Content posted in October 2003
Forget the Butler -- The Computer Did It!
Commentary  |  10/29/2003  | 
Here's a new scam that seems to be working well for alleged hackers. When you're trial comes up, plead innocent, claiming it was the computer, not you, that did the hacking. Seems several folks accused of hacking and downloading child...
New Issue online
Commentary  |  10/29/2003  | 
Thanks to the @$%&#@)(%# downtime on the blog the past day or so, we weren't able to let you know until now that the new issue for October 30th is online. Hopefully you stumbled upon it yourself. This issue features...
server upgrade
Commentary  |  10/28/2003  | 
Hi folks, We're very sorry for the downtime on the blog today and last night. Unfortunately, we experienced a forced server upgrade. Translation: our hard drive turned into fried jello (if you can imagine such a thing). We've at last...
Here comes the Sun
Commentary  |  10/24/2003  | 
Around 3pm EST today/Friday, we're due for the effects of a pretty significant solar flare to reach earth. Ignoring a few of the "The End is Near" voices, the flare does expect to impact us technologically. It's also bound to...
Mister Management: Too Sexy for Our Shirts
Commentary  |  10/24/2003  | 
We must make it clear to management vendors that we're willing to put our money where our mouths are.
A Bridge Too Far?
Commentary  |  10/24/2003  | 
You can't force business units to align with IT, but you can make yourself--and your organization--more valuable.
Linux Kernel 2.6 is Coming: What's in it for You?
Commentary  |  10/24/2003  | 
2.6 addresses many of 2.4's weaknesses and folds in support for recent technologies.
Forget the Debit Card -- use Your Phone
Commentary  |  10/23/2003  | 
That's the thought Sony Corp. is hoping to eventually get in your head. The company is working on ways for consumers to use their cell phones to pay for groceries, pay for train fares, pick up checks at resturaunts and...
New Typeface Helps Dyslexics
Commentary  |  10/21/2003  | 
A new typeface being developed by a Dutch designer -- herself a Dyslexic -- could help help those who suffer from the disorder when reading words online and in print....
Pause for Retina Eye Scan
Commentary  |  10/16/2003  | 
Sounds like the Biometric Bandwagon is finally getting jumped on, and the general public might benefit As the costs of chips, scanners and other materials drop, the likelyhood of ATM and Credit Cards utlizing fingerprint or eye scans rather than...
New Issue online
Commentary  |  10/14/2003  | 
Good Day Folks, The first part of our October 16th issue has been posted (Note: When the heck did it become the middle of October, anyway?!?!) This week, we examine WS-Security gateways, which can help ensure your data's safety. We...
Developing Trends: One Tool Doesn't Cut It
Commentary  |  10/10/2003  | 
Those who know more than one language can deliver solutions that address business needs more quickly.
External Validation
Commentary  |  10/9/2003  | 
We consider every one of you--our peers--to be a valuable adviser. We're open to hearing your ideas and concerns.
CyberTerrorism By Real Terrorists?
Commentary  |  10/7/2003  | 
A British "task force against high-tech crime" is planning to investigate possible ties between virus writers and actual terrorist groups. Rather disturbing, but you have to figure it was only a matter of time before someone considered a possible link...
Best Worst Server Name Compendium oversight
Commentary  |  10/6/2003  | 
Thanks again to all of you who submitted entries to our server name competition. We tried to include all of the quality entries in our online compendium, but as is always the case, one or two goodies slipped through the...
Meet the Hardy Boys of Tech
Commentary  |  10/6/2003  | 
Two high school seniors from Stamford, Connecticut, have donned Sherlock Holmes hats and are hot on the trail of an evil mastermind -- the creator(s) of Xupiter spyware software Meet Jay Cross Jr. and Christopher Carlino....
Entire October 2nd Issue Online
Commentary  |  10/6/2003  | 
Hi Folks, We've just posted the second half of our October 2nd issue of Network Computing. This week, our workshop walks you through intergrating telecom devices and technologies into your network, and supporting them. Our Buyer's Guide explores iSCSI SANs,...
and that's how the cookie crumbles
Commentary  |  10/3/2003  | 
At last one mystery solved...and all it took was a few lasers and british geologists. Is there a new joke due to enter the lexicon? "How many british geologists..."...
Using Thin Clients In An Educational Setting
Commentary  |  10/1/2003  | 
We design a model classroom for the National School Boards Association Conference to see how thin-client technology could be used in a cooperative learning environment.
Can You Hear Me -- OW! Part II
Commentary  |  10/1/2003  | 
More "fun" with cell phones -- though unlike our last post, this poses more of a health hazzard than a financial one. A study done in Amsterdamn finds that radio signals for the next generation of mobile phone services cause...
Flushing Nemo
Commentary  |  10/1/2003  | 
I know this has very little to do with technology, but there's a movement afoot requiring that someone speak out. Apparently small children (and I'm sure some adults) have taken the premise of this summer's "Finding Nemo" a little too...

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