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Cisum.A, the Comic Insult Worm?
Commentary  |  1/31/2005  | 
Got a chuckle off of this morning, though I suppose it's really not funny in the long run. There's a new worm ciculating, called Cisum.A. Once your computer is infected with it, it pops open a window with the...
Carrying On: In Memoriam: Big Telecom
Commentary  |  1/28/2005  | 
Born of a desire to advance the public good, Big Telecom lost our trust when it acted like a greedy monopoly.
The True Value of IT and Its Practitioners
Commentary  |  1/28/2005  | 
As organizations continue to tighten their belts, too many IT pros are being relegated to the 'kiddie table'--close enough to be monitored, and chastised when things go wrong.
Cisco Acquires Airespace: Shaking Up Enterprise Wi-Fi
Commentary  |  1/25/2005  | 
Cisco's announced acquisition of Airespace last week for $450 million in stock was the latest of a number of recent moves toward industry consolidation. But it should also be one
Commentary  |  1/24/2005  | 
This Apple Xserve RAID box looks simply amazing. I thought about this hardware again as I read Steven Hill's current issue column on IP Storage Devices. Steven looked at storage technology and solutions for mid to small companies. He didn't...
Securing Your Starbucks Experience
Commentary  |  1/20/2005  | 
Wireless hotspots often offer no security on their own, but you can make your Wi-Fi experience safe without much trouble.
Wireless in 2005, Take 2
Commentary  |  1/18/2005  | 
There's a lot more to the wireless industry than 3G and Wi-Fi. Here are a few other technologies to watch in 2005.
Loud Cell phone talker? Flip 'em...a card
Commentary  |  1/18/2005  | 
See that jerk over there yammering out loud on his cell phone about the stupid Jets game a couple of days ago? Yeah, we're all upset too, but we don't really need to hear about how his buddy in Albany...
Ever heard of "Click Fraud?"
Commentary  |  1/18/2005  | 
I hadn't until just this morning, but apparently it's a relatively new scam in town -- and if you advertise on search engines, you should too. The scam involves someone clicking on your ad multiple times -- not to buy...
Reality IT: No Profit in a Fast Employee Axe
Commentary  |  1/14/2005  | 
Before letting go of that challenging but potential-filled employee, consider your options--including counseling and training.
Education Must Begin at Home
Commentary  |  1/14/2005  | 
U.S. tech jobs may be in short supply now, but if we don't invest more in our kids' technical education and start cutting off the supply of foreign workers, the
Active Defense
Commentary  |  1/14/2005  | 
A couple of days ago I attended one day of the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference 2005. I was only there one day because that was the only day they had sessions that weren't classified. That I was there...
Cisco, Smart on Dumb Airespace?
Commentary  |  1/14/2005  | 
The big news today is Cisco's bid to buy Airespace for $450 million. Most of the pundits are on track with their remarks. But Frank Dzubeck's comments in the Wall Street Journal (reg req) about Cisco not having a "dumb...
I Was Wrong
Commentary  |  1/13/2005  | 
OK, so they got me. Only a couple of days ago I called up Airespace, then wrote here that any merger was a way off. Little did I know that the "way" was about 48 hours long. Now that the...
2015: Life Without The 'Net?
Commentary  |  1/11/2005  | 
Here's something to 'brighten' your day. According to a recent survey on the future of the Internet, 66% of more than 1,200 tech experts and analysts predict that the 'Net will experience a devestating and severely damaging attack within the...
Wireless Rumors
Commentary  |  1/7/2005  | 
The security consolidation rumor-mill is at it again, this time renewing the notion that Airespace is about to be purchased by Cisco. I made some calls, and it seems like this is a rumor that's at the very least ahead...
New 'Tsunami' Email Scams Latest Low
Commentary  |  1/7/2005  | 
A sign that there are some truly despicable individuals in the world (I refrain from using humans). A new email scam reaching inboxes is that of fake requests for help from "Tsunami victims." The messages ask for donations through a...
Commentary  |  1/7/2005  | 
Well, you expect that when you flip the switch on something new that something will go wrong, and maybe it will, but so far we see nothing but positive. Due to other commitments we negotiated with the CIO from 10...
3G and Wi-Fi in 2005
Commentary  |  1/7/2005  | 
The wait is over: 3G wireless services are finally going to emerge this year. Just because 3G infrastructure is being deployed, however, doesn't mean customers will be lining up to
Mobile and Wireless in 2004: Three Key Events
Commentary  |  1/6/2005  | 
Reflections on progress in the mobile and wireless market in 2004.
Sprint and Nextel: Cellular Consolidation Continues
Commentary  |  1/6/2005  | 
The Sprint and Nextel merger offers a number of potential benefits to the two companies and their stockholders, and possibly to their customers as well.
Wireless Mesh Coming of Age
Commentary  |  1/6/2005  | 
Mesh has quickly morphed from a technology that made in-building WLAN deployment easier to a technology that facilitated deployment of outdoor wireless LANs. A number of vendors are in the
Wireless Testing: 1,2,3
Commentary  |  1/6/2005  | 
With so few publications testing and evaluating enterprise network hardware and software, it's difficult for vendors to coordinate product release schedules with review opportunities. When that happens, it's not uncommon
Haste, and why it's bad...
Commentary  |  1/5/2005  | 
Okay, so I come back from the holidays all refreshed and ready to finish replacing the NSS. All the hardware is in place, I have the WANSyncHA software from XOSoft, I'm set. Except I cannot get WANSync to replicate to...
2004 -- The Year in Tech
Commentary  |  1/4/2005  | 
It may be 2005, but folks are spending plenty of time talking about the year that just was -- and what kind of technological impacts, trends and challenges we faced (or feared). Over at, they're offering several Malware Top...
Case Study: Building Network Stability
Commentary  |  1/1/2005  | 
Construction leader Rudolph and Sletten turns to an open-source network monitoring tool to stabilize its network and deploy a new wireless infrastructure.

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