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Cisco Simplifies Wireless Networking
News  |  3/31/2010  | 
Networking vendor's Valet line could challenge Apple Airport in home market.
Zyrion Releases Traverse For Business Service Management
News  |  3/29/2010  | 
Zyrion, a business service management (BSM) software provider, has announced the release of their Traverse Data Center Edition suite, which runs increasingly complex IT systems. Zyrion is also upgrading its Traverse data-gathering software used by managed service providers (MSPs). Traverse Data Center Edition is a complement to Zyrion's existing software package for MSPs and is targeted at mid-to-large enterprises that run their own IT systems and employ next-generation technology such as virtua
HP Intends To Stay King Of The IT Vendor Hill
Commentary  |  3/26/2010  | 
Hewlett-Packard (HP) broke into the top 10 Fortune 500 at #9 in 2009 with roughly $115 billion in annual sales. It's an impressive feat, but what's more interesting is where HP goes from here. But before we examine what HP is doing and plans to do, we need a little perspective. IT in its broadest sense is, and will continue to be, one of the major drivers of economic productivity and wealth creation. Yet the number of large IT information infrastructure companies is relatively small, undercuttin
The Next-Generation LAN
News  |  3/25/2010  | 
Tomorrow's local-area network will be the plumbing for everything business leaders want to do, from adding HC video to using FCoE to slash storage costs. So how we ensure our LANs are robust enough to handle the pressure?
The Next-Generation LAN
News  |  3/25/2010  | 
Tomorrow's local-area network will be the plumbing for everything business leaders want to do, from adding HC video to using FCoE to slash storage costs. So how we ensure our LANs are robust enough to handle the pressure?
Endace Announces the Launch of the 9.2X2--The World's First Full Duplex 10Gb/s Capable PCIe Gen 2 Packet Capture Card
News  |  3/25/2010  | 
Endace, world leaders in high-speed network security solutions based on proprietary DAG (Data Acquisition and Generation) packet capture technology, today announced the launch of the DAG 9.2X2 - the world's first dual port 10 Gigabit per second (Gb/s) PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 2 packet capture card.
New SonicWall UTM Appliance Boosts Port Density, Offers Advanced Switching
News  |  3/25/2010  | 
SonicWall's latest unified threat management (UTM) appliance offers enhanced networking capabilities for small businesses and branch offices, with the highest port density in the security vendor's line, along with advanced features for greater flexibility. It provides stateful firewall, deep packet inspection intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware. It includes 26 network ports--16 10/100Gb and 10 10/100/1000Gb ports--plus two interfaces for plug-in modules.
Shortest Path Bridging Will Rock Your World
Commentary  |  3/25/2010  | 
Whether you're planning to deploy FCoE in the data center or voice and video on your LAN, chances are you will have to redesign your network to be more efficient and robust than it is today. The way we design LANs today means we often over-provision because we build choke points through which all traffic has to pass even when the traffic is going to a neighbor. The distribution and core layers have to be over built just to overcome the choke points. It's wasteful and only addresses a symptom of
Attack Ads Are Effective And Here To Stay
Commentary  |  3/25/2010  | 
Thanks to Verizon and their successful "There's A Map For That" commercials, technology companies believing they have a distinct competitive edge are feeling emboldened to follow Verizon's lead. Thanks to AT&T, victims of this type of advertising are suing and counter-attacking. AT&T publically claimed the ads were "blatantly false and misleading," then filed a false advertising lawsuit. The company is now counter-attacking with their "Side by Side" commercials that compare the overall 3G exper
VoiceCon: Is Desktop Video In Your Future? Vendors Say Yes
News  |  3/24/2010  | 
Tandberg rolled out a new desktop video system, the EX90, that might very well indicate the shape of your desktop monitor in the years to come—a streaming video system and desktop monitor rolled into one, saving space on your desk. Tandberg isn't the only game in town; desktop HD streaming video from Polycom and Cisco were also demonstrated at the show. The demos look good, but the price is far too high for general deployment. Expect to see these hardware systems only in conference rooms o
Voicecon: Partnerships VS Open Standards
News  |  3/23/2010  | 
Microsoft is certainly gaining a number of important partnerships around their Office Communication Server with integration and partnership announcements from Audiocodes, Aastra, HP, Polycom and Verizon. Taken individually, none of these announcements is earth-shattering, but taken together it shows there is momentum growing behind OCS and also highlights the growing tension between open standards and practical interoperability.
