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VMware's SDN Dilemma: VXLAN or Nicira?
Commentary  |  1/31/2013  | 
VMware has invested in two overlay network approaches: the VXLAN standard originally conceived by Cisco and STT, drafted by SDN startup Nicira. VMware acquired Nicira for more than a billion dollars. Which will VMware choose? Here’s my take.
The VMware Write Cache Challenge, Solved
Commentary  |  1/31/2013  | 
Server-side write caching can help improve storage network performance. Here's what you need to know.
SSD/Hard Disk Hybrids Bridge Storage Divide
Commentary  |  1/30/2013  | 
Solid-state is creeping into every nook of the storage ecosystem. The next frontier could be the rebirth of hybrids. Case in point is a startup that combines SSDs and traditional disks to maximize both performance and capacity.
Cisco Launches Combo Switch/WLAN Controller
Commentary  |  1/29/2013  | 
Cisco has announced new hardware and software to integrate wired and wireless networks under its Unified Access initiative, including the Catalyst 3850 switch that includes a built-in WLAN controller. New versions of ISE and Prime Infrastructure are also available.
Seagate Flashes $40 Million for Virident PCIe Cards
Commentary  |  1/29/2013  | 
Seagate announced a $40 million investment in Virident, which makes flash-based PCIe cards for servers. The move underlines the broad expansion of flash storage into multiple sectors of the enterprise market.
Facebook, Google Encroach On Enterprise UC
Commentary  |  1/24/2013  | 
Facebook and Google are rolling out services that rival enterprise unified communications platforms. Vendors should beware.
3 Ways The Cloud Can Complement Virtualization
Commentary  |  1/24/2013  | 
Virtual infrastructures -- what vendors like to call internal clouds -- can benefit from the public cloud in ways beyond data backup.
Wi-Fi Turns Into Retail Spy
Commentary  |  1/23/2013  | 
A new partnership between WLAN vendor Aerohive and retail analytics company Euclid turns in-store access points into customer tracking systems.
New OpenFlow Controller, Virtual Switch Debut from NEC
Commentary  |  1/22/2013  | 
As SDN technology evolves, NEC has launched a new version of its OpenFlow controller that supports IPv6 and OpenStack. NEC has also released a virtual switch to support OpenFlow in Hyper-V environments.
Why Your Data Center Costs Will Drop
Commentary  |  1/22/2013  | 
Here's how to take advantage of the latest technologies to boost server efficiency as well as performance.
Violin's $200 Million Acquisition? Don't Buy It
Commentary  |  1/22/2013  | 
Violin Memory has acquired GridIron Systems, a maker of SAN cache appliances. Speculators put the acquisition at $200 to $300 million, but the numbers don’t add up.
SoftRAM in 95 - Memory Optimizer in 2013
Commentary  |  1/21/2013  | 
A new Windows 8 program claims to "optimize memory," implying a performance boost, but what it actually does - flushing the disk cache - is likely to degrade performance significantly. It evokes the memory of the greatest Windows utility scam of all time.
Flash Storage: Ready For Writes
Commentary  |  1/18/2013  | 
Advanced over-provisioning and write modification technology have made flash storage solutions ready for both sides of the I/O stream.
Software-Defined Storage: A Buzzword Worth Examining
Commentary  |  1/18/2013  | 
Software-defined storage is software beyond the usual communication tools or firmware used to run a storage device. Avoid trendy treatments of this new buzz phrase and keep your eye on how it will benefit your business.
Storage Head-Scratchers
Commentary  |  1/18/2013  | 
Not every idea that comes out of the storage industry is a good one. Here are three developments in storage encryption, patents and holographic storage that have got me scratching my head.
11ac Does Not Equal 5G
Commentary  |  1/17/2013  | 
A major wireless vendor wants to tag the forthcoming 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard as 5G, even though the G designation is traditionally associated with cellular networks. What gives?
True Cost Of Open Source Storage Software
Commentary  |  1/15/2013  | 
Some open source storage software is free, but what will support cost you?
5 Secrets To Zuckerberg's Success
Commentary  |  1/15/2013  | 
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook adventure gets examined in a new book that doesn't shock, but serves as a social business primer.
Are Big UC Vendors Missing SMB Opportunities?
Commentary  |  1/11/2013  | 
Unified communications vendors typically target enterprise customers, but more than half of private-sector jobs are in small and midsize businesses. Are UC vendors ignoring a potential customer pool?
9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want
Commentary  |  1/10/2013  | 
With Facebook Timeline changes rumored to be on horizon, business, social and tech managers give Facebook some advice.
The Impact Of High-Availability Flash Appliances
Commentary  |  1/10/2013  | 
High-availability flash appliances used with software-defined storage can prolong the life of your current storage system while meeting performance demands.
The IT Governance Cheat Sheet
Commentary  |  1/10/2013  | 
Sorting through the alphabet soup language of IT service management (ITSM) can be tough, but it's worthwhile. Here's a handy guide to essential ITSM frameworks and standards.
The Government Leader's Guide To Social Media
Commentary  |  1/9/2013  | 
Social Media in the Public Sector Field Guide provides practical advice for government technology, policy, and communications leaders.
7 Modeling Tools To Help Assess Cloud ROI
Commentary  |  1/8/2013  | 
Cloud services promise faster deployment and more flexibility, but if you want your CFO to back your cloud gambit, show her a solid financial analysis–preferably one with a good ROI. Here are 7 tools that can help.
5 WLAN Resolutions for 2013
Commentary  |  1/7/2013  | 
It’s time to make resolutions for the new year. Here are five suggestions for WLAN pros that can make 2013 more productive.
Plot An Effective Data Archive Strategy
Commentary  |  1/7/2013  | 
Good archiving systems should do three things: Save money, let you find data fairly quickly and last a long, long time.
5 Things VMware Should Do In 2013
Commentary  |  1/4/2013  | 
VMware's vision of the software-defined data center is still a long ways off and hard to achieve, but these steps will take it closer to its goals.
Hard Truths About Cloud Differences
Commentary  |  1/3/2013  | 
Every medium- to large-sized company must understand today's different cloud computing approaches -- and pitfalls.
Unified Communications Coming on Strong
Commentary  |  1/2/2013  | 
UC deployments appear to be up, and Cisco maintains its market lead, but Microsoft is making gains, new research finds.
Imation Acquires Nexsan; Steps Toward Full-Service Storage Provider
Commentary  |  1/2/2013  | 
Imation continues to broaden its product portfolio and strengthen its hand in SMB and SME data centers with the purchase of Nexsan.

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