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Content tagged with Unified Communications posted in August 2003
Polycom KOs Proprietary VoIP Woes
News  |  8/19/2003  | 
Every SIP phone we tested could be declared a winner, but the SoundPoint IP 600 earned our Editor's Choice title.
SIP Packs a Punch
News  |  8/19/2003  | 
Having this voice protocol in your corner brings easier integration, more choices, lower costs and the innovation muscle that only a ubiquitous standard can provide.
First-Class NAS
News  |  8/18/2003  | 
The rapid acceleration of storage needs and the desire for simple, manageable devices has thrust network-attached storage into the spotlight as a top-flight option.
Dell's 8-Way Server Detour
News  |  8/18/2003  | 
Dell has put the brakes on the development of eight-way Intel Xeon servers.
Smooth Integrators
News  |  8/5/2003  | 
EAI suites get all your organization's applications to exchange information freely and effectively.
Force Fit
News  |  8/5/2003  | 
Does getting your software to interact--without busting your labor budget--feel like trying to cram a square peg into a round hole? EAI provides the tools for smooth integration.
Small Server Bonanza
News  |  8/5/2003  | 
We tested five inexpensive, reliable boxes aimed at small businesses, remote offices and workgroups. HP struck gold with its feature-rich, expandable ProLiant ML330.
Making ID Management Manageable
News  |  8/5/2003  | 
Want to avoid an identity-management crisis? Build a federated-identity infrastructure, where a user's authenticated ID is shared across multiple domains or online businesses.
IPv6's Premature Birth
News  |  8/4/2003  | 
Are we are about to give birth to the IPv6 generation? Don't start boiling water just yet.
Quick Takes
News  |  8/4/2003  | 
Cyclone Commerce Cyclone Director, Alcatel Assessment for VoIP Solution, Miramar Systems Desktop DNA Enterprise Edition 4.6, Digital Fountain Transporter Fountain 3.0

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