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SSD, Scale-Out Architecture To Grow
News  |  2/29/2012  | 
As SSD capacity continues to increase and prices drop, use of SSD for enterprise Tier 1 applications is going to become more and more common. At the same time, enterprises are adopting scale-out architectures. It's an exciting time to be involved in enterprise storage.
EMC Rolls Out 5 GRC-Centered Security Services
News  |  2/29/2012  | 
EMC's consulting arm is introducing five security and risk management advisory services. "When you look at the services and the way we set this up, it's very much a reflection of our need to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions... framed under the broader umbrella of GRC--governance, risk and compliance," says Mat Allen, senior director, security and risk management global practice, EMC Consulting. "GRC acts as the center point."
Apple iMessage: UC On The Cheap?
Commentary  |  2/27/2012  | 
By transparently merging SMS and IM, Apple is throwing the carriers a curve. But it could be a hit for IT.
Consolidation, Scale-Out Architectures And Virtualization Drive 2012 Storage Trends
News  |  2/27/2012  | 
Enterprise storage infrastructure still contains quite a bit of direct-attached storage (DAS), but SMEs are in the process of making the move to consolidated storage, a shift that has already taken place at the Fortune 500 level. Even as storage consolidation catches on in the enterprise, though, there is a trend towards building scale-out storage architectures.
Asigra Updates Cloud Backup, Extends NetApp Partnership
News  |  2/26/2012  | 
Asigra's Cloud Backup software update, Version 11.2, offers deeper array snapshot integration, increased support for virtualization and mobile devices, increased performance, and service delivery enhancements. In addition, the company is extending its strategic partnership with NetApp to provide what it says is the first fully vetted joint offering from the NetApp Cloud Solutions Team, a data-processing-as-a-service solution that is intended to make it easier for telecommunications companies to
PerspecSys: Removing a Key Security Barrier to Public Cloud Adoption
Commentary  |  2/23/2012  | 
Several months ago, an IT trade publication (which will remain nameless) published an article whose title stated that public cloud security remains "mission impossible." While the article was well-reasoned and backed off from the title's hyperbolic assertion, the damage had already been done. Actually, the title should have been something more like, "Public cloud security is mission possible, but proceed cautiously."
Polycom Supports UC On Some Apple, Android Smartphones
News  |  2/22/2012  | 
iPhone 4s and Android 4.0 smartphone users can download app to join video conferences across a unified communications platform.
Annual e-Discovery Demands, Expenses Skyrocket
News  |  2/21/2012  | 
The good news is companies are becoming increasingly familiar with predictive coding, but the more unsettling news is they are facing up to $20 million in annual e-discovery expenses. According to the third annual study of streamlining and reducing the cost of e-discovery on inside counsel at mostly Fortune 1000 companies, 81% of respondents are familiar with predictive coding to determine whether a document is appropriate to include in a case, states legal industry analyst Ari Kaplan, who condu
Virtual Backup Challenges Enterprise IT
News  |  2/21/2012  | 
Organizations remain challenged when it comes to ensuring data is adequately protected and recoverable, even though advances have been made in backup and data protection technology, industry observers say. Among the reasons cited are that data protection processes don't get reviewed frequently enough, there are few SLA requirements, and there is a lack of visibility into the results of data protection activities.
Why Cisco Is Challenging Microsoft-Skype Merger
News  |  2/16/2012  | 
Skype integration with Lync shuts out competing video calling services, hinders interoperability and hurts the entire sector, says Cisco.
FileTrek Debuts Cloud-Based File Tracking, Sharing And Management Tool
News  |  2/16/2012  | 
FileTrek, a new entrant to the cloud-based collaboration market, is debuting with a file sharing and tracking product that tells an organization the location of a file, who has worked on it, the changes that have been made to it, and how it is related to other files. The Ottawa, Canada-based company, which wants to make it easier for customers to track what happens to the content they send out into the world, has also just received $10 million in Class B funding from a consortium of investors in
Porticor's Safe-Deposit Box Strategy Balances Data Control And Security In The Cloud
News  |  2/15/2012  | 
Data at rest has long been protected by technology called public key infrastructure (PKI), in which data is encrypted when it's created by a public key and only decrypted by the authorized person holding the private key. But data protection is complicated in cloud environments.
