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Content tagged with Unified Communications posted in March 2003
FUD Busters
News  |  3/31/2003  | 
Microsoft lays the foundation for the autonomic data center based on XML and an open framework. Time for a "FUDBust!"
Dynamic Communications
News  |  3/31/2003  | 
Virage's VS Webcasting will help you get your point across.
Wireless IP Video Secures Lots
News  |  3/31/2003  | 
Wireless surveillance system improves airport's parking-lot security.
PeopleSoft and IM: The Odd Couple
News  |  3/31/2003  | 
Maintaining IM and ERP separately can keep your options open.
Quick Takes
News  |  3/31/2003  | 
We take a look at WARP Solutions 2063e Version 3 Edge Appliance, Tasman Networks Tasman 1004, WiMetrics WiSentry Wireless Access Point Detection System and AlertSite Transaction Recorder.
Shoot for the Moon
News  |  3/21/2003  | 
You can get good deals for your infrastructure dollars, but you must do your homework first. Investigate standards compliance and decide if you want to take the single-vendor or best-of-breed
Apple Xserve Is a Tasty Server
News  |  3/21/2003  | 
Using this full-featured little unit is as easy as pie.
Quick Takes
News  |  3/21/2003  | 
Peeks at Redline Networks E|X 3250, Reliable Software Code Co-op 4.0, Shavlik Technologies HFNetChkPro 4.0 and Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise.
Special Top 11 List
Commentary  |  3/20/2003  | 
Sometimes our twice-monthly Last Mile feature in Network Computing just won't hold all of the great ideas we receive from our readers. In this case, we just couldn't hold onto the following Top 11 List, which harkens back to February's...
What Internet Slowdown?
Commentary  |  3/17/2003  | 
The value of nonfinancial goods companies are selling and reselling to one another over the internet in 2003 is in the trillions.
Telco Monopolies Back in Vogue
News  |  3/17/2003  | 
The FCC recently attempted to clear up many elements of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. In doing so, it has created an even bigger mess.
Mass Management
News  |  3/17/2003  | 
Vector Networks' PC-Duo desktop-management app is an affordable alternative for most networks.
Premium Network, Four Ways
News  |  3/17/2003  | 
CradletoGrave, our fictional insurance company, is in the market for an end-to-end infrastructure that will help it outmatch the competition. Foundry filled the bill, and its standards compliance earned top
Sendmail Bug, Lessons Unlearned
News  |  3/12/2003  | 
Sendmail, the predominant SMTP e-mail server program on the Internet, has yet another serious security.
Early Warning System
News  |  3/10/2003  | 
A data-mining application originally conceived to forecast staffing and supply needs now helps Children's Hospital Boston spot bioterrorism outbreaks.
News  |  3/10/2003  | 
This edition, we "Bust" Cisco's purchase of network security software vendor Okena.
Quick Takes
News  |  3/10/2003  | 
This edition, we take peeks at NetSupport Manager, NetPro Secure ADLS, SMC Networks Barricade and Array Networks Array SP.
The Age of iSCSI
News  |  3/10/2003  | 
The promise of true block-based storage on an IP network using current infrastructures has been long awaited.
IBM Redoes DB2 as Data Integrator
News  |  3/3/2003  | 
IBM continues to transform DB2 from a database-management system into a data-management system with the introduction of DB2 Information Integrator (II) 8.1.
Making the Case for Both Disk and Tape
News  |  3/3/2003  | 
If you're still reeling from an excruciatingly slow tape backup, consider this: Emerging disk-to-disk technology could change all that.
Adomo Brings Your E-Mail to Life
News  |  3/3/2003  | 
Exchange program lets remote users phone for e-mail.

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