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Content tagged with Unified Communications posted in February 2006
Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7
News  |  2/28/2006  | 
Panasonic's DMC-FZ7 puts an array of high end features in a lightweight camera for less than $400. (Courtesy: Personal Tech Pipeline)
Why Your Network Needs VoIP Over Wireless
News  |  2/27/2006  | 
Combining VoIP with Wi-Fi is a natural for most networks. Here's why you should make the move --- now. (Courtesy: Networking Pipeline)
Google Exec: Search Across Computers Concern For IT
News  |  2/24/2006  | 
Google technologists said corporate executives and IT administrators are responsible for implementing Google Desktop 3 for Enterprise's Search Across Computers feature in a safe and secure manner.
E-mail Admins Play "Which Would You Rather"
Commentary  |  2/24/2006  | 
To illustrate the challenges of managing e-mail, Osterman Research took a humorous route in its survey of more than 100 IT pros, sponsored by Zenprise, with a series of "which would you rather" questions. I guess this group of administrators has it pretty tough. The survey focused on a single support ill; they were asked to rate the level of difficulty in determining the underlying cause of e-mail problems. The Survey revealed that:
  • 80 pe
Friday Freebie
Commentary  |  2/24/2006  | 
Happy Friday! Today we have ... nothing. Nada. Not a single thing....
Hip And Cool Means Growth, And More Security Concerns
Commentary  |  2/24/2006  | 
A little while back I blogged about how messaging technologies have become "cool" and are enjoying "hip" status among those that define "hip" standards for our society, the youth and young adult markets. Well, I'm thinking the vendor and service provider communities are finding this all pretty cool, as well. The Radicati Group Inc., in a series of recent reports, projects some pretty heady growth for messaging-related products and it's not all coming from me
Geek Chic: Comet 600 Remote Video
News  |  2/24/2006  | 
Comet Video Technologies' Comet 600 pipes your video surveillance system to your cell phone.
Americans Online In The Slow Lane
News  |  2/22/2006  | 
The United States is falling further behind many other developed nations in broadband use. Part of the reason is the government's reluctance in getting involved in building the needed infrastructure.
Office Live Beta Puts SOHOs Online
News  |  2/22/2006  | 
Microsoft's new Office Live online service for small businesses helps Web novices build sites and share data with very little trouble. (Courtesy: Small Business Pipeline)
Presence Meets Collaboration On The Conferencing Front
Commentary  |  2/21/2006  | 
The integration of collaboration and presence technologies continues to fascinate me for two reasons. First, because it all makes so darn much sense. I mean you can work with a virtual room full of people from your PC in Timbuktu or down the hall. Presence capabilities take the remoteness out of remote collaboration. And the other reason it's fascinating is because the enabling technology is all available, but it requires vendors and service providers to work together to integrate and provision
BT To Deploy Global MPLS Network For VoIP
News  |  2/21/2006  | 
BT will spend $20.9 million (??12 million) over the next two years to deploy a global multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network infrastructure to support voice over IP (VoIP).
AOL Teams With WebEx For Enterprise IM
News  |  2/21/2006  | 
It's WebEx's second try at partnering with a big consumer IM vendor to get into the enterprise IM market. In 2003, WebEx partnered with Yahoo, only to have Yahoo close
Hello, I'm Batman
Commentary  |  2/20/2006  | 
If you really want to (or are having trouble sleeping) first read this Bill. Basically it says that if you are annoyed by anything I write in this entry, you can certainly press federal charges. Oh wait, no you can't,...
Blackberry Enterprise Server
News  |  2/16/2006  | 
Improved administration, support for web services, and a visual development tool distinguish version 4.1.
Office 2007 To Feature New Workflow And Collaboration Tools
News  |  2/16/2006  | 
The software, due to ship later this year, will come in seven suites. The "workhorse" version for enterprises will include the ability to perform complex routing of files around teams
Trusted Computing Standard Coming To The SAN--And The Sneakernet
News  |  2/16/2006  | 
Seagate has the first encrypted storage drive based on a new standard designed to make data breaches from stolen laptops less common. (Courtesy: InformationWeek)
iSkoot Links Cell Phones To Skype
News  |  2/15/2006  | 
With iSkoot's technology as the gateway, Cingular users do not need a PC to access Skype. Google Talk, other calling platforms to be added, company says. (Courtesy: TechWeb)
Security Isn't "One Size Fits All"
News  |  2/15/2006  | 
McNealy and Gates lament lax security practices, demonstrate new security technologies at RSA Conference 2006. (Courtesy: InformationWeek)
BEA Systems AquaLogic Service Bus 2.1
News  |  2/15/2006  | 
Despite limited built-in support for integration with external data sources, excellent Web services support and solid performance at a fair price makes BEA's service bus a strong option for enterprises.
Voice Over Wireless Sales To Rocket To $1.1 Billion: Repot
News  |  2/14/2006  | 
Infotech says revenue will hit $1.1 billion by 2010, with 77% penetration by 2008.
