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The Insidious Security Risks Of Thumb Drives and Paper Files
Commentary  |  5/31/2013  | 
Numerous surveys show that IT managers are worried about BYOD security but lost flash drives and manila folders remain the bigger threats.
Ethernet: A Personal History
Commentary  |  5/30/2013  | 
Ethernet is 40 years old this year. I’ve been working with the technology since it emerged. Here are a few reflections on how Ethernet has evolved, and where it’s going in the future.
SunGard Public Sector Boosts Network With Brocade VDX Switches
News  |  5/30/2013  | 
New technology will simplify network management and provide room to grow.
Google and VMware: A Contrast in Cloud Architectures
Commentary  |  5/29/2013  | 
VMware's vCloud Hybrid is built for Virtualization 1.0. Google's new Compute and App Engine enhancements target apps that are built for the cloud from the start.
HootSuite Fights Social Media Account Takeovers
News  |  5/29/2013  | 
HootSuite Security Services audits social assets, monitors for unusual Twitter account activity and offers crisis plans in the event of account takeovers.
Inside Visa's Data Center
News  |  5/29/2013  | 
Visa provides a behind-the-scenes look at its top-secret, high-performance network operations.
10 Twitter Power Tips
Slideshows  |  5/29/2013  | 
Want to take your Twitter presence to the next level? These features and techniques will get you there.
The 802.11ac Paradox
Commentary  |  5/28/2013  | 
What will it take to reap the benefits of 802.11ac, the next generation of wireless networking? A whole lot of wire, and a whole lot of hardware.
NSA Caught Unawares By Data Center Tax
Commentary  |  5/24/2013  | 
The National Security Agency, which is building a massive information-gathering data center in Utah, was caught by surprise on a tax bill that might have added millions to its costs.
WAN Optimization Part 2: Put Performance Second
News  |  5/24/2013  | 
If you’re looking to purchase WAN optimization gear, don’t get wrapped up in performance numbers. Start instead with pricing, deployment and operational issues, and the protocols and applications you need to support.
Twitter's Two-Factor Authentication: 5 Reasons To Avoid
Commentary  |  5/24/2013  | 
Two-step verification system has no provision for backup access or lost phones, doesn't address public username problem.
F5 Combines Application Acceleration With Traffic Management
News  |  5/23/2013  | 
News roundup: Big-IP AAM aims to improve SaaS performance; Hitachi unveils enterprise file sync and share; Sourcefire adds network file and device trajectory to malware protection; Lantronix supports remote power management for branch IT.
IT Vendors Need More Pricing Transparency
Commentary  |  5/23/2013  | 
Compiling our SDN product comparison provided a vivid lesson in the difficulty of getting meaningful prices for enterprise IT equipment.
Twitter Two-Factor Security Combats Takeovers
News  |  5/23/2013  | 
Authentication measure comes in wake of Syrian Electronic Army account hacks, further security steps coming.
Google's Wireless Sensors: Big Data or Big Brother?
Commentary  |  5/22/2013  | 
Google demonstrated a network of wireless environmental sensors at its I/O conference last week. These sensors, combined with projects like Google Glass, expose the potential for the use and misuse of relentless data collection.
Pinterest Adds Value To Pins
News  |  5/22/2013  | 
Pinterest goes mobile, works with vendors to add more useful information to pins.
University College London's Huge Cloud Storage Plan
News  |  5/22/2013  | 
UCL's new 100-PB, cloud-based storage facility will save money and help the school meet compliance goals.
EMC Navigates the IT Transformation Waters
Commentary  |  5/21/2013  | 
Here's what I took away from this year's EMC World, including thoughts on Pivotal and ViPR.
Why Corporate File Sharing Services Can't Compete
Commentary  |  5/21/2013  | 
Novell is the latest vendor to offer file sharing software that gives IT managers control over data, but it won't stop the stampede to Dropbox-like services.
Aruba's 802.11ac Rollout Cleans Up Sticky Clients
Commentary  |  5/21/2013  | 
Aruba Networks is announcing 802.11ac access points and new software that addresses roaming problems caused by “sticky” wireless clients.
Veeam Courts Enterprises With WAN Acceleration
News  |  5/20/2013  | 
Built-in WAN acceleration will enable companies to copy data to off-site locations up to 50 times faster than a regular file copy, the company says.
Google Hangouts To Support Voice Calls
News  |  5/20/2013  | 
An enhanced Google Hangouts offers video chat, texting and photo sharing for free on multiple devices. More change is en route.
Yahoo's Mayer Promises: We Won't Ruin Tumblr
News  |  5/20/2013  | 
$1.1 billion deal represents Yahoo's bid to win new users and remain relevant.
3 Things Tumblr Brings Yahoo
News  |  5/20/2013  | 
Yahoo is making a billion-dollar play for Tumblr -- and for increased relevancy.
Networking Gets Interesting Again
Commentary  |  5/17/2013  | 
From software-defined networking to fabrics to powerful new switches, network vendors are fighting for a revitalized market.
Fusion-io Leaders Step Down in Executive-Suite Turmoil
Commentary  |  5/16/2013  | 
Fusion-io CEO David Flynn and CMO Rick White have departed the flash memory company just weeks after acquiring NexGen Storage, a startup. Reports say Fusion-io's board wasn't satisfied with revenue growth.
Google+ Gets 5 Smart Changes
News  |  5/16/2013  | 
At Google I/O, Google rolls out new photo, editing and other features for its Google+ social platform, in search of new momentum.