Verizon Teams With Cisco, Microsoft For SIP Trunking And Immersive Video
News  |  3/22/2010  | 
Unified communications is more than just merging voice, video, chat and white-boarding into a platform. A Unified Communications (UC) system has to integrate with legacy telecommunications systems and provide real-time media support to clients that could include plain old telephone service (POTS), broad band, or high speed WAN links. High-definition video, the holy grail of video-conferencing, used to require room-sized systems with high-speed, dedicated WAN links, but new products from Cisco, P
Ericsson In Talks To Buy LG Nortel Stake
News  |  3/18/2010  | 
Should the deal go through, Nortel's major remaining asset would be its CDMA/LTE patent portfolio, worth about $1 billion.
Gorillas In The Market
Commentary  |  3/17/2010  | 
The lush, changing landscape of the Fibre Channel market took another interesting turn today with QLogic's announcement of their addition of the 5800V Series stackable switches to EMC's Select program of product offerings. While some may view this announcement as just another new reseller for the 20 port switch, there are several larger implications here to consider.
Cisco Makes Good On Promises: MediaNet, EnergyWise, TrustSec And New Products
News  |  3/17/2010  | 
Cisco has big plans for IT, and when the company launches initiatives like EnergyWise or TrustSec, the industry listens. But at some point, Cisco has to start delivering on those promises. Cisco has started the next phase of their Borderless Networks initiative, the purpose of which is to make computing seamless regardless of location or platform, with new product and feature announcements for Medianet, Energywise and Trustsec. Supporting the initiative enhancements are new switches and Integrat
Stratascale's New Public And Private Cloud
News  |  3/17/2010  | 
Stratascale brings two new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, aptly named Public Cloud and Private Cloud, to their existing managed hosting service, rebranded from Ironscale to Automated Managed Hosting (AMH). The offerings are distinct in how the servers are provisioned. The public cloud servers are fully virtualized machines that share server resources with other hosts similar to other IaaS offerings. Private cloud is a dedicated server running a hypervisor and AMH is a dedicated se
FCC Aims For Nationwide Broadband Access By 2020
News  |  3/17/2010  | 
Every household and business in the U.S. should have access to broadband Internet with a minimum of 4Mbps download and 1Mbps upload by 2020. That's the target set by the FCC's National Broadband Plan, released this week. The FCC was charged with the project a year ago. The plan outlines several ways that the government, including the FCC and Congress, can influence the development of broadband infrastructure in the United States, such as making 500 MHz of spectrum available for broadband over th
Cisco Refreshes Switch and Router Lines
Commentary  |  3/17/2010  | 
Cisco has been busy lately, wedging itself into new markets, such as energy management and integrated network, server, and data storage devices. Yet, the company has not pushed its bread and butter, switches and routers, completely to the backburner. In fact, the vendor made a broad suite of enhancements to those devices under its Borderless Network initiative.
NetScout Rides Alongs For Branch Network Assurance
News  |  3/17/2010  | 
Network performance and forensics vendor NetScout has announced their new nGenius Integrated Agent software. A virtualized version of their nGenius Probe appliances, the new product utilizes Cisco's AXP platform and integrates with Cisco's popular Integrated Services Router (ISR) to extend the network assurance product to remote sites.
IBM's Integrated Service Management Quickens Pulse
Commentary  |  3/16/2010  | 
Despite all the buzz about software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), IT as a service is nothing new. That is what IT, when provided by support organizations, always has been and always will be. However, making that service better and extending its reach and range beyond traditional boundaries is critical to forward movement. That is where service management comes in.
Radware Revives Nortel's Alteon Line
News  |  3/15/2010  | 
Radware, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, acquired the Alteon line on March 31, 2009, as part of Nortel 's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Less then a year later, Radware has released its newest Alteon application delivery products, the Alteon 4408 and 4416. The Alteon 4408 and Alteon 4416 fill holes in the Alteon product portfolio, falling in between the high-end Alteon 5412 announced in November and the existing 2-series and 3-series, which were part of the original Nortel acquisition a year ago.
Ruckus Rolls Out New 802.11n Access Points
Commentary  |  3/15/2010  | 
The access points in the new ZoneFlex 7300 series claims to deliver cost-friendly performance for less than $1 Per Mbps of capacity.
CA Buys IT Performance Vendor Nimsoft
News  |  3/12/2010  | 
CA announced on Wednesday that it is acquiring Nimsoft Inc., which makes IT performance and availability monitoring products for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs). CA hopes the purchase will give it access to enterprises earning $300 million to $2 billion in revenue. The $