Content posted in February 2008
A New Look at Storage Pricing
Commentary  |  2/29/2008  | 
At $23 per pound, Sun's new SL3000 is probably a bargain
Nortel's Downward Spiral Continues
Commentary  |  2/28/2008  | 
Nortel's fourth quarter revenue brought unwelcome news. In fact, the numbers were so bad that more than 2,000 employees will need to find new employers ASAP, as the vendor continues to struggle in the highly competitive network equipment market.
Microsoft Makes Its V-Move
Commentary  |  2/28/2008  | 
Redmond's fired a big volley against Citrix and VMware
Stonesoft Guards Against External And Intrahost Threats
Commentary  |  2/28/2008  | 
I spoke with Stonesoft on Wednesday regarding the company's new security solutions for VMware. Intrahost protection, anyone?
VMware's Tardy Security Move
Commentary  |  2/27/2008  | 
VMware is Johnny-come-lately to its own security party
Riverbed Eases WAN Transmission Requirements
Commentary  |  2/26/2008  | 
Traffic flowing between remote locations can chew up bandwidth and raise a small and medium sized businesss telecommunications costs. WAN optimization tools have the potential to ease those burdens.
Automating The Windows World
Commentary  |  2/26/2008  | 
Specops is working to automate a lot of the routine tasks associated with managing a Windows environment.
Riverbed Virtualizes The God Box
Commentary  |  2/25/2008  | 
Riverbed jumps much deeper into application-aware networking today with the RiOS Service Platform, a way to run servers on its Steelhead branch-office boxes using virtualization.  As with similar initiatives from Cisco and 3Com, Riverbed's long-term aim is to replace servers...
Does WebOS = Virtualization?
Commentary  |  2/24/2008  | 
An Indy-based independent consultant I know turned me on to Stoneware, makers of a webOS, not the heavy stuff your mother-in-law collects. Will they break into the desktop virt market?
Service Management In Acronym Land
Commentary  |  2/23/2008  | 
I had a very informal chat with a buddy of mine about service management. And virtualization. Of course. Many TLAs were used.
The Hidden News of FCOE
Commentary  |  2/22/2008  | 
Despite lots of moving parts and vested interests, FCOE appears to be on track
Standards = Survival
Commentary  |  2/20/2008  | 
This week, Steve Hanna sent the TCG/TNC specifications to the NEA working group for consideration as working group documents.
HP's Hurd Hurls Sales Challenge
Commentary  |  2/20/2008  | 
HP's storage revenues are growing, but not fast enough for CEO Mark Hurd
Citrix Beta Of XenServer 4.1 Targets March Production
Commentary  |  2/20/2008  | 
I was weighing topic posts tonight, and Xen won out over VMware. Will this be a trend in the market? Demo v4.1 and see for yourself.
Apple Nibbles at SANs
Commentary  |  2/20/2008  | 
Unveils Xsan 2 software, but long-term roadmap remains fuzzy
Funding Talk: Part II
Commentary  |  2/20/2008  | 
VC-funded must mean VC-muzzled
Green Benefit Calc For VM'ing Your Data Center
Commentary  |  2/17/2008  | 
Just how much CO2 is offset by virtualizing your servers? Oriel, an Aussie VMware partner, offers a calculator that explicitly shows the benefit to the planet for P-to-V conversions.
Amazon S3 Outage Casts Cloud on Cloud Computing
Commentary  |  2/16/2008  | 
A massive outage raises questions about the reliability of storage-as-a-service
Secure Switch NAC--Security At The Ingress Point
Commentary  |  2/15/2008  | 
Steve Hultquist at InfoWorld recently posted a review of ConSentry Network's LANShield Switch. The review is largely positive, as was my review of ConSentry's LANShield Controller, its in-band NAC product which sports many similar features. I think ConSentry, along with Nevis Networks, which has a competing product line, are on to something.
Take A Bite Out Of Communication Costs
Commentary  |  2/15/2008  | 
Digital Fairway released Provergent Circuit Manager Software as a Service to manage telecommunication assets.
Storage 'Clouds' Gather Over SaaS
Commentary  |  2/14/2008  | 
Cloud computing is a prerequisite for SaaS. But it's not an easy step for providers
E-Mail Security As A Service
Commentary  |  2/14/2008  | 
I missed the chance to comment on last week's Google/Postini announcement, but hot on its heels comes a somewhat related announcement from Webroot, and a chance for a two-for-one blog entry....
CA Surveys 300 IT Execs
Commentary  |  2/13/2008  | 
Last fall CA hit up IT management at shops earning $250M+ revenue to check the pulse of virtualization. 300 professionals from the US, UK, Germany, Australia and Korea replied. They're sharing the goods.
No Detente In Sight
Commentary  |  2/12/2008  | 
VMware and Citrix have been stepping on each other's toes. A bunch. Will they meet somewhere in the middle, or are they shooting for winner takes all?
The Economic Wolf Knocks
Commentary  |  2/11/2008  | 
Analysts start playing in a minor key about IT spending
Poll Stuck in Overdrive
Commentary  |  2/7/2008  | 
Our latest poll results give pause
Europe: For All Your Spam Needs
Commentary  |  2/7/2008  | 
Symantec reports that Europe has surpassed North America as the world's primary source of spam.
Workday Buys Cape Clear For SOA As A Service
Commentary  |  2/6/2008  | 
Cape Clear's standalone ESB product will be discontinued, replaced by a hosted service.
Symantec Says Goodbye To APM
Commentary  |  2/6/2008  | 
After an aggressive push into the APM market, Symantec has decided to sell its Application Performance Management business.
The Automation Tool You Gotta Have
Commentary  |  2/6/2008  | 
Automation in Windows can be difficult to achieve. While trying to figure out how to disable a NIC from the command line for my NAC test bed, I found AutoIT, freeware scripting utility.
Silcon Valley Mounts Bloomberg Push
Commentary  |  2/6/2008  | 
Valley wonks get ready for a possible Bloomberg run
Betrayed by a Copier!
Commentary  |  2/6/2008  | 
Storage pros have fresh headaches when it comes to litigation
Virtual Machines, Real Dollars
Commentary  |  2/6/2008  | 
VMware???s stock price might have tumbled, but that isn???t stopping VC investment in the virtualization space. Two startups raked in millions this week....
Coy Caringo
Commentary  |  2/5/2008  | 
Why announce something that can't be announced?
The Storage Effect of a Microsoft/Yahoo Deal
Commentary  |  2/2/2008  | 
Yes, this could affect your data center
Juniper's EX Switch NAC Integration Is 'Me, Too'
Commentary  |  2/1/2008  | 
So Shimel has beaten me to the punch on Tim Greene's blog article on Juniper's NAC product. There's nothing in Juniper's announcement concerning NAC and NAC enforcement. Tim brought up two other points, one about Cisco???s TrustSec and the other about ConSentry and Nevis, that I wanted to comment on.
PXE And 802.1X, Like Oil And Water
Commentary  |  2/1/2008  | 
If I have ever tossed out the idea that 802.1X is simple, useable, and simple, then I misspoke. Where the road to 802.1X gets bumpy is trying to integrate port-based authentication with other LAN processes.
VMs On The Edge
Commentary  |  2/1/2008  | 
What started as a basic VM test has taken on a life of its own; it looks like we'll be walking the virtualization talk, pushing a VM host out near the edge of my production network. Wish me luck...
Nirvanix's Smashing Statement
Commentary  |  2/1/2008  | 
Why is the service provider taking a hatchet to IT gear?

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