Content posted in December 2002
Outsmarting the Trends
Commentary  |  12/31/2002  | 
Tech vendors must come to grips with the fact that their products no longer evoke wonderment.
Comments back online
Commentary  |  12/30/2002  | 
Just a quick note regarding our newly "re-added" comment functionality to The Daily Blog, using J-Soft's REblogger. Since most of the content on The Daily Blog comes from the nearly subconscious minds of our editors, you can save any derision...
a short list of 2002 top _blank lists
Commentary  |  12/30/2002  | 
Well, it's nearly the end of the year as we know it, and I feel fine. In honor of the impending 2002 wink-out, I thought you would enjoy a few off-beat 2002 lists to take you through the new year....
Unix Christmas
Commentary  |  12/17/2002  | 
you better !pout !cry you better watchout lpr why santa claus < north pole > town cat /etc/passwd > list ncheck list ncheck list cat list | grep naughty > nogiftlist cat list | grep nice > giftlist santa claus...
Notes from the cave(man)
Commentary  |  12/17/2002  | 
Just a little pre-holiday funny, lifted shamelessly from The NewtonTalk mailing list. $> /bin/tcsh $> Man Woman No manual entry for woman...
Pak Chooie Unf
Commentary  |  12/17/2002  | 
If we're going to link to AYB, we can't forget The Terrible Secret of Space. Warning: This video is disturbingly odd, doesn't make sense, and should not be viewed by children, the sane, hamsters, or frozen banana slices....
Technology Accountability
Commentary  |  12/16/2002  | 
Does financial pressure leave you wondering during software license negotiations: What would Winona Ryder do?
2002 in Review, ala
Commentary  |  12/15/2002  | 
It's nearly that time of year, when Google updates its annual Zeitgeist list...the top of the top of all things Pop. December is still MIA, but you can find out which celebrities, world events, and mobile phone ring tones had...
December 15th issue now online
Commentary  |  12/15/2002  | 
Good morning. We've just published the first installment of our year-end extravaganza, the Survivor's Guide to 2003. Each week until January, we'll bring you a close look at the industry from an IT professional's perspective. This week, Mike Fratto sets...
Hackers on TV
Commentary  |  12/10/2002  | 
Hackers on TV. Here's another TV special on that mythical creature, this time done by TLC. I'm wondering if it will do justice to the title of hacker, or be another MTV True Life: Hackers disgrace. Show airs Wednesday, Thursday,...
Thief, Thief!
Commentary  |  12/9/2002  | 
These must have been good ideas because someone stole them.
Buy the Best Mousetrap
Commentary  |  12/9/2002  | 
Don't just clip vendors from RFPs because they're not household names with pristine balance sheets.
Legal Eagle: Wanna Buy the Brooklyn Bridge?
Commentary  |  12/9/2002  | 
Some products may comply with some parts of HIPAA, but they're far from comprehensive solutions.
One for All
Commentary  |  12/6/2002  | 
The word survival means so much more than picking the right technology and figuring out how to justify the cost.
Chugging along
Commentary  |  12/5/2002  | 
Thanks to James Lutter who pointed out that IE 6.0 users would encounter problems with the NWC Inc. web site. We're using cookies to navigate through the site ( we store the customer id and first name of the customer...
Beware the Initiative
Commentary  |  12/4/2002  | 
No, it's not some evil government faction - but according to Mike Fratto, the Initiative for Software Choice (ISC) may as well be. In a special online-only buzzcut, Mike explains how this organization is all about actually squashing choice -...
AOL ends popups but not quite
Commentary  |  12/3/2002  | 
AOL ends popups ads. That's good. But they are rethinking about using rich-media advertising. That's bad. AOL will no longer accept 3rd party popups. That's good. But they will still use popups for advertising AOL and Time Warner features. That's...
December 2nd issue online
Commentary  |  12/3/2002  | 
Good day everyone. After a lengthy hiatus, we're back on the air with the latest issue of Network Computing for your perusal. In addition to the usual set of Sneak Previews and Workshops, we've got a terrific feature on our...
NWC Inc., creating quality widgets since 2002
Commentary  |  12/1/2002  | 
As you may have noticed with the publication of this week's magazine, we have officially launched NWC Inc.! Kudos and congrats go out to Lori, Steve, Ron, et al. for their great work in sending this ship out to sea...

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