Office Live Goes Live
News  |  2/14/2006  | 
Microsoft will make its promised Office Live betas available on Wednesday. Office Live is parsed into three offerings, a free base-level version supported by advertising, and two for-pay versions that
McAfee Debuts Security Tools For Mobile Devices
News  |  2/13/2006  | 
Threats will grow as devices proliferate, wireless data networks become faster, and hackers become more experienced. (Courtesy: CRN)
Review: Matrox DualHead2Go
News  |  2/13/2006  | 
This palm-sized box can turn your laptop display into multiple clones for easier presentation viewing, let you use multiple screens for applications, or give you panoramas as large as 2560
Pay-For-Play Plan To Reduce Spam Doesn't Ring True
Commentary  |  2/10/2006  | 
Anything that ISPs can do to prevent spam from reaching my inbox is usually just fine by me, except when it bars the door on messages that I was supposed to get. But the recent news that AOL and Yahoo plan to charge bulk e-mail senders for "guaranteed delivery" sort of misses for me. One gets the feeling that we'll be seeing just as much or more spam and the fact that someone is chipping in a little more to get
Tello Adds Hosted Collaboration
News  |  2/10/2006  | 
Startup Tello emerged from stealth mode last month with a subscription-based hosted collaboration service that allows users to interact using voice, instant messaging and e-mail, as well as business applications
Spyware: Get It Before It Gets You
Commentary  |  2/10/2006  | 
Spyware's not just annoying--it's potentially dangerous. What are you doing to keep your system safe?
IT Execs Taking Cautious Approach To RIM Workaround Plan
News  |  2/10/2006  | 
While applauding efforts to avoid a service shut down, IT managers say they want to test Research In Motion's workaround software for corporate BlackBerry users before they implement it. (Courtesy:
Sneak Preview: Mindreef's Coral
News  |  2/10/2006  | 
Mindreef Coral can check a Web service's compliance with standards, capture diagnostic information in persistent workspaces and present a community support portal for end users.
Skype Adds Presence Feature To VoIP App
News  |  2/9/2006  | 
Skype rolls a presence feature in its Internet telephony software that a company could add to its Web site so users could see who is available for phone calls.
Vonage Files for IPO
News  |  2/8/2006  | 
Vonage Holdings Corp. files for an initial public offering of $250 million, and appointed a new chief executive. (Courtesy: TechWeb)
DEMO Gets An Earful Of VoIP Add-Ons
News  |  2/8/2006  | 
Add-ons such to the standard offerings of Skype, Vonage, and other voice providers are designed to make VoIP irresistible. (Courtesy: TechWeb)
SonicWall To Acquire MailFrontier
News  |  2/8/2006  | 
SonicWall on Wednesday said it plans to buy e-mail security company MailFrontier for $31 million in cash. (Courtesy: CRN)
On Campus: Combining Social Networking and Social Media
Commentary  |  2/8/2006  | 
College students have long been amenable users of any technology that allows them to communicate about common interests and now they can combine the best of all the social networking sites and the available social media on one site. The new Uspot service, from Los Angeles-based Uspot, allows college students to create, share and communicate in one location and through common interests such as entertainment, social events and hobbies. Uspot claims to unite two
Google: Firefox AdBlock Interferes With Gmail Chat
News  |  2/8/2006  | 
Google Inc. is advising users of Gmail Chat to disable the Firefox browser plug-in AdBlock when using the new instant messaging feature embedded within the search engine's Web mail service.
Get Ready To Pay More For Using The Internet
News  |  2/7/2006  | 
Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf tells the Senate Commerce Committee that telecoms and cable operators should look to their own customers to recoup the costs of providing high-speed services.
Comet Video Technologies' Comet 600 links
News  |  2/7/2006  | 
CometVT's Comet 600 pipes your video surveillance system to your cell phone so you can keep an eye on what's happening at the office even when you're offsite. (Courtesy:
Gordano Updates Messaging Suite With SNMP Links
News  |  2/7/2006  | 
Gordano's latest messaging product, Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) Version 11.02, can now tie into systems management implementations. (Courtesy: CRN)
Playing Nicely In Philadelphia
News  |  2/7/2006  | 
The hardest part of their municipal Wi-Fi deal is behind Philadelphia and EarthLink, now that they've agreed on the rules of the road. (Courtesy: Information Week)
NetApp Introduces Tape-Emulating Disk Storage
News  |  2/7/2006  | 
New system incorporates DataFort data encryption technology acquired through last year's Decru buyout. (Courtesy: Information Week)
Google & Co. To Washington: Are You Helping Free Speech?
News  |  2/6/2006  | 
Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo told Washington last week that they'd like their government to go bat for them and help them take a stand against censorship in China. The response
Early Version Of Linksys VoIP Service Comes Up Short
News  |  2/3/2006  | 
Cisco Systems??? Linksys division says it???s still on track for a nationwide rollout this fall of the Linksys One hosted VoIP offering for small businesses, but several partners who recently
Subcribers to Cable-Based VoIP To Skyrocket To 19.8 Million By 2009: Report
News  |  2/3/2006  | 
The U.S. market for cable-based VoIP will skyrocket from 2.2 million subscribers in 2005, to 19.8 million by 2009, according to a new report from IDC.
Working In Unreal-Time
Commentary  |  2/3/2006  | 
There's no getting around the fact that the current generation of knowledge workers is overworked. The messaging technologies that promised to make our lives easier have, instead, made us more efficient and elevated performance expectations. We are now able juggle more balls at once and require less support personnel to accomplish bigger projects in less time. And we're working harder than ever. David Ferris of Ferris Research recently wrote down his thoughts in the
WinZip 10 Pro
News  |  2/3/2006  | 
With new compression algorithms and automated zip jobs, WinZip consolidates its position in the desktop data backup market.
Geek Chic: Iomega's ScreenPlay Multimedia
News  |  2/2/2006  | 
If you're off on a long trip, you'll like the support for ninety hours of video-and more--in Iomega's new multimedia device.
Who You Gonna Call?
Commentary  |  2/1/2006  | 
Will IT managers throw up there hands trying to manage multiple messaging environments from multiple vendors while trying to prevent malware attacks and meet compliance requirements? And by throw up their hands I mean hand the whole mess over to a service provider. That seems to be what Postini is hinting at in its annual Message Management & Threat Report, which was released earlier this week. In the

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