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The Role of Storage in IBM’s New PureSystems
Commentary  |  4/26/2012  | 
In the PureSystems launch, we saw the opening salvo in IBM’s use of expert integrated systems to reduce IT complexity and reduce costs. PureSystems strengthens an already strong bond between the company’s system "horse," which does the CPU pulling, and the storage "carriage," which carries the information payload.
Backing Up Cloud Apps
Commentary  |  4/26/2012  | 
When I first heard that Backupify had developed a backup service for cloud applications like Facebook, I must admit I snickered a little at the thought of someone thinking that Facebook data was worth backing up to anyone but Facebook. When they called again and said they could now back up Google Apps, they got my attention.
Tackling The Big Data Challenge (Part 2)
News  |  4/26/2012  | 
When discussing big data, it’s important to note that not all data is created on the fly; some data sets grow and expand over time and stay in the organizations for a long time. The first steps to managing big data are to focus on both the technical aspects as well as the business needs.
HDS Ushers In 'No-Compromise' Unified Storage
News  |  4/24/2012  | 
Hitachi Data Systems is jumping into the unified storage race with what it calls the first midmarket offering to consolidate and centrally manage block, file and object data on a single platform. While HDS considers EMC and NetApp its two primary competitors, HP and IBM also offer unified storage solutions.
How To Tackle The Big Data Challenge (Part 1)
News  |  4/23/2012  | 
Big data is a term getting bandied about a lot these days. It describes the phenomenon of information that keeps growing in organizations, thanks in part to the growth in social media. According to the InformationWeek Research: The Big Data Management Challenge survey of technology professionals, regardless of industry, the five top data drivers are financial transactions, email, imaging data, Web logs, and Internet text and documents. The two main benefits of big data management are being able
RingCentral Puts A PBX In The Palm Of Your Hand
Commentary  |  4/23/2012  | 
Telephony has certainly done its share of morphing during the last decade, as IP networks have invaded pretty much all communications spaces. The traditional PBX has given way to server-based voice systems, and wireless networking has stretched the paradigm even further. Enter both the cloud and mobile apps, and we have RingCentral’s latest strike in the battle for ever-more-powerful business communications.
Confusion Reigns On Cloud Storage, Backup
News  |  4/20/2012  | 
Enterprises once relied on a variety of physical storage devices, both on-site and off, to manage backups--everything from tapes, disks and DVDs to USB drives. Now the cloud is replacing these storage options, providing additional functionality that enables users to not only back up data but also share and collaborate. However, while there are of plenty of cloud storage options available to businesses, there is a lot to consider before selecting a provider.
Quantum Extends LTFS/LTO Tape Market
News  |  4/18/2012  | 
Quantum has chosen to announce its Scalar Linear Tape File System (LTFS) appliance at this week's National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. The Scalar LTFS appliance uses a self-describing file system and is intended to act as a gateway between a tape library supporting the Linear Tape Open (LTO) standard and network-attached storage (NAS), providing the benefits of LTFS to library users as well as to users of standalone LTO drives.
ODCA Releases 5 Cloud Computing Usage Models
News  |  4/13/2012  | 
In an effort to address some of the most pressing cloud computing challenges and requirements its members have identified, the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has released five new usage models, available for download now.
Virsto’s Storage Hypervisor Enables Storage to Play Nicely with Server Virtualization
Commentary  |  4/5/2012  | 
On the whole, server virtualization has been a blessing due to physical machine to logical machine consolidation that leads to better system and CPU utilization and attendant improved IT cost economics. But servers are only part of broader interlocked “systems” of hardware components (including networks and storage) and software (including operating systems and applications) that must work in harmony together. And any change in one component (in this case, servers) may cause complica
The Promise of LTFS
Commentary  |  4/5/2012  | 
A bit more than a year ago the folks behind the LTO tape format standards, primarily IBM, with some contributions from HP and Quantum, added the Linear Tape File System to LTO's feature list. While some niche markets, primarily the media and entertainment business, have adopted LTFS, it won't live up to it's promise without support from archiving and eDiscovery vendors.
Security Regs Could Create 'Cyber Havens'
News  |  4/4/2012  | 
A new report on network security threats says that if some countries adopt tougher security and user privacy regulations, companies may look for cloud service providers in countries where it is cheaper but with lax security. It’s what the Information Security Forum (ISF) calls "cyber havens." The ISF also warns that regulations that impose more disclosure of security weaknesses in the name of transparency may have the unintended effect of inviting cyberattacks on them.
Blue Jeans’ New Pricing Dubbed An ‘MCU Killer’
News  |  4/3/2012  | 
Blue Jeans Network, which offers videoconferencing in the cloud, has introduced a new pricing model targeted as a direct broadside to expensive systems from vendors such as Cisco Systems and Polycom. It will now offer its service at a rate of $299 per port, per month, which should be dramatically less expensive that those competitors that sell customers a multipoint control unit (MCU) to install and maintain on the customers’ premises. Blue Jeans calls this strategy an “MCU Killer.&#
LoopUp Challenges Cisco, Citrix With Simpler Conference Calls
News  |  4/2/2012  | 
Company aims to solve conference call problems by taking the best, eliminating the worst features of audio and Web conferencing.

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