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Geekdom - Geek Pride
Commentary  |  11/23/2004  | 
They call us IT Geeks. We call ourselves Geeks. Well, it sort of fits. Webopedia even has a definition of Geek. "Short for computer geek, an individual with a passion for computers, to the exclusion of other normal human interests....
It always comes down to resources.
Commentary  |  11/23/2004  | 
So I have a couple of cool articles coming up that I'd like to get a jump on, and I have a dying old NSS NAS that I need to replace. The problem is that I have a rocking brand-new...
Bill Gates -- King of the SPAMMED?
Commentary  |  11/22/2004  | 
If you think about this one, it's almost a forgone conclusion: Bill Gates, quite possibly the most recognizable face in the IT industry, is also the most SPAMMED person in the entire world. Bill's buddy, Steve Ballmer, told folks at...
Geek Wish List Entries
Commentary  |  11/19/2004  | 
What gadgets are your peers scribbling down on their Holiday Goodies List? Read on Geek, read on!
Developing of the Geek Personality
Commentary  |  11/19/2004  | 
The Supergeego, the Geek's moral compass, is behind the Geek's desire to be a productive employee.
From mergers and acquisition to convergence
Commentary  |  11/16/2004  | 
Less than a month ago Actional and Westbridge Technologies merged into a single entity doing business as Actional. Less than 6 months ago Digital Evolution acquired Flamenco networks. Yesterday the converging technologies of Web Services management and security showed itself...
Buzz about Beehive
Commentary  |  11/16/2004  | 
In May BEA donated its application framework to the Apache Software Foundation where it became known as Beehive. Yesterday, BEA announced milestone 1 release of Beehive as well as additional platform support - Beehive now runs on JOnAS and Apache...
No Such Thing as a Free OS (or lunch)
Commentary  |  11/15/2004  | 
So Sun announced they will give away Solaris 10 for x86 for free. story USA Today story Amazing -- I had recently begun to push our network team that we might want to consider replacing an Open Source operating...
Adobe's New Toys
Commentary  |  11/15/2004  | 
Adobe announced version 7.0 of its Acrobat family of products, which includes Acrobat 7.0 Standard, Acrobat 7.0 Professional and the free Adobe Reader 7.0. As Adobe continues to beef up and expand its enterprise offerings, the ability of users to...
Reality IT Cast of Characters
Commentary  |  11/14/2004  | 
Here are the folks we have introduced you to in the Reality IT column, names changed to protect the innocent (or guilty in some cases). The names and titles are so you can follow along at home with the postings....
Commoditized IT? Don't Believe It!
Commentary  |  11/12/2004  | 
IT managers must understand that the most strategic technologies are seldom commodities.
Reality IT: Proper Budget Planning for the Next Year
Commentary  |  11/12/2004  | 
'Tis the season to plan next year's budget. But instead of a "holiday wish-list," keep your expectations for the next 12 months realistic.
The Word is--Compliance
Commentary  |  11/12/2004  | 
Compliance efforts present a more compelling reason to align business and IT processes than Y2K remediation did.
Best-of-Breed or Single-Vendor Simplicity?
Commentary  |  11/11/2004  | 
best-of-breed products and single-vendor, integrated network solutions. Nowhere is this felt moreso than in the enterprise WLAN space.
Are You Ready for Net Extortion?
Commentary  |  11/11/2004  | 
How would you like to get this note in your inbox? This is not a hoax. If you do not wire $20,000 to us via Western Union, we will crash your site. It's your choice. Pay a little now, or...
Doin' the Ballmer Dance
Commentary  |  11/11/2004  | 
I have no idea which events or tradeshows these are from, but I just keep watching both clips and giggling my head off. Watching the first one, I'm fairly certain Steve must have watched some old Howard Dean footage. Either...
IT Consulting for Free
Commentary  |  11/11/2004  | 
Okay, a slightly misleading title to the blog. What I meant to convey was to see if you think IT departments are properly consulted on system purchases? The IT shop is the place to go for assistance when looking into...
Firefox - Not just an 80's Movie Anymore
Commentary  |  11/10/2004  | 
The Eastwood 1982 vehicle about stealing a top-secret aircraft is easily forgettable, but the Mozilla folks are hoping their new browser, also named Firefox, leaves a lasting impression -- especially on Microsoft and their IE users. Yesterday the company released...
