  5/24/2007  | 
Under conditions of heavy network utilization and co-channel interference, today's wireless LAN products behave unpredictably. Over time, these problems will become more critical.
Microsoft TCG/TNC Announcement
Commentary  |  5/24/2007  | 
While at Interop, I had the chance to talk to Stephen Hanna, Distinguished Engineer at Juniper and Co-chair of the Trusted Computing Group Trusted Network Connect working group and Paul Mayfield, Group Product Manager for Enterprise Networking. (now you see...
The Best of Interop Award Winners
Commentary  |  5/23/2007  | 
The stakes were high and the action hot last night at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas -- the 2007 Best of Interop Award Winners were announced. This year the Judges had to carefully review nearly 200 entries...
It's all about the policy
Commentary  |  5/22/2007  | 
The Trusted Computing Group Trusted Network Connect published Microsoft???s Statement of Health protocol (SoH) which lets NAP clients send health information to a Policy Decision Point (PDP)???the server that makes a decision based in whole or in part on the...
Storage Cannibals
Commentary  |  5/18/2007  | 
Switch virtualization opens the door to competitors' software, and thus will be resisted mightily
The Skinny on Thin Provisioning
Commentary  |  5/18/2007  | 
What's driving this technology? Vendor hype or user demand?
This Week's Friday Itch
Commentary  |  5/18/2007  | 
802.11n Is Coming -- Here's What To Expect
Commentary  |  5/16/2007  | 
I've gathered some interesting points regarding 802.11n that deserve further scrutiny, and I hope to get a better handle on these in weeks and months ahead.
He-Said/He-Said: Open Source 802.1X
Commentary  |  5/15/2007  | 
Over in NWC News Analysis, we covered the formation of a new group to build an open source 802.1X supplicant. The group, called the OpenSEA Alliance, is working to develop an open-source 801.X supplicant (a client implementation) to ensure a...
How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community
Commentary  |  5/15/2007  | 
Angry people looking for fights will inevitably try to poison successful Internet communities. Columnist Cory Doctorow looks at ways to remove the poison without killing the discussion too.
Thin Is Definitely In
Commentary  |  5/15/2007  | 
Thin is beautiful, at least if you're 3PAR, HDS, or EMC
Legal Brief: Changing the Landscape of Data Breach Notification
Commentary  |  5/11/2007  | 
Keeping abreast of multiple federal data-breach bills will help you proactively develop your compliance strategy.
Strategy Session: Security Drives Everything
Commentary  |  5/11/2007  | 
Massive data loss incidents (such as the one at T.J. Maxx) seem to suggest that not everyone is quite clear on the simple premise: Understanding your security needs is fundamental
Hifn Hops In
Commentary  |  5/11/2007  | 
Hifn moves onto the radar
Interop Insider: Interoperability Is Still Job One
Commentary  |  5/10/2007  | 
With the demand for seamless access to corporate info--regardless of location or device--the Interop show has never been more vital.
Google's Luck
Commentary  |  5/9/2007  | 
There's no escape - if it's not earthquakes and floods, it's hurricanes and tornadoes
The Fast Track -- For the Week of May 8th, 2007
Commentary  |  5/8/2007  | 
In this NWC Fast Track Podcast, we talk with tech editor Jordan Wiens about his analysis and review of enterprise key management products, review our feature stories on mobile instant messaging and mobile device management and get a report...
Strategic Security Podcast -- Week of May 8th, 2007
Commentary  |  5/8/2007  | 
In this Network Computing Strategic Security podcast, Richard Karpinski explores the emerging area of enterprise key management products with NWC tech editor Jordan Wiens, who recently completed an analysis and review of key management tools. In addition, Rich discusses the...
In Search of Research
Commentary  |  5/8/2007  | 
5:45 PM - EMC's research network remains elusive
Making the Most of Vista
Commentary  |  5/4/2007  | 
You've heard us say it before so forgive us for sounding like a broken record, but Vista? She ain't going nowhere -- except maybe your desktop. Sure, no one's jumping out of their seats to have the new OS installed...
Huawei, 3Com & H3C
Commentary  |  5/4/2007  | 
This trio's always up to something, alone and together
Structural Issues
Commentary  |  5/3/2007  | 
IT faces a growing roster of environmental concerns
Germany Goes Data Crazy
Commentary  |  5/3/2007  | 
Could controversial new laws be vendors' manna from heaven?
See no vulnerabilities, hear no vulnerabilities
Commentary  |  5/3/2007  | 
Yesterday, Computerworld reported on a Gartner tidbit that "QuickTime Vulnerability Exposed by Contest Poses Wide Risk". I'm in complete agreement with the title. The QuickTime vulnerability is indeed a pretty nasty one. It impacts both Mac and Windows (including Vista!)...
Is Storage Growing a Brain?
Commentary  |  5/1/2007  | 
Vendors get more specific about storage

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