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The Many Faces Of 802.11n
Commentary  |  7/5/2011  | 
Wireless local networking has been a massive hit with consumers and businesses, but the promise of 802.11n, the latest version of the Wi-Fi standard, is clouded with confusion.
You, There! Get Out Of My 2.4 GHz!
Commentary  |  7/5/2011  | 
The great thing about unlicensed spectrum is the ease with which wireless devices can be implemented. The bad part of unlicensed spectrum? That would be the ease with which wireless devices can be implemented. In the 2.4 GHz ISM band, a growing roster of wireless devices continues to harass and degrade the WLAN space to the dismay of those of us running big wireless environments.
Zynga Seeks More Than $1 Billion In IPO
News  |  7/1/2011  | 
Founded in 2007, Zynga has rapidly grown atop Facebook to an estimated $15 billion to $20 billion valuation.
No Data Privacy In The Cloud
Commentary  |  7/1/2011  | 
Most people understand that data in the cloud won’t have the same level of security and privacy that data inside your corporate firewall has. But some recent news has shown just how insecure your cloud-based data really is.
Cisco Study Shows Mass Phishing Attacks Down, Targeted Attacks Up
News  |  7/1/2011  | 
New research released by Cisco Systems shows a steep decline in the number of mass spam or phishing attacks by cyber criminals but a disturbing rise in the use of targeted phishing attacks that are more sophisticated and, for the criminals, more profitable.
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