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Sun's Data Center Road Trip
Commentary  |  1/31/2008  | 
It's the data center of the future - but who's driving?
Juniper and Cisco Square Off in Enterprise Switching Ring
Commentary  |  1/31/2008  | 
How intense is the rivalry between Cisco and Juniper. One day after Cisco made its most significant switch announcement in years, Juniper followed with its own magnum opus. Coincidence? Hardly, but a competition that will benefit small and medium businesses.
CommVault's Sunny News
Commentary  |  1/31/2008  | 
Reseller agreement with Sun may be just what the doctor ordered
vThere: A Fine Model Mashup
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
Sentillion saw a business opportunity, talked to its customers, and mashed up a novel solution to a problem that already had a couple of "answers."...
EMC & VMware Hit Crossroads
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
Is it time for EMC to cut the umbilical cord?
Juniper's NAC Strategy, Refined
Commentary  |  1/29/2008  | 
Juniper's switch announcement is raising a lot of eyebrows. Many in the industry point to this announcement as the play Juniper needed to make to get into the enterprise. The switches -- at first blush -- look like any other switch supporting the common layer two and three protocols.
Poking Cisco In The Eye
Commentary  |  1/29/2008  | 
Cisco frowns on resellers of used network hardware because it doesn???t get a cut of aftermarket sales. Network Hardware Resale (NHR), a prominent reseller, is going a step further by offering an alternative to Cisco???s SMARTnet maintenance service -- a...
The Integration of Storage and Switching Takes a Giant Step Forward
Commentary  |  1/29/2008  | 
At one time, networking functions were placed in stand-alone devices. Recently, suppliers tried to reduce the number of products needed  and simplify deployment and maintenance -- by integrating different functions into one device, a trend industry giant Cisco heartily endorsed.
Another Monday
Commentary  |  1/29/2008  | 
Today was one of those days that makes you wonder 'just how may PR firms are working the virtualization sector?'
Full Nelson: Cisco's Nexus -- Because They Can
Commentary  |  1/28/2008  | 
Cisco's brand-new Nexus 7000, a big, honkin' data center switch that unifies Ethernet and Fibre Channel onto one platform, is about everything relevant to the data center and then some.
Happy Data Privacy Day!
Commentary  |  1/28/2008  | 
The United States and Canada have joined 27 European countries to acknowledge Data Privacy Day. It's a shame we need to, but it's a testament of the kind of world we live in.
Microsoft: Virtualization Obstructor
Commentary  |  1/26/2008  | 
Reduced rates on licensing in virtualized networks doesn't go far enough
ScienceLogic Splashes Into VMWare Management
Commentary  |  1/26/2008  | 
ScienceLogic released major VMWare management capabilities in EM7 5.1
Trying To Have It Both Ways
Commentary  |  1/25/2008  | 
Shimel's latest blog post takes vendors to task that have added NAC functionality to their existing product line and specifically goes after LANDesk's NAC which, he states, is an afterthought. Shimel has often said that host assessment is critical to NAC.
SunGard On Virtualization? 'Been Doing It For Years'
Commentary  |  1/25/2008  | 
I spoke with Don Norbeck out of Wayne, Pa., this morning. He's director of product development for SunGard Availability Services, though a more appropriate title might be SunGard Virtualization Guru. Or Evangelist.
Le Snafu de Societe Generale
Commentary  |  1/25/2008  | 
Were there any internal controls at this bank?
No iSCSI Love From Apple
Commentary  |  1/24/2008  | 
I'm not ready to drop $200 for a Leopard-friendly iSCSI initiator for the test lab. Aside from writing our own it looks like Atto Technology's Xtend SAN is the only game in town.
Microsoft Spurs Desktop Virtualization Race
Commentary  |  1/24/2008  | 
Microsoft's announcements show the race for desktop virtualization is just starting
Leaky Nuke Lab Is Poor Endorsement For A Security Product
Commentary  |  1/23/2008  | 
A new startup has licensed technology from Los Alamos National Laboratory to help enterprises respond to security incidents. But does the company really want to be associated with a lab that routinely mishandles nuclear weapons secrets?...
LeftHand Helps Spin Straw Into Gold
Commentary  |  1/23/2008  | 
Alright, no actual transmutation occurs, but LeftHand Networks can help customers repurpose existing x86 storage into iSCSI SANs with its Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) for ESX....
Virtualized Stock-Option Dates?
