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Content tagged with Unified Communications posted in August 2013
The IT Generation Gap
Commentary  |  8/30/2013  | 
VMworld panel exposes a rift between innovative startups focused on cloud, mobile and social technologies and old IT that clings to its data centers and self-managed applications.
Twitter Spike Highlights Need To Plan For Traffic Surges
News  |  8/29/2013  | 
Social media site withstands Miyazaki record-shattering event, but other websites have crumbled under traffic spikes, underscoring the need for better preparation.
4 Tips For Evaluating Next-Generation Firewalls
News  |  8/23/2013  | 
Next-gen firewalls have become more mainstream, yet still can generate confusion. Security experts offer some clarity.
Is There A Desktop Version Of Android In Our Future?
Commentary  |  8/21/2013  | 
Could the open source OS designed for smartphones and tablets eventually threaten Windows' dominance on the desktop? Don't hold your breath.
8 Mobile Tools For Security Pros
Slideshows  |  8/15/2013  | 
The influx of employee-owned mobile devices into the workplace has certainly thrown many IT security professionals for a loop, but the same devices that are introducing so much chaos to established security practices also have a lot of potential to be used to bring back some order. The following mobile security tools are a good start for security admins looking for utilities to help them get their job done more efficiently.
New Media Is Not The Key To Long-Term Storage
Commentary  |  8/12/2013  | 
Optical disks, data crystals and other new storage media promise capacity and longevity, but that's not all it takes to meet the needs of a large, long-term archive.
MLB Boosts Streaming With New Data Center
News  |  8/12/2013  | 
Omaha facility provides Major League Baseball with data center operations outside the path of hurricanes and with more power to stream games.
Advice to New Network Engineers
Commentary  |  8/12/2013  | 
Here are two key steps that can help make the difference between a short, unhappy stint and a long, successful career in networking.
Citrix XenClient Update Targets Mobile Workers
News  |  8/9/2013  | 
XenClient 5 runs on bare metal; Asigra adds granular restore for Exchange; Polycom supports 50,000 devices; IBM recruits first members for OpenPower Consortium.
The Business Case For Going Mobile
Commentary  |  8/8/2013  | 
If you don't see a business need for mobile app development, you're missing out. Companies like Starbucks are reaping tremendous benefits by investing in mobile technology.
The New IT Application: Video Surveillance
News  |  8/8/2013  | 
IP-enabled digital cameras combined with access controls, data analytics and storage systems are pushing video surveillance into the realm of IT.
Tackling Information Infrastructure Complexity
Commentary  |  8/2/2013  | 
Taking a software and data-driven approach can help reduce costs and maintain availability as IT becomes more complex. Here's a look at Sanbolic, one of the companies in this emerging area.
Cisco and NetApp Update FlexPod For Big Data
News  |  8/2/2013  | 
New FlexPod designs also support branch offices; Riverbed updates Steelhead, RiOS; Dell updates SonicOS; EfficientIP releases new network management tool; Metalogix launches SharePoint tool.
Debugging Cisco Voice: How To Streamline The Process
Commentary  |  8/1/2013  | 
Going through pages of debug output from a Cisco Voice Gateway is tedious and time-consuming, but there's a filtering tool that can make the job easier. Here's how to use it.

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