Content posted in January 2004
MS Fights Phishing, Revamps URLs
Commentary  |  1/30/2004  | 
In an attempt to do away with spoofed urls all together, Microsoft posted a Knowledge Base Article this week outlining its plans to simply do away with user name and authentication information within urls. With a soon-to-be-released update, your IE...
The Father of 'CtrlAltDelete' Retires
Commentary  |  1/30/2004  | 
His name may not be familiar to you, but next time you press those three magic buttons on your computer -- Ctrl, Alt, and Delete -- you can thank David Bradley for his indispensible contribution to PC computing. Bradley is...
Linux Litigation
Commentary  |  1/30/2004  | 
It's ironic that an OS designed in the spirit of open and free access is caught up in licensing litigation.
Doom Worm Net Slowdown
Commentary  |  1/27/2004  | 
As of 11am eastern today, the Doom Worm seems to have had its way with the Internet, slowing page downloads from 2.7 seconds (over the previous week) to 3.8 to 3.9 second across the Keynote Business 40 Internet Performance Index....
Open Source Spending Numbers
Commentary  |  1/27/2004  | 
Our friends at NOP World are predicting that IT organizations will spend 2.8% more in 2004 on open source than they did the preceding year. That may not sound like a lot, but when you consider that the overall growth...
Brilliant Phishing Advice from MS
Commentary  |  1/26/2004  | 
The costs of domain spoofing are indeed staggering, as is the task of heading off the almost daily arrival of Phishing tactics. But according to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 833786 "The most effective step that you can take to...
New Content Online
Commentary  |  1/26/2004  | 
Howdy Folks, The second half of our January 22nd , 2004 Issue is now online. Here's a peek at some of the fine articles you'll find: ?? A Review of Network-Based VPN Services. Darrin Woods investigates services from four worthy...
Just call him Sir Bill
Commentary  |  1/26/2004  | 
Thanks to his "wonderful contributions to the Enterprise," her Royal Majesty the Queen of England, will be bestowing an honorary knighthood on the one and only Bill Gates. We're sure that this has absolutely nothing to do with the soon-to-be...
My non-Windows desktop is better than yours
Commentary  |  1/22/2004  | 
Given your recent decision to put Lotus Notes on ice, and that your WebSphere strategy has plagued you with an integration problem best described as "Middleware is Everywhere" - we'd also like to offer you our server system, the Java Enterprise System, at $100/employee (with a cap at $12M).
I guess the notion of a truly altruistic act is indeed nothing more than a pipe dream. --bodyend--- EXTENDED BODY:
Solving Problems with Wireless Mesh Networks
Commentary  |  1/21/2004  | 
In most organizations, installing the necessary Ethernet infrastructure to support APs not only slows down the implementation, it also adds significantly to the cost. Mesh Networks can solve this.
The Mouse goes Wireless
Commentary  |  1/21/2004  | 
The folks at DisneyWorld have a clever, new way of keeping guests happy and content in the Magic Kingdom -- "Pal Mickey." This ten-inch plush Mickey Mouse is actually a portable information kiosk, providing guests with news on park attractions,...
Wide Open Linux to Debut
Commentary  |  1/21/2004  | 
There's a new Linux magazine in town catering to the more technical crowd, called Wide Open Linux. Sure it's published by Red Hat, and sure it will contain much marketing hype/fodder for Red Hat software, certification, and such, but if...
Text Message Prayers? Heaven Forbid
Commentary  |  1/21/2004  | 
Anyone can make a buck these days, it seems. Submitted for your consideration: A Finnish service that answered people's prayers with a wireless phone text message sent by "Jesus." For about 1.20 euros ($1.52) per message, Finland residents could send...
Quote of the Day: Linus on the Desktop
Commentary  |  1/20/2004  | 
Linus Torvalds: from a recent interview with Australian IT: "It's going to take literally five to 10 years before 'normal users' start seeing Linux desktop, but in the technical space it's doing pretty well, especially in companies that can support...
From Mars with Love
Commentary  |  1/20/2004  | 
Just look at what the NASA Rover sent back. Evidently, there are no limits to the lengths our editors will go (in this case 40 million miles) to put new technology to the test: [with apologies to Marvin the Martian]...
New Issue Online
Commentary  |  1/20/2004  | 
Howdy Folks, The first half of our January 22nd Issue is now online. Here's a peek at some of the excellent articles you'll find inside: ?? Jon William Toigo heads up our cover package on Disaster Recovery Planning and Disaster...
