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Secure World Expo, Lighter On Airlines, Same Tasty Content
Commentary  |  5/28/2004  | 
This week???s Secure World Expo in Atlanta was an interesting show ??? the whole Secure World show model is to be a local show with national players. Companies and speakers were drawn from the local Atlanta area (for instance, local...
May 27 Issue Online
Commentary  |  5/27/2004  | 
Greetings All, Just in case you missed it, our May 27th issue is available online. Here's a glimpse at what you'll find inside: The State of Wireless Networking: Wi-Fi may be the new frontier, but the trick is knowing when...
All Systems Clear
Commentary  |  5/27/2004  | 
Aside from having to come in really early this morning to deal with the power outage, all went well this morning. Power was out for around 15 minutes, but the APC UPS kept NWC Inc. chugging along as though nothing...
Can Google Stay on Top?
Commentary  |  5/26/2004  | 
Anyone that watches "American Idol" knows -- the public is a fickle lot. Yesterday's potential Idol one day can be packing it in the next. The same could be said for Google. Right now, it's the market leader --...
Penn & Teller Rule
Commentary  |  5/24/2004  | 
Finally the N+I hangover has ended and I found my camera uplink cable. About 15 hours before taking off, I got to see Penn & Teller at the Rio. Yes, you should see it. Afterwards I got the DVD of...
My Favorite 404s
Commentary  |  5/22/2004  | 
In conjunction with our current Last Mile entry, where we asked you to submit your favorite 404 errors, I've created for you a list of my favorite page not found (er) pages. I hope you enjoy them. Special thanks to...
The Dice Man
Commentary  |  5/22/2004  | 
--> Well, since I mentioned the dice man from N+I in my short entry on's web services interface, I thought it only fair that I share it with those of you who weren't lucky (or is that unlucky?)...
UPS Testing
Commentary  |  5/22/2004  | 
Well, it's been a long spring, but we're back. Next Thursday we're going to test the UPS. Not because we want to, mind you, but because the local utility is going to be installing their automated meter reading solution and...
Spam Chat Transcripts Online
Commentary  |  5/21/2004  | 
Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to our Spam Chats this week with Ron Anderson regarding his recent review of Anti-Spam hardware and software solutions. We've posted the complete chat transcripts from both sessions here. Enjoy. Session #1, recorded...
Down to Business: Universal Broadband Access for All?
Commentary  |  5/21/2004  | 
High-speed digital access for all? It's this election year's high-tech equivalent to a chicken in every pot. But does everyone actually want it?
Industry Insights: The Trusted Computing Dilemma
Commentary  |  5/21/2004  | 
Trusted computing won't succeed unless it benefits end users. If it also happens to help vendors, that's OK.
Developing Trends: The Drag on Web Services
Commentary  |  5/21/2004  | 
Vendors claim that 200 to 300 transactions per second is very acceptable for Web services. How can we convince them that poor performance is unacceptable?
Spam Chat Today
Commentary  |  5/20/2004  | 
Hi folks. Today at 12:30pm eastern, please join Ron Anderson for a fireside chat on Spam prevention. You can ask him about his recent review, or you can ask him anything you like on the topic of squashing spam. The...
Chat Transcript Online
Commentary  |  5/19/2004  | 
Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's chat session with Ron Anderson on his recent antispam review. If you missed the event, you can now read through the complete transcript. I've rearranged a few items to keep questions and answers in...
Live Chat Today
Commentary  |  5/18/2004  | 
Hi folks. Ron Anderson, our intrepid Lab Director and author of "Filters Take a Bite out of SPAM," will be in our chat room today at 12:30pm eastern to answer your spam prevention questions live and in person. So...
Last Day at the Show
Commentary  |  5/14/2004  | 
Early in the AM our intrepid Mike Lee Ron Anderson, a vendor friend from Spirent, and Mike DeMaria pause for some tasty pancakes at the Hard Rock. Click here for a bigger picture.  ...
Speed Skating with Tarari
Commentary  |  5/14/2004  | 
Tarari introduced its latest contribution to solving the XML performance problem with a bevy of speed skaters ??? complete with spandex and bright colors. Tarari???s RAX content processor is designed to solve the performance quagmire currently bogging down XML and...
WS-I Practical Use
Commentary  |  5/14/2004  | 
Forum Systems introduced its XWall product at N+I and showed off one of its new features ??? WS-I compliance verification. The XWall is truer to the name of XML Firewall than its Sentry product, as it focuses solely on data...
Getting Jiggy with Dell
Commentary  |  5/14/2004  | 
Coyote Point Systems has made an interesting move in a partnership with Dell. Its Equalizer load balancing solution is now available on standard Dell hardware, branded with the coyote logo of the server load balancer vendor, of course. For organizations...
A Dicey Proposition
Commentary  |  5/14/2004  | 
Some may claim that Web Services adoption has slowed and is not going anywhere, but a quick stop at proved that many times the hype of Web Services is actually reality., which offers job seekers a place to...
