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Tracking Google's IT Booty
News  |  7/31/2004  | 
Hopes to raise some $3B in IPO cash, of which about half could go to the company. IT spending spree coming?
GE Access Wants Volume
News  |  7/30/2004  | 
GE Access plans to turn up the volume on lower-end Sun Microsystems products at its annual New Frontiers Conference this week.
Gates: Microsoft To Increase Patent Filing
News  |  7/29/2004  | 
Microsoft will continue to ramp up its patent filing and intellectual-property licensing efforts, chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates said in a meeting with financial analysts at the company's
Georgia County Looks At Network Traffic
News  |  7/29/2004  | 
Fulton County, Ga.'s, IT department deploys server to keep track of employee network usage rather than spend tax dollars on more bandwidth.
Sun's Opteron Push Adds Fuel To Server Growth
News  |  7/27/2004  | 
Sun Microsystems' introduction of four-way Opteron servers comes at a time when the company is experiencing one of the highest growth rates of any server vendor, at least in terms
Session Initiation Protocol Phones
News  |  7/26/2004  | 
The cost of voice over IP phones is beginning to drop, thanks to widespread adoption of Session Initiation Protocol. We tested three budget-priced SIP phones. Find out which one got
Jabber To Interoperate With SIMPLE
News  |  7/22/2004  | 
Jabber Inc. announces a planned server-to-server gateway between its Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol(XMPP)-based Jabber XCP platform and the IBM version of Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence
Session Initiation Protocol Phones
News  |  7/22/2004  | 
The cost of voice over IP phones is beginning to drop, thanks to widespread adoption of Session Initiation Protocol. We tested three budget-priced SIP phones. Find out which one got
CRN Interview: Rich Severa, Arrow Electronics/MOCA
News  |  7/22/2004  | 
Rich Severa, president of MOCA, Arrow Electronics' Sun Microsystems-focused division, recently spoke with CRN Distribution Editor Scott Campbell about business, Jonathan Schwartz's promotion at Sun and where the Sun channel
Petris Plans To Use WebLogic In Intranet Portal
News  |  7/21/2004  | 
Petris Technology Inc. plans to use BEA Systems Inc.'s WebLogic Platform in developing an energy industry intranet portal.
Rational GM: Microsoft Relationship Cooled Since IBM Purchase
News  |  7/20/2004  | 
Competition between tool vendors IBM Rational and Microsoft could heat up with Rationa's Atlantic release.
Sun Posts Surprising 4Q Profit
News  |  7/20/2004  | 
Continued cost-cutting and a settlement with Microsoft helps Sun Microsystems post a $795 million profit for the fourth quarter.
Grid Iron: CERN Mixes 64-bit And 32-bit Servers
News  |  7/20/2004  | 
CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research based in Geneva, Switzerland, and five IT companies said they have successfully linked 40 64-bit servers and the Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid
IBM Rational Shows Off New Programming Direction With Atlantic
News  |  7/20/2004  | 
IBM Rational gives developers a peek at the next version of its tools portfolio at the Rational Software Development User Conference in Dallas.
CA Plots Next-Gen Attack
News  |  7/19/2004  | 
Tech strategist at Computer Associates says the future involves blades, grids, and more automation
VoIP Explodes On The International Scene
News  |  7/16/2004  | 
VoIP vendors and service providers move to build end-to-end IP environments around the world.
PolyCom's VSX 3000
News  |  7/16/2004  | 
Its small footprint and good, low-bandwidth performance are a plus. But not everything is picture perfect.
Qlusters: Pioneer of the Linux Qlass
News  |  7/15/2004  | 
Startup hopes to provide data centers with open systems clustering using Linux
I'll Take A '212' With That VoIP
News  |  7/8/2004  | 
Vonage is offering its subscribers the option of seven digit dialing within the same area code for local calls.
Researcher Predicts 7 Million WiMAX Users By 2009
News  |  7/8/2004  | 
IEEE approval of the 802.16-2004 standard will encourage growth of fixed wireless broadband.
The State of VoIP
News  |  7/8/2004  | 
Voice over IP is here to stay, thanks to the SIP standard and productivity features. With increasing competition bringing prices down, is the time right for you to swing into
Turkish University Selects Nortel for Converged Network
News  |  7/5/2004  | 
University officials gain efficiencies and future-proof their networks by going to a converged network.
Online Conferencing Services
News  |  7/2/2004  | 
Poll participants during a live meeting as well as share documents and slides, all for less than conventional telephone costs. We'll tell you which features are most critical.
Prepare your Network for VoIP
News  |  7/2/2004  | 
Discover how a few key design and connection changes prior to installing your first IP phone can result in a smooth-talking VoIP system.
Enterprise IM Won't Miss AOL, Yahoo
News  |  7/2/2004  | 
The two companies have announced they will discontinue their enterprise IM products. With so many other options, does it even matter?

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