Content posted in October 2012
The Physical-to-Virtual Cookbook Part 1
Commentary  |  10/30/2012  | 
Migrating applications from a physical to a virtual environment is no easy task. This multipart series presents a real-world migration project. Part 1 looks at the client’s environment, examines the rationale for the migration, and walks through efforts to inventory the data center and map application dependencies.
MIT Researchers Turn Heads With WLAN Tech: Coded TCP
Commentary  |  10/29/2012  | 
Today's WLANs are jam-packed with engineering whiz-bang, from antenna technology to proprietary tweaks under the hood. Now a new approach, called Coded TCP, may yield even more amazing results.
Reach Out, Touch Facebook Friends With Hugging Vest
Commentary  |  10/26/2012  | 
A vest that inflates to 'hug' users when their updates are liked opens up a host of possibilities.
Big Bird, Binders, Bayonets: Debate's Social Lessons
Commentary  |  10/24/2012  | 
Presidential debate memes prove that speed, humor, and relevant data all key to effective use of social media.
Motorola's New Computing Headset Pushes Mobile Boundaries
Commentary  |  10/22/2012  | 
Motorola has released a computing platform that straddles the juncture of science-fiction and real-world technology.
EMC, VMware, Cisco Earn Top Scores for Data Center Management
Commentary  |  10/19/2012  | 
IT pros rate 10 data center management products in an InformationWeek survey. EMC emerges as the surprise leader. IT puts a priority on system health and service monitoring.
Microsoft Buys Cloud Gateway Provider StorSimple
Commentary  |  10/18/2012  | 
Microsoft’s acquisition validates the market for premises-based storage that also links to the cloud, and inaugurates the software giant as a provider of IT hardware.
Keep Old Apps Private, Make New Apps Public
Commentary  |  10/17/2012  | 
Just because you slip a hypervisor under an application doesn't make it equally suited to private and public clouds. Know the differences to get the most from your application deployments.
Gamification Engages the Enterprise
Commentary  |  10/16/2012  | 
Gamification isn't just for luring consumers to click a "like" button. Enterprises may find surprising uses to boost productivity.
Cisco Launches Own Version Of OpenStack Cloud Software
Commentary  |  10/16/2012  | 
The Cisco Edition of OpenStack aims to simplify private cloud deployments and offers an open source alternative to VMware’s cloud software.
Browsing Like It's 1990
Commentary  |  10/15/2012  | 
Mobile computing has to rely on old tricks to keep up with websites built for screaming-fast home and office broadband.
SDN's Potential in the Data Center and on the WAN
Commentary  |  10/12/2012  | 
Software-defined networking has the potential to reshape networks. This primer presents a brief overview of SDN and outlines potential use cases.
Xirrus Primes the 802.11ac Pump
Commentary  |  10/11/2012  | 
Can't wait until next year to buy 802.11ac products? Xirrus hopes to snag eager customers with a preorder program.
What LinkedIn Endorsements Mean To You
Commentary  |  10/11/2012  | 
LinkedIn's new Endorsements feature lets people easily recommend each other, but it will be the quality--not the quantity--of kudos that count.
Fast SSD Storage, Slow Networks
Commentary  |  10/10/2012  | 
Can't afford a network upgrade? Boost performance by enhancing your existing infrastructure with one of these solutions.
4 Must-Ask Interview Questions for Network Engineers
Commentary  |  10/10/2012  | 
If you're looking to hire a network engineer (or be hired as one), here are four job interview questions that I've asked, and three you shouldn't bother with. These questions will help you figure out what a candidate does and doesn't know.
Tape Rules for Long-Term Storage
Commentary  |  10/9/2012  | 
A common knock against the use of tape for long-term archives is that data has to be migrated every few years as tape formats change. Not so. With good management, you can go 10 years between tape migrations. Here's why and how.
Shall We Play a Game?
Commentary  |  10/9/2012  | 
Gamification is moving from the consumer Web into the enterprise as employers seek to influence employee behavior. Startups such as Badgeville are ready to play.
Remote Backup Replication Continues to Gain Momentum
Commentary  |  10/5/2012  | 
A recent survey shows increasing adoption of network-based replication of backup data, which is key to a robust data protection and disaster recovery strategy.
Storage That Only Looks Like A SAN
Commentary  |  10/4/2012  | 
It isn't a perfect approach, but you can skip the SAN and still bring the advantages of local storage to a virtualized environment.
Facebook's Promoted Posts For Individuals: A Bad Idea
Commentary  |  10/4/2012  | 
Are you willing to pay to have your Facebook posts read by more people?
Social Media Guide To The Presidential Debates
Commentary  |  10/3/2012  | 
Many people will watch the debates on TV--plus follow along on social networking, candidate, and news sites. Here are some of the websites to hit for a satisfying "second screen" experience.
3 Tips to Keep BYOD from Killing Your Network
Commentary  |  10/1/2012  | 
BYOD isn't just about security and policy enforcement. Smartphones and tablets affect network resources, too. Here are some tips on IP management, subnet sizing and WLAN design.

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