Server on a Stick
Commentary  |  5/14/2004  | 
KeyComputing introduced its X-Key 2.0 Exchange Edition this week. More than just a USB device, this phallic looking device houses a full 32 bit processor and seamlessly synchronizes your e-mail with Microsoft Exchange without requiring a single configuration change on...
Provisioning-The Secret Sauce
Commentary  |  5/12/2004  | 
I've visited with a number of vendors here at this week's Networld+Interop conference, and one theme has emerged -- the need for automated provisioning technology. It is clear that although IT departments have solved many of their most immediate management...
Best of Interop Awards
Commentary  |  5/12/2004  | 
Update: 17may04: We've added an audio broadcast of the complete ceremony (requires RealPlayer). Yesterday evening we held our Best of Interop Awards ceremony, honoring the best new products, technologies and companies emerging at this year's Networld+Interop. Unlike most awards, which...
N+I Day Two: Photo Diary
Commentary  |  5/12/2004  | 
This strange skunkwork project is the brainchild of wireless vendor firetide. It's a portable Wi-Fi video camera that Von (pictured here) and the rest of the crew wheeled around the show floor, broadcasting video back to the booth. Apparently,...
The Incredible Shrinking N+I
Commentary  |  5/11/2004  | 
A few years ago, the Networld+Interop conference was one of the biggest in the computer industry, even one of the biggest to be held in Las Vegas. The show routinely absorbed all of the meeting space in the Las Vegas...
Listen in on the Well-Connected Awards
Commentary  |  5/11/2004  | 
If you weren't invited to the ultra-swank party held last night for our 10th Anniversary of the Well-Connected Awards, fret not. I captured some choice footage of our comic and Bruce Boardman's Network and Systems management category awards on tape...
Well-Connected Awards Photos
Commentary  |  5/11/2004  | 
Last night marked the 10th anniversary of our Well-Connected Awards, where each year we select the best products we've reviewed in our labs during the previous year. Congratulations to all of those who won and attended! It was a great...
Obligatory Tourist Shot
Commentary  |  5/11/2004  | 
What trip to the land of nod would be complete without an obligatory grab shot from the strip. This lovely view is of the Grand Canal shipyard at the Venetian. Why does this look so pristine and calm? The winds...
Well-Connected Awards Awarded
Commentary  |  5/11/2004  | 
Presenting the winning products and services in 44 categories within seven core markets, including best product for each section and outstanding products of the year. Categories: ?? Introduction ?? Mobile and Wireless ?? Security ?? Management ?? Digital Convergence ??...
Plush Editor's Pad Appointments
Commentary  |  5/10/2004  | 
Who says Las Vegas hotels are downtrodden and gloomy? I'm trying to figure out how I can disassemble and ship this lovely beast back to Massachusetts. Click here to view a larger image....
New Product Sighting from N+I
Commentary  |  5/10/2004  | 
Day one is not just about languishing in how-to sessions, birds-of-a-feather meetings and long lines at the Hilton Benihana. There's some real product action going on already. Here are a few press releases that have caught my eye so far...
N+I Day One: The Hotel
Commentary  |  5/10/2004  | 
After dodging a 30,000 foot thunderstorm over Atlanta (btw, with enough fuel, you can confuse big clouds by circling them many, many times), I arrived in Las Vegas and snuggled into the cozy Hard Rock Hotel. Here's a view from...
Networld + Interop Is Here!
Commentary  |  5/9/2004  | 
Our crack team of IT pros hit the floor in Las Vegas, looking for vendor hubbub and techno happenings. We'll bring you timely analysis and unguarded opinion throughout the week. Plus, you'll be able to stream random show audio as...
First Person: Will SMI-S Find Its Footing?
Commentary  |  5/9/2004  | 
Should you care about the release of Storage Management Initiative-Specification Version 1? Only if you care about streamlining the storage management process.
The IT Agenda: Adaptability is Critical
Commentary  |  5/7/2004  | 
IT workers once had the luxury of being "pure tech." But the maturity of information technology and the ever-growing importance of data networks make such singularity less of an
Reality IT: Offering Good IT Support
Commentary  |  5/7/2004  | 
Is your organization's IT service is running below par? You may want to consider making changes to your helpdesk.
Software Patents Abused
Commentary  |  5/7/2004  | 
Find out how this system of 20-year ownership rights is being exploited and abused in the software industry.
War Flying, now that's getting somewhere
Commentary  |  5/5/2004  | 
You can just forget prowling around the neighborhood in your Buick Skylark with a Pringles can hanging out of your window. Those days are officially over, now that Humphrey Cheung from Tom's Hardware has set the bar shall we say...
Sasser Hits CPAs
Commentary  |  5/4/2004  | 
Apparently no one is safe from Sasser. This image was nabbed from a vendor booth at the AICPA tech conference. All the the IT Pros and all the IT pros' men couldn't put Sasser back in the the bottle...

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