Motorola Launches 802.11ac APs
Commentary  |  5/15/2013  | 
Motorola joins a growing number of enterprise WLAN players with early 802.11ac products. Here's how its new APs stack up.
Inside Google's Software-Defined Network
Commentary  |  5/14/2013  | 
Google shared details on its production use of OpenFlow in its SDN network at this spring's Open Networking Summit.
Knowledge Is Key When Implementing SDN
News  |  5/13/2013  | 
Companies must confront security concerns and vendor hype when planning and adopting software-defined networking.
Best of Interop 2013 Winners
Slideshows  |  5/10/2013  | 
The Best of Interop awards recognize innovative hardware and software that advances the state of the art in IT. Interop’s panel of expert judges poured through 149 submissions in seven categories, including networking, mobility, security and storage. Awards were also presented for Grand Award winner, Best Startup, and Audience Choice. Check out the products that took the prize!
Citrix Merges Repeater Features With CloudBridge
Commentary  |  5/9/2013  | 
CloudBridge now optimizes WANs; WatchGuard appliances expand Hyper-V support; Aryaka portal monitors more than WANs; Enterasys builds out SDN ecosystem.
IT's Self Image Needs Work, Cisco Study Shows
News  |  5/9/2013  | 
In Cisco study of IT leaders, just 36% of respondents call themselves "innovators," while 15% characterized themselves as "firefighters." "Ghost" and "fortune teller" were each chosen by 7%.
Britain's Love Affair With Social Media Deepens
News  |  5/9/2013  | 
Britain is biggest user of social networks in Western Europe, with Facebook the favorite destination, says study, but Nordics lead the world.
Barracuda Boasts 'Bare Metal' Performance With Eon
Commentary  |  5/8/2013  | 
Network virtualization platform delivers up to 240 Gbps throughput; Big Switch uses F5 API for cloud orchestration; Dell brings high-performance firewall to midmarket; McAfee acquires Stonesoft; Motorola unveils 11ac access points.
Interop: Open Compute Project To Tackle Network Switching
News  |  5/8/2013  | 
Open Compute Project initiated by Facebook sets its sights on network switching as the next target for open innovation.
LinkedIn Tips: 10 Ways To Do More
Slideshows  |  5/8/2013  | 
LinkedIn has changed extensively in its first decade. Check out our 10 tips on recently revised features and how to use them wisely.
Syria Back Online After Internet Blackout
News  |  5/8/2013  | 
All Internet traffic from the war-torn country -- via overland and submarine connections -- went offline Tuesday.
Juniper Pushes SDN Strategy Ahead With JunosV Contrail
Commentary  |  5/7/2013  | 
JunosV line includes open controller; Riverbed debuts ADC-as-a-service; Huawei expands CE12800 switch series; Ixia simulates data centers for validation; BMC agrees to acquisition.
Best of Interop 2013 Winners Announced
News  |  5/7/2013  | 
The Best of Interop award recognizes innovation in eight tech categories, including networking, cloud, security, mobility and more. Winners include Arista, ExtraHop, Talari Networks and Citrix.
Gigamon Unveils Branch Office Node, FlowVUE App
Commentary  |  5/6/2013  | 
News roundup: GigaVUE-HB1 leverages GigaSMART; Ixia debuts ControlTower architecture; CipherCloud bolsters compliance policies; ForeScout and FireEye team up to combat malware.
EMC ViPR Goes All In on Software-Defined Storage
Commentary  |  5/6/2013  | 
EMC's ViPR, a new software-defined storage platform, is a big bet on virtualized storage services. ViPR borrows from the SDN playbook with a controller and APIs.
Silver Peak Boosts WAN Performance with New Products
News  |  5/3/2013  | 
News roundup: Silver Peak speeds up WANs with new hardware and software; Ubuntu Server 13.04 plays nice with VMware; Jeda controller creates storage fabric; Acxoim cloud emphasizes security; Tenable adds reporting features to Nessus.
After Buffett: 9 People Who Should Tweet
News  |  5/3/2013  | 
Now that Warren Buffett has gotten social on Twitter, here are others we'd like to see in the tweeting crowd.
Integrated Systems Poised for Astonishing Growth
News  |  5/2/2013  | 
IDC says sales of integrated infrastructure—pre-configured bundles of compute, networking and storage—will total $3 billion in 2013 and grow 50% a year over the next half decade.
InteropNet Tests Network Fabric Design and More
Commentary  |  5/2/2013  | 
InteropNet, the production network for Interop Las Vegas, is testing and showcasing a variety of technologies, including a network fabric from Avaya and network configuration software from Tail-f Systems.
How to Configure a Cisco Wireless Network
Commentary  |  5/2/2013  | 
This tutorial shows how to configure a Cisco wireless network. It covers controller setup, WLAN configuration and some advanced settings. Screenshots are included.
LinkedIn Visual Profiles: 5 Things To Know
News  |  5/2/2013  | 
LinkedIn users, it's time to tell your professional story in pictures. Here's advice to get you started.
Brocade Announces New Hardware, Software for Data Center Strategy
News  |  5/1/2013  | 
Brocade is releasing new hardware and software to support its On-Demand Data Center strategy, which aims to help customers build a more agile, scalable data center for the virtualization age.
How To Innovate In A Low-Tech Industry
Commentary  |  5/1/2013  | 
IT manager at family-owned Bremen Castings discusses how the firm capitalizes on new technology in the old-fashioned foundry business.
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