Content posted in April 2004
Great Spam Subj Line
Commentary  |  4/26/2004  | 
Nearly able to beat a bayesian filter with one hand tied behind it's back, here's today's best spam subject line: divorce newspapermen libel belmont bong deer deficit conserve bookstore deport moran juncture equivalent deprave indignity juncture danielson manual osgood argue...
How To Do The Samba
Commentary  |  4/26/2004  | 
Samba allows Windows clients to access files on a Linux server. Here's how to get it running.
Tapping IT's Creativity
Commentary  |  4/23/2004  | 
Musicians are creative people. Whether or not people realize it, engineers, technologists and others in our profession are as well.
Microsoft Engages its Opponents
Commentary  |  4/23/2004  | 
Why is it that people who buy McDonald's burgers, Walmart merchandise and Microsoft software aren't the ones doing most of the complaining?
Carrying On: State of the Telecom Industry
Commentary  |  4/23/2004  | 
Customers need reliable communications at a fair price. But are carriers able to deliver?
IP Communications: A New Era in Corporate Communications
Commentary  |  4/19/2004  | 
Over the past 3 years most network executives were tasked with finding ways to reduce network and communications cost rather than designing networks. Most corporations kept their network structure relatively constant, while making it more efficient and secure. Thankfully, enterprise network design is back in vogue
PDA Platform Advice
Commentary  |  4/19/2004  | 
In response to ongoing questions about which mobile platform to invest in, NWC's own Dave Molta offers some candid and hard-won advice on the ups and downs of Palm, RIM
_I _Am _Not _A _Virus
Commentary  |  4/18/2004  | 
This month's award for the most pathetic attempt to masquerade as legitimate email goes to someuser. Way to go, buddy. Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 18:22:50 -0500 From: "Yahoo!_" Add to Address Book To: "Bradshimmin" Subject: Your_ Yahoo_ @CCOUNT (
Blowing a New Dot.Com Bubble?
Commentary  |  4/13/2004  | 
Several companies with ".com" at the end of their names are filing -- or have already filed -- to go public. Are happy days here again for Dot.Com IPOs? Or will the bubble go pop just like before?...
Commentary  |  4/12/2004  | 
Five years. Five long years. Five long, hair pulling, fist pumping, cuss-spouting years. What are we talking about? Well, it was about five years ago when a little e-mail first made its way around corporate and government networks. Embedded...
April 15th Issue Online
Commentary  |  4/12/2004  | 
Good Monday All, Well, we've got some good news and bad news. Bad news is that once again, April 15th -- aka income tax day -- is about 72 hours away. We'll wait a moment while you expel a couple...
Cisco Hard-codes Insecurity
Commentary  |  4/9/2004  | 
No one said it was easy to develop enterprise-class software. Surely while testing something as complex as a centralized wireless management infrastructure, you've got to make some shortcuts for testing purposes. But to then leave those intact in the shipping...
Implementing Instant Policy Changes
Commentary  |  4/9/2004  | 
Policy changes usually take weeks. The latest attacks, however, require a more immediate response.
The European Union, Microsoft and Antitrust
Commentary  |  4/9/2004  | 
The European Commision slams the Redmond giant with record fines and major software change requirements. Is this just -- or more MS bashing?
Meeting Tomorrow's WLAN Needs
Commentary  |  4/9/2004  | 
No one can predict how much more bandwidth we'll need on wireless networks. But it's all that hard to assume "plenty."
One net to free them all
Commentary  |  4/6/2004  | 
Our own Ron Anderson just pointed us to a rather interesting find left over from the Novell BrainShare conference last month. "Is there hope for middle turf incorporated now that the dark fud has been awakened? Will the lure of...
Google on the Moon
Commentary  |  4/2/2004  | 
While everyone here at the office did battle over whether or not today's Google Gmail announcement was a joke, it appears that the company with the mathematical name quietly sipped out an actual April Fools joke: Google Copernicus Center is...
The Sun, She is Mine
Commentary  |  4/1/2004  | 
Ah the rights of spring. Every year on this special day, the web just bubbles over with slighly suspect press releases, oddly crafted RFCs and exceptionally dodgy site logos. And we just love it. So far today, the "Best Goof...

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