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The Software-Defined Data Center: Potential Game Changer
Commentary  |  3/31/2014  | 
The SDDC is poised to bring revolutionary changes by providing flexibility to data center storage, switching, security and other infrastructure components.
The Next Hot IT Job: Service Broker
Commentary  |  3/31/2014  | 
IT architects may not lose their jobs to cloud computing, but they might find themselves in the role of IT service broker because of it.
Datacenter Ethernet: Know Your Options
Commentary  |  3/28/2014  | 
Think Ethernet is only UTP with RJ-45 connectors? Think again. The brave new physical layer includes electrical backplanes, fiber optics, active cable assemblies, and more.
Why The Next-Generation Data Center Needs To Be Agnostic
Commentary  |  3/28/2014  | 
In order to handle the growing traffic deluge, data centers need to leverage open infrastructure, software-defined technologies, and automation.
Interop: Find The Fun
Commentary  |  3/27/2014  | 
Attending a technology conference can be hard work, but Interop is making fun an integral part of the agenda.
Interop: Find The Fun
Commentary  |  3/26/2014  | 
Attending a conference can be hard work, but Interop is making fun an integral part of the agenda.
3 Survival Tips For Women In IT
Commentary  |  3/26/2014  | 
The technology industry -- especially the networking field -- can be an awfully isolating place for a woman. I offer three ways to cope.
3 Survival Tips For Women In IT
Commentary  |  3/25/2014  | 
The technology industry -- and especially the networking field -- can be an awfully isolating place for a woman. Here are three ways to cope.
Hardware-Defined Networking: Bridging The Gap For Enterprise SDN
Commentary  |  3/24/2014  | 
Midokura teams with Cumulus Networks to connect physical networks to a network overlay.
Real-World Advice On SDN Migration
Commentary  |  3/24/2014  | 
Enterprises considering SDN can heed real-world advice and deployment architectures from three organizations with successful network migrations.
Big Data Means Big Pipes
Commentary  |  3/20/2014  | 
LAN and storage performance will need to improve in order to keep up with the growth of big data analytics.
Greatest Moments In Interop History
News  |  3/20/2014  | 
The Interop conference is a tradition for IT professionals. We look back on its dramatic growth and how it's changed.
Greatest Moments In Interop History
Slideshows  |  3/19/2014  | 
It's hard to believe it's been 26 years since the first commercial Interop conference. Over the years, vendors made splashes with new technologies, Interop grew beyond its Silicon Valley roots, and celebrities like Mr. T joined the action. Here's a look at some of the best moments in Interop's rich history.
Network Operators Prefer Open Source SDN: Report
News  |  3/19/2014  | 
No surprise that OpenDaylight-sponsored study shows strong interest in open source software-defined networking.
Building An Information Security Policy Part 3: Logical And Physical Design
Commentary  |  3/19/2014  | 
Careful crafting of the logical and physical aspects of a network is essential for an effective security policy.
Cloud Services And The Hidden Cost Of Downtime
Commentary  |  3/19/2014  | 
IT managers must factor in potentially crippling cloud outages when calculating the true cost of a cloud service.
Cloud Services And The Hidden Cost Of Downtime
Commentary  |  3/18/2014  | 
IT managers must factor in potential cloud outages when calculating the true cost of a cloud service.
Considering SDN? Adopt Chaos Monkey
News  |  3/17/2014  | 
Enterprises can take a page from Google's playbook by focusing on application resiliency and forgetting about the hardware, says networking expert and Interop speaker Ivan Pepelnjak.
How Virtualization Can Simplify Your BYOD Strategy
Commentary  |  3/17/2014  | 
Virtualization technologies can help enterprise IT teams support the new user-centric model created by IT consumerization.
Mainframe Brain Drain Raises Serious Concern
News  |  3/17/2014  | 
As IT pros with deep mainframe know-how approach retirement age, a major skills gap may await enterprise CIOs that still rely on the decades-old technology.
Network Engineers: Don't Be The Dinosaur
Commentary  |  3/13/2014  | 
Network pros can't stick with their old ways of working if they want to have a future in the world of software-defined networking.
CCDE Training: 3 Bootcamps
Commentary  |  3/13/2014  | 
Here's a look at three training programs that prepare networking pros for the Cisco Certified Design Expert practical exam.
Discover Your Inner UC
Commentary  |  3/12/2014  | 
The tools for unified communications already exist in many companies, waiting to be unearthed and put to good use by enterprising IT leaders.
Gauging WLAN Performance: Epitiro Streetwise
Commentary  |  3/11/2014  | 
Dedicated WLAN service assurance tools promise deeper analysis than integrated WLAN performance tools, but are they worth it? Here's a look at a recent addition to this emerging market.
How Flash Storage Adds Value To The Network
Commentary  |  3/10/2014  | 
Flash storage offers a combination of speed, reliability and scalability benefits, which translates to increased productivity and operational savings for the enterprise.
Network Downtime: The Costly Fallout
News  |  3/10/2014  | 
Survey of IT pros shows that human-induced network outages resulted in lost revenue and job losses.
OpenFlow 1.3 Support: Why It Matters
Commentary  |  3/7/2014  | 
With vendor support, the latest version of the SDN-enabling protocol has key features enterprise networks need and gives customers confidence in its future.
SDN Is A Marathon, Goldman Sachs Says
News  |  3/6/2014  | 
Investment banking firm expects its journey to software-defined networking will be a long haul.
Managing Real-Time Applications On The Network
News  |  3/6/2014  | 
A policy-driven approach is key to making sure video and audio traffic doesn't clog up your network and affect performance of mission-critical apps.
The Software-Defined Revolution: Beyond The Hype
Commentary  |  3/5/2014  | 
Should every technology be "software-defined?" How to choose SDX for your datacenter and cloud environment.
IT Maintenance Work: 3 Ways To Get It Done
Commentary  |  3/4/2014  | 
Winning approval for planned maintenance can be difficult. Showering upper management with information -- and striking a little fear -- can help get the job done.
SDN: Open Source Advances Interoperability
Commentary  |  3/4/2014  | 
Open source software is helping to drive interoperability and innovation in software-defined networking.
NEC Releases Uber SDN Controller
News  |  3/3/2014  | 
Unified Network Coordinator can manage up to 10 NEC OpenFlow controllers across multiple datacenters.
SDN-Enabling The WLAN
Commentary  |  3/3/2014  | 
Wireless networks must truly embrace open standards for enterprises to reap the performance benefits of software-defined networking.
IPv6: Sweet Spots of Adoption
Commentary  |  3/3/2014  | 
IPv6 adoption has been surging ahead. Find out how it correlates with network operator adoption, mobile devices, and desktop operating systems.

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