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Keep 802.1X Deployments Simple
Commentary  |  4/30/2008  | 
802.1x sounds simple enough. Enable the switch ports, set up Radius and supplicants, and you're ready to go. But the reality is that common network scenarios are made vastly more difficult where 802.1x is deployed.
System Center To Play Nice With Others
Commentary  |  4/30/2008  | 
This is good news for multi-hypervisor shops. Microsoft pushed out the beta of VMM today, which includes management support of VMWare.
TNC/TCG Metadata Standard Promises Broad Integration
Commentary  |  4/30/2008  | 
The Trusted Computing Group's Trusted Network Connect announced Metadata Access Point, IF-MAP, a specification to aggregate and propagate events from multiple sources. IF-MAP is the best thing since sliced bread.
VCharter Pro Offers Insight
Commentary  |  4/29/2008  | 
Vizioncore announced availability today of vCharter Pro as an enterprise-class, performance monitoring and management solution for ESX shops.
Readers Pick Their Interconnect
Commentary  |  4/29/2008  | 
It isn't InfiniBand!
Another Low Priced Video Conferencing System Arrives
Commentary  |  4/28/2008  | 
Many small and medium businesses have been interested in video conferencing but not able to justify purchasing these systems. In addition, picture quality has been an issue with many systems, so vendors are now trying to address those issues.
Google Grabs New CIO
Commentary  |  4/26/2008  | 
Morgan Stanley's Benjamin Fried is the man with the plan... and the Frisbee
HP Says Virtualization Will Change The World
Commentary  |  4/25/2008  | 
Over coffee and bizarre breakfast sandwiches this morning, John McHugh, HP ProCurve VP and Worlwide GM told a few of us media types that virtualization is the big "disruptor" and "change agent" about to shake up the networking world.
Before You Take That Storage IT Certification....
Commentary  |  4/25/2008  | 
Make sure to read the fine print, or you may be in for trouble
Family Feud Underscores Maturing WAN Optimization Market
Commentary  |  4/24/2008  | 
Unions between start-ups and their financial backers are often quite tenuous. This week, the partnership between one vendor and a hedge fund with 10% of its stock illustrated that as well changes occurring in the WAN optimization market.
HP Upline Service Wears the Egg
Commentary  |  4/23/2008  | 
HP is the latest, and most embarrassed, storage services provider
Chocolate Unlocks Corporate Data
Commentary  |  4/22/2008  | 
Could the humble chocolate bar be the weapon of choice for cyber-criminals?
NAP For XP Doesn't Mean Widespread NAP
Commentary  |  4/22/2008  | 
Windows XP Service Pack 3 is coming on April 29, which means NAP will be coming to an OS near you. Already HP has announced it will integrate NAP with its ProCurve IDdM product, which provides identity based management to network access. We can expect more vendors to follow suit.
APM Comes Together
Commentary  |  4/22/2008  | 
Both tested in our APM review, Nimsoft acquires Indicative Software.
InformationWeek?s NAC Virtual Trade Show
Commentary  |  4/22/2008  | 
Starting at 11 a.m. on April 22, InformationWeek's virtual trade show will open its doors. We have fielded a list of presenters that cover various topics surrounding NAC....
Storage Networks Hit Earth Week
Commentary  |  4/21/2008  | 
The storage greening process is underway
PayPal Takes The Fight To The Enemy
Commentary  |  4/21/2008  | 
In an effort to fight back against a massive amount of phishing attacks against PayPal, the e-commerce company recently announced that it will soon force customers who want to use its service to upgrade to browsers that have the latest...
Storage Vendors, Ditch the Pitch
Commentary  |  4/17/2008  | 
A mundane product briefing turns into a minefield
Credit Crisis Causes E-Discovery Hassle
Commentary  |  4/15/2008  | 
It's not just economists who are worried about the implications of the credit crisis
Little Silver Boxes On The WAN
Commentary  |  4/14/2008  | 
Pano Logic's virtual desktop solution (VDS) is getting a major rev update to 2.0, picks up WAN, wireless and USB support for its tiny, shiny VDI solution.
nMap, A Free And Must-Have Tool For Security Pros, Just Saved Me
Commentary  |  4/13/2008  | 
As I go through my mailbox and sort through the 1,000 different security products that I'm seemingly pitched on every week, I couldn't help but smile as I reflected on the fact that some my favorite, and most useful tools,...