Network Staff Time Available
Commentary  |  11/9/2004  | 
When you work up a project plan that requires some network staff effort, do you take into consideration that they are not really available a full 8 hours a day? I have only worked at some places that did proper...
CSI Show BlogReport
Commentary  |  11/9/2004  | 
Like any self-respecting New Yorker, I'm still recovering from the Massacre of Nov. 2. My Manhattan neighbors chose regime change nearly 9 to 1, so at least I've had plenty of shoulders to cry on--that is, until my employer sent...
Reality IT Blog Entries
Commentary  |  11/8/2004  | 
Hello from the pages of Network Computing Magazine and the Reality IT column. Or rather hello from the IT department of ACME located in Metropolis. This is Hunter Metatek, the author of the Reality IT articles in Network Computing. I...
Phishing All the Way to the Bank
Commentary  |  11/8/2004  | 
Those nasty scams have just been 'kicked up a notch.' The latest trick up the phishing authors' sleeves involves manupulating your computer's host file. After making some alterations, a crook waits for the victime to type in the URL --...
Developing Trends: Simplifying App Development
Commentary  |  11/5/2004  | 
Tools need to work the way we do. But they also need to remember what we've done in the past.
Improving the IT Industry's Linguistics
Commentary  |  11/5/2004  | 
IT vendors are doing a better job of communicating without buzzwords or jargon. But there's still some out there who haven't quite come around. What they need is a "Bull-Fighter."
Three Technology Myths
Commentary  |  11/5/2004  | 
Like most myths, the IT variety is based on fact but also rife with oversimplification.
Debate: Smart Vs. Dumb Networks
Commentary  |  11/3/2004  | 
I've just finished sitting through a very bizarre (for lack of a better word) session at the NGN Conference where two panelists directly debated the notion of smart (central, AT&T-like) networks vs. dumb (deregulated, open public Internet-style) networks. Here are...
Q and A with Vint Cerf
Commentary  |  11/3/2004  | 
Here's my attempt to transcribe (in real time) the Q and A sessions between Vint Cerf and his audience at this morning's NGN Keynote on telecommunications regulation, where he outlined a layered approach to regulation....
Show Report: Vint Cerf on Regulation
Commentary  |  11/3/2004  | 
This morning at the NGN Conference, I'm sitting in on the keynote presentation by none other than Mr. Vint Cerf, daddy of the Internet (OK, co-designer of TCP/IP), where he's expected to talk on telecommunications regulation...a topic befitting the day...
Application on a stick
Commentary  |  11/3/2004  | 
Pass2Go is a software application designed to run directly on a USB Key, with no installation to the "host PC" required. Pass2Go tracks passwords, login information and is easily accessible from a "task bar" that appears on the bottom of...
Show Quote: Spam is Good
Commentary  |  11/3/2004  | 
From yesterday's Next Generation Networks Conference. Dr. Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan, president of VocalTec: Sometimes spam is good: If you've been taking Vioxx, you want to get that spam which asks, "Have you have a number of strokes recently?"...
Live Show Report IP Telephony Security
Commentary  |  11/2/2004  | 
Scott Bradner I'm presently sitting in a session at the Next Generation Networks Conference in Boston entitled "IP Telephony Security: Threat and Countermeasures." Moderated by Scott Bradner, university security officer for Harvard University (pictured at left, Scott is a...
Show Quote: Metcalfe was Wrong
Commentary  |  11/2/2004  | 
From today's Next Generation Networks Conference. Dr. Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan, President of VocalTec, speaking on Metcalfe's Law where network value increases relative to the number of nodes on that network: "Metcalfe's Law doesn't work. You see, as you keep adding hosts...
Live Show Report: Anti-Spam
Commentary  |  11/2/2004  | 
Brad Shimmin here, reporting to you live (literally via a handy Wi-Fi connection) from the Next Generation Networks Conference in Boston, Mass. I plan on attending a number of sessions over the next two days, taking notes as I go...
Into the Mind of a Computer
Commentary  |  11/1/2004  | 
We've all seen the decision trees Chess programs use to calculate their next move. But those quickly fleeting lists of numbers and locations are frankly less than meaningful to humans. But Thinking Machine 4 is different. The Java-based human Vs....

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