Content posted in December 2008
Tape Canceled, Part II
Commentary  |  12/29/2008  | 
The advantage tape has over disk has been in continual decline while tape's disadvantages have not been properly addressed
Compellent Adds Powershell
Commentary  |  12/22/2008  | 
Microsoft is providing scripting access to all the functionality it exposes in its assortment of management GUIs and is using Powershell to do that
Commentary  |  12/19/2008  | 
The economics of Information Lifecycle Management didn't make sense, but primary storage optimization is different
Do You Really Need a SAN Anymore?
Commentary  |  12/18/2008  | 
A Forrester analyst posits a new storage architecture for the enterprise with application-based silos of clustered DAS
Why Optical Is Dead
Commentary  |  12/17/2008  | 
Optical can't keep up with the changes of the last 10 years
VMware Launches View 3
Commentary  |  12/16/2008  | 
Current issues and events could be the spark that helps virtual desktops finally catch fire among broader audiences
Who's Doing UC Now?
Commentary  |  12/16/2008  | 
This survey paints a picture of UC as a leading-edge technology that, during a normal business cycle, would be well-positioned to continue growing and attracting more attention. Whether the usual rules still apply, however, is another question.
Get Ready to Serve the Connected Generation
Commentary  |  12/16/2008  | 
Teens today grew up in a connected world. When they were in middle school, many were surfing the Internet to collect information for their research papers. Most have had cell phones since the time they first began to notice the opposite sex. They expect to be able to use technology to enhance communications, so will your company be able to serve them?
NetApp Kills Hetero Replication
Commentary  |  12/15/2008  | 
The company says there's no market for heterogeneous replication solutions
Finally, Some Good News
Commentary  |  12/15/2008  | 
Sales of storage hardware and software are among the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal economy
Is NFS Right for VMware?
Commentary  |  12/12/2008  | 
VMware on NFS shines in day-to-day operations and is the easiest environment to live with
VTL Forever?
Commentary  |  12/12/2008  | 
Or are VTLs just an interim step to having backup software treat disk like disk?
Five Steps to Ease Your Company Through the Economic Downturn
Commentary  |  12/11/2008  | 
A recession may not be what small and medium business IT manager want during this holiday season, but unfortunately, that seems to be what Santa will be delivering. The recent sharp economic downturn caught many firms by surprise, so one question has arisen: What steps should a company take to remain viable in these turbulent times?
Commentary  |  12/9/2008  | 
In a VMware world, is iSCSI the odd man out?
Spending on Storage & Servers
Commentary  |  12/8/2008  | 
Is your company spending more money on storage than on servers?
Seagate Updates 1.5 TB Drive Firmware
Commentary  |  12/5/2008  | 
Users with these drives can get the new SD1A version firmware only by calling Seagate support
Stand-Alone Storage Virtualization
Commentary  |  12/5/2008  | 
Why hasn't it caught on more than it has thus far?
Alas Poor Plasmon
Commentary  |  12/3/2008  | 
Plasmon's 60-GB UDO has been the last man standing in the commercial optical disk market
Telecommuting, Teleconferencing Are On The Rise
Commentary  |  12/3/2008  | 
An increase in fuel prices and the continuation of the economic crisis have contributed to a higher number of businesspeople choosing to telecommute as well as conduct meetings via Web, video, and teleconferencing, according to two recent surveys. The surging popularity of the telecommuter has even spurred a new moniker -- the "cloudworker."
The Role for Tape
Commentary  |  12/2/2008  | 
The biggest problems for tape are lack of trust and lack of search

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