Commentary  |  4/11/2008  | 
While I didn't get enough time on the floor as I would have liked, I think one of the more interesting themes from the RSA show is Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Ultimately, all the security products available, all the best practices, all the sessions, directly impact GRC.
Keeping Up With EMC
Commentary  |  4/9/2008  | 
EMC's been a moving target this week
Symantec Buying AppStream
Commentary  |  4/9/2008  | 
The biggest news out of ManageFusion so far? Symantec bought AppStream last night & is rolling 'em into the newly formed 'Endpoint Virtualization' group.
Virtualization Security: A Solution Looking For A Problem?
Commentary  |  4/9/2008  | 
One of the themes coming from RSA and from vendors in the last few months is the notion that virtual servers, whether running on a hypervisor are somehow more at risk than physical servers. If your data center is secure, so are your servers. Why treat virtualized servers special?
CEO: Don't Discount InfiniBand
Commentary  |  4/8/2008  | 
Mellanox CEO Eyal Waldman takes issue with low IB forecasts
Multitasking at SNW
Commentary  |  4/8/2008  | 
With vendor announcements scattered across geographies, what are we doing here in Florida?
Lifecycle Manager, Part II
Commentary  |  4/8/2008  | 
Here's a follow-up with VMware on the company's new Lifecycle Manager add-on for ESX.
Spectrum Bridge Liberates Enterprises From Unlicensed Spectrum
Commentary  |  4/8/2008  | 
The key to a successful marketplace is the free flow of goods. Important factors include not only the goods themselves, but also information about those goods and a means to exchange them....
Strata8 Approach Unique, Not Without Business Risks
Commentary  |  4/8/2008  | 
J. Gerry Purdy, VP and chief analyst at Frost & Sullivan, recently wrote a short article about Strata8 Networks. The basic concept of Strata8's system is that it's a microcellular operator within a wireless carrier's larger network. The other important...
SNW the FCoE Show
Commentary  |  4/8/2008  | 
Getting around a bit reveals some more about this spring's show
SNW Day 1
Commentary  |  4/7/2008  | 
Rain, delays, bad food: Here we are in Orlando again!
Your ISP Is Selling YOUR Web Surfing Data. Do You Care?
Commentary  |  4/7/2008  | 
Most of us are aware of how various sites and ad networks data mine the cookies on your computer to produce targeted ads on Web sites that you frequent, but not many are aware of how pervasively ISPs are starting...
Heading To ManageFusion
Commentary  |  4/7/2008  | 
Happy Monday -- I'm catching a plane out to the Altiris ManageFusion conference in Vegas.
A Patent Mistake
Commentary  |  4/4/2008  | 
NetClarity was assigned a patent titled Proactive network security system to protect against hackers, patent number 7,346,922. I read through the patent and I have to say it aptly describes a NAC product and function that has been available before the filing of July 26, 2004.
Battle Of The Sexes: Internet Fraud Edition
Commentary  |  4/4/2008  | 
They say girls develop much faster than boys. At the very least they appear to be quicker on the uptake when it comes to avoiding getting duped on the Internet.
Ocarina Steps Out, Sort Of
Commentary  |  4/4/2008  | 
It's all in the algorithm, apparently
Legal Disputes About Storage Set Example
Commentary  |  4/3/2008  | 
Can Microsoft vs. Symantec provide a model for Sun vs. NetApp?
VM Sprawl?
Commentary  |  4/3/2008  | 
We all know how it starts. You said, 'sure, just this once.' Someone said, 'psst, buddy, try this out.'
Isilon Restates Financials, Plans New Policies
Commentary  |  4/3/2008  | 
Revenue recognition procedures failed the acid test
Hacking VoIP
Commentary  |  4/3/2008  | 
I must admit, I frequent the New York Times technology section. No, not for the engaging technical news, but for the good technology business-related info. Occasionally, I'll stumble across some interesting security-related topics, and today was one of those days....
UK Security: April's Data Fools
Commentary  |  4/2/2008  | 
More government security shenanigans on the other side of the pond
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