FuzeBox UC Platform Adds Apple, Android Tablet Support
News  |  2/15/2012  | 
New version connects to other meeting rooms, adds videoconferencing features.
Lighthouse Launches Next-Gen Cloud-Based IAM
News  |  2/15/2012  | 
Lighthouse Security Group is releasing the next generation of its Lighthouse Gateway cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) service with new self-service and federated single sign-on features, in addition to updated identity and access intelligence.
Starboard Seeks To Be The iPhone of SME Storage
News  |  2/13/2012  | 
Starboard Storage Systems, a relatively new entrant into a very competitive SME storage market, believes its initial product, which delivers double the performance of legacy SAN/NAS products at half the cost, will help it stand above the crowd. The company says its AC72 (Application-Crafted Storage) system dramatically simplifies managing mixed workload environments that include unstructured, virtualized and structured data.
Kaspersky And Sophos Top Security Vendor Survey
News  |  2/13/2012  | 
The annual InformationWeek security survey finds wiggle room for lesser-known vendors in large IT shops, but it's a lack of mobile device security strategies that should raise eyebrows.
Distribution Management Uses F5 To Solve Virtualization Challenges
News  |  2/9/2012  | 
Wholesaler Distribution Management is using F5's new VDI support to take advantage of growing mobility and virtualization opportunities while addressing many of the accompanying challenges, including increased infrastructure costs and performance issues.
Siemens Targets North American Unified Communications Market
News  |  2/7/2012  | 
Siemens Enterprise Communications challenges market leaders Cisco, Avaya as revamped company pushes corporate networking and communications gear under OpenScape brand.
Nimbus Sets The Stage For Mainstream Enterprise SSD
Commentary  |  2/6/2012  | 
Solid-state array pioneer Nimbus Data's new E-Class array system is a sign that solid-state storage is moving from the high-performance fringe to the mainstream of the enterprise data center. Most first-generation, all-solid-state arrays, including Nimbus Data's own S-class, were best suited to targeted applications where high performance with single points of failure was acceptable. The new asset class, like most midrange disk arrays, has a dual-controller design to satisfy my enterprise reliab
EMC Delivers On Server-Based Flash Storage
News  |  2/5/2012  | 
Originally unveiled last May and scheduled to ship in 2011, EMC's PCIe/flash-based server cache technology, code-named Project Lightning, is now available under the name of VFCache. The enterprise storage giant has been the leader in enterprise flash drive capacity since entering this market in 2008, shipping more than 24 petabytes in 2011, an eight times increase in customer shipments since 2009, says Mark Sorenson, senior VP and general manager of EMC's Flash Business Unit.
CommVault Simpana Adds Mobility, Backup Capabilities
News  |  2/2/2012  | 
CommVault Systems has enhanced Version 9 of its Simpana data management software, which it first announced in October 2010. Major new features in the software include OnePass, which will back up server data, archive it and report on it simultaneously. The company said the process could take less than half the time of separate processes.
Semantic Technology Key To Mastering Data Growth, Analysis
News  |  2/2/2012  | 
As big data stores continue to grow and require additional management, enterprises are faced with the task of managing their explosive data growth while also trying to find the best way to analyze that data. According to the recent InformationWeek "Database Discontent" report, a top item on IT departments' 2012 to-do list is handling big data in a way that allows for change over time.
Zultys Adds Android Support To Unified Communications Software
News  |  2/1/2012  | 
New end-user features in MX 7.0 UC software include unusual "barge-in and whisper" feature for call centers.
RightNow To Help Oracle Create Raving Fans
News  |  2/1/2012  | 
Oracle plans to integrate RightNow's customer experience software into its existing software portfolio to improve customer satisfaction and to turn consumers into advocates for a company's brand. In an hour-long webcast on Tuesday, Oracle executives explained how RightNow tools used by approximately 2,000 companies on their websites, in contact centers and through social media will supplement existing Oracle platforms for marketing, e-commerce, business intelligence, supply chain

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