Key Wireless Trends for 2004, Part 1: Smart Antennas
Commentary  |  1/16/2004  | 
Smart antennas are designed to maximize effective transmission signal strength, maximize receive sensitivity and cope with--or even positively exploit--multipath.
USB -- Feel the Steam
Commentary  |  1/16/2004  | 
Just when you thought it wasn't possible to further abuse the USB standard, along comes something so incredibly stupid that it just might become the next nerd rendition of Tickle Me Elmo. It's the Paulownia! a 30ml per hour...
802.11n 100Mbps WLANs: Some Day
Commentary  |  1/16/2004  | 
The 802.11n standard, which calls for WLANs with performance of at least 100 Mbps, is in its very early stages of development and, given the immense complexities, I'll be shocked
RealityIT: Data Center Infrastructure
Commentary  |  1/16/2004  | 
Getting between your CIO and the IT Team you supervise can get downright ugly sometimes.
Application Development Tips
Commentary  |  1/16/2004  | 
You'll gain respect by proposing innovative apps that can increase the company's efficiency and save money.
Offshore Outsourcing Issues
Commentary  |  1/16/2004  | 
It's impossible to erect walls around the U.S. labor force short of dismantling the global economy we helped build.
Keeping an eye on CAN-Spam
Commentary  |  1/14/2004  | 
For what is perhaps the first time in recorded history, mere registered voters and other mortals will be able to track the effectiveness of legislation. Meet the CAN-Spam Monitor, a weekly statistical tabulation of spam traffic that does not comply...
Forget Google, how 'bout "Moo-gle"
Commentary  |  1/13/2004  | 
With hamburger lovers fearing that the next bite of their bovine delicacies could result in a dose of mad cow disease -- it should come as no surprise that web sites and search engines have been beseiged by worried consumers...
SCO Reiterates...Again
Commentary  |  1/13/2004  | 
Those press releases just keep on comin'. No more than 18 hours after the Open Source Development Labs announced an Intel- and Novell-backed, $10 million Linux Defense Fund to pay litigation fees incurred by Linux users who unwittingly fall prey...
Buddy can you spare an IP?
Commentary  |  1/12/2004  | 
From the inbox of a Network Computing editor: Hi?? i lost my IP address for my linotronic 200p image setter. Struggling to find it. If you could find it, please send it to my email address. thank you Yes, please,...
One man's Potato is another's PC
Commentary  |  1/12/2004  | 
You've heard of cars being lemons right? Well one fellow in Berlin angrily returned a PC he bought in a store because, as he claimed, when he opened the casing, he found potatos instead of computer parts. The store quickly...
2004: A SPAM-Tacular Start!
Commentary  |  1/12/2004  | 
The new anti-SPAM laws kicked in on January 1st. Has it made a difference in your inbox yet? Granted, maybe it's a little premature to be asking such questions, but that hasn't stopped a few folks from making observations...and some...
It's Your Birthday Jeff Bezos!
Commentary  |  1/12/2004  | 
Those wacky Amazonians are at it again. Instead of the typical gazillion semi-related search results and highly suspect Listmania! entries from very lonely people, if you enter the search phrase "Old Fart," you'll get one very targeted, very shagadelic result....
Quote of the Day
Commentary  |  1/9/2004  | 
Linus on releasing 2.6.1 before taking flight: I'm going to be in Australia (and on airplanes) for the week, but we're all in the capable hands of Andrew, so why worry? The fact that I'm fleeing the country should in...
IBM to Take The Linux Plunge?
Commentary  |  1/8/2004  | 
Well, if all good things come to those who wait, then the linux community must be the most patient group of people on this globe. According to an internal memo leaked to that irascible publication, the Inquirer, IBM CIO Bob...
Linux/Job Advancement on the Cheap
Commentary  |  1/7/2004  | 
So you've always wanted to pencil in some Linux certification letters behind your name. Well, the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has got a deal for you. If you're going to be at the LinuxWorld Conference at the Javits Convention Center...
Windows is Cheaper, No Really
Commentary  |  1/6/2004  | 
Microsoft is pushing against Linux again with a new ad campaign focusing on "the facts" of Linux vs Windows TCO. The Microsoft microsite, which is the basis of the campaign truly does a fine job of rolling out "independent" analysis...
Command Line Schmmand Line
Commentary  |  1/5/2004  | 
Who says you have to know your grep from your awk to use Linux or *nix for that matter? Robin 'Roblimo' Miller over at NewsForge has been eschewing the command line since 2000. According to Robin, it's now possible to...

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