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Microsoft, Iron Mountain Enable Cloud Backup & Recovery
Commentary  |  1/30/2009  | 
One question is why organizations would want a cloud computing backup solution if they already have disaster recovery sites in place
Lessons From Dave Hitz
Commentary  |  1/30/2009  | 
The NetApp founder has written a book that focuses on the birth and growth of a multibillion-dollar storage company
Too Much De-Dupe
Commentary  |  1/29/2009  | 
Suppliers need to call their data reduction solutions by what they are and what they do, not after the hottest marketing term
M-Lab: Tools To Keep Your ISP On The Up-And-Up
Commentary  |  1/29/2009  | 
Is your ISP delivering the goods or just giving you the shaft? A new suite of open-source tools will make it easy for you to find out.
10GB Ethernet Looks For A Home In The Midmarket -- And On The Motherboard
Commentary  |  1/28/2009  | 
When you think of 10GB Ethernet, you probably think of an esoteric technology primarily used in large enterprises and high-performance computing applications. You're mostly right, but not for long.
CommVault Adds De-Dupe to Simpana
Commentary  |  1/28/2009  | 
Simpana lets you use a common de-duped data store for archives and backups without jumping through hoops
Incremental Improvements
Commentary  |  1/28/2009  | 
Real cost justifications around IP telephony and Unified Communications center around international calling, travel avoidance and the like.
Cisco Enhances Network Solutions for SMBs
Commentary  |  1/28/2009  | 
Small and medium businesses desire simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency in their networking products. While it would seem like all vendors would focused on delivering such capabilities, meeting that objective in todays complex, interconnected communications-centric world can be a challenge. In response, one of the industrys most influential suppliers has tried to take on this challenge.
Things to Keep in Mind With Thin Provisioning
Commentary  |  1/27/2009  | 
Thin provisioning of storage has evolved into one of the key features that new storage systems must offer
Network Switches to Become Energy Management Hubs?
Commentary  |  1/27/2009  | 
When oil prices soared last summer, interest grew in products that could help companies curb their energy costs. While prices have dipped since then, the need for better energy management tools is still present. Consequently, energy efficiency has become a common theme among network equipment suppliers.
'Change' & the Tech Industry
Commentary  |  1/26/2009  | 
With the inauguration of Barack Obama, it is worth considering how change might play out in some technology communities and industries
The 3 Kinds Of Small Businesses
Commentary  |  1/26/2009  | 
Cisco says there are 3 types of small businesses. Which kind are you?
New Cisco Small Business Unit Rolls Out Security, Storage, And Communications Products
Commentary  |  1/26/2009  | 
The new products -- an email security appliance, desktop network-attached storage, and updates to Cisco's Smart Business Commmunications System -- are the first fruit of Cisco's Small Business Technology Group, formed last November.
Only 47% of Enterprises Encrypt Backup Tapes
Commentary  |  1/23/2009  | 
Many storage, and security, professionals underestimate the risk of tapes getting loose
Is PCI-Attached Storage a Viable Alternative?
Commentary  |  1/23/2009  | 
JMR Electronics VP Steve Katz says his company's PCI-attached storage is becoming a real option for businesses
The Cost of Change
Commentary  |  1/22/2009  | 
Hitachi's new chief storage economist says he can document 33 items that go into the total cost of buying and operating storage systems. What factors do you consider when buying
Castrating Bulls
Commentary  |  1/21/2009  | 
When I opened NetApp co-founder Dave Hitz's first book, How to Castrate a Bull, I didn't put it down until I was almost half way through
Comprehensive Reporting Tools Come to WAN Optimization Market
Commentary  |  1/21/2009  | 
The sign of a widely accepted, maturing network equipment market is a growing emphasis on management features. After years of slow but steady acceptance, such a transition appears to be taking place in the Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization space.
The IBM Desktop
Commentary  |  1/21/2009  | 
At the opening of this week's Lotusphere, a lot of the talk was about LotusLive, which is IBM Lotus' new offering in the cloud/software-as-a-service (SaaS) market, and Bob Picciano, general manager of IBM Lotus software, talked this solution up as an extranet service -- i.e., one that could connect an enterprise's CPE-based Lotus systems with cloud-based systems used by partners.
De-Dupe Dos & Don'ts
Commentary  |  1/20/2009  | 
Some of the methods you use to get the most out of a real tape library can confuse the de-duping algorithm in your shiny new VTL
Poker, Cheating & Storage Benchmarks
Commentary  |  1/17/2009  | 
I report and write about storage for a living and I like to play poker in my free time. So what's the connection?
Can Anyone Beat EMC?
Commentary  |  1/15/2009  | 
There often is a gap between the emergence of a new market and EMC's response, which often is long enough for other players to establish themselves
Cloud-Attached Storage?
Commentary  |  1/14/2009  | 
CTERA devices can back up their data to a portal server running in a central data center somewhere on the Net
The ROI of Using What You Have
Commentary  |  1/13/2009  | 
Consider adding a storage appliance that will add additional capabilities or improve the performance of your storage
The Cisco Desktop
Commentary  |  1/13/2009  | 
Cisco isn't ceding an inch to Microsoft in the Unified Communications market.
More on Disk Archives & Objects
Commentary  |  1/9/2009  | 
Depending on the average file size with some of the CAS archives, you actually could run out of object count space prior to running out of capacity
There's No Such Thing As A Private Cloud
Commentary  |  1/9/2009  | 
I talked to two cloud startups today, but to my mind only one of them should get to use the term "cloud" in how it positions itself.
Not So Good Vibrations
Commentary  |  1/8/2009  | 
A YouTube video by Sun makes clear to the masses just how sensitive disk drives are to vibration
Disk Archiving & Objects
Commentary  |  1/7/2009  | 
Some of today's content-addressable storage systems have a relatively low limit on how many objects can be stored
Glancing Backward, Peering Ahead
Commentary  |  1/6/2009  | 
Enterprise IT purchasing decisions will be deeply affected, or entirely driven, by the performance of the larger economy
Will UC Save Enterprise VOIP?
Commentary  |  1/6/2009  | 
In the enterprise, VoIP isn't dead. It may be rolled out more slowly over the difficult times ahead; but as the basis of next-generation communications systems, it's business critical.
OEM Trouble
Commentary  |  1/5/2009  | 
A focus on OEM products can distract a vendor from its core product offerings
A National Archiving Challenge
Commentary  |  1/2/2009  | 
The National Archives and Records Administration has launched an emergency plan to take control of the files and emails from the outgoing Bush administration

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