Commentary  |  1/23/2008  | 
Stay with me for a minute. I was going to write on topic about storage options for virtualized environments but got led astray by current events....
Rackspace Says 'Yes' To Virtualization
Commentary  |  1/23/2008  | 
Leveraging the ESX experience of subsidiary Mosso, Rackspace is moving beyond 1x1 hosting solutions.
NAC And The Hypervisor
Commentary  |  1/19/2008  | 
Chris Hoff points out a limitation with NAC appliances and virtualization. But the example he describes is somewhat silly when compared with how virtualization and NAC are deployed.
Hip To Be Square
Commentary  |  1/18/2008  | 
ASG released Version 7 of ASG-becubic, focused on Application Portfolio Management.
Storage Networking's Talking Heads
Commentary  |  1/17/2008  | 
Most storage CEOs demonstrate a key attribute of corporate leadership
Vernier Networks Video Review
Commentary  |  1/17/2008  | 
Vernier Networks video review segments. The videos illustrate the points we make in print and provide you visual context for the review.
ConSentry Video Review
Commentary  |  1/17/2008  | 
ConSentry Networks video review segments. The videos illustrate the points we make in print and provide you visual context for the review.
NAC Video Reviews Are Here
Commentary  |  1/17/2008  | 
Adding to our ever-expanding coverage on network access control products, I am starting to post video reviews of the products we have in the lab and should complement our print and online reviews.
2008: The Year of Capacity
Commentary  |  1/16/2008  | 
It's capacity that's top of mind for storage customers
Lower-Powered 802.11n Chipset Makes Necessary Compromises
Commentary  |  1/16/2008  | 
Powering the new enterprise-grade 802.11n access points continues to be one of the necessary talking points for vendors and an item of concern for enterprises. That's interesting because, before 802.11n, powering APs hasn't really been a significant discussion item. Some...
SNIA's Luxury Academy
Commentary  |  1/16/2008  | 
SNIA Europe's one-day archiving seminar is oddly placed... or maybe not
EMC To Sell Flash Memory To Enterprise
Commentary  |  1/15/2008  | 
The sad truth is that every computing problem has at least one performance bottleneck. Those of us lucky enough to run applications where the slowest component of the chain is the user don't often have to worry about it....
VMware Acquires Thinstall And 'Aligns' With Foedus
Commentary  |  1/15/2008  | 
VMware buys application-virt company Thinstall and the services side of Foedus. Read on for more.
EMC's Solid (State) Start
Commentary  |  1/15/2008  | 
From SSDs to thin provisioning, it's shaping up to be a busy year in Hopkinton
Virtualization Blogging For Fun And Profit
Commentary  |  1/15/2008  | 
I???ve had a number of recent requests for additional virtualization sites and resources. While I???m reluctant to admit that one might need to find valuable info outside of Network Computing or InformationWeek, read on to find my favorite bloggers and vendor sites on the topic.
Keeping IT Awake All Night
Commentary  |  1/14/2008  | 
The SANS Institute's Top 10 Menaces of 2008, developed by panel of security experts, predicts key threats in 2008.
Following Up With Paul Marcoux
Commentary  |  1/11/2008  | 
Last week I blogged about conflicting reports on new plans laid out by Cisco's new Green Guru, Paul Marcoux. I had a chance to catch up with Paul this morning -- here's what I learned....
Microsoft Slices Storage From Search
Commentary  |  1/11/2008  | 
Change is underway as Jeff Raikes, spokesman for the FAST acquisition, plans retirement
Virtual Insanity
Commentary  |  1/11/2008  | 
Strange goings on in cyberspace as Second Life gets tough on virtual banks
NAC For Patch Or Patch For NAC
Commentary  |  1/10/2008  | 
Deploying a NAC product to keep abreast of patches addresses a symptom and not the problem. Don't do it.
Storage & Slash Converge in Las Vegas
Commentary  |  1/9/2008  | 
Consumer storage show highlights growing link between consumer and business storage
Parallels Server Public Beta
Commentary  |  1/9/2008  | 
Mac admins rejoice. Others may want to read, too. SWSoft/Parallels has just released the first virtualization platform for hosting Mac OS on Apple/Intel hardware. Yes, it does Windows, too. Oh, and it runs on non-Apple hardware, with a catch.
Sweden's Security Shame
Commentary  |  1/8/2008  | 
Military snafu underlines the need for stricter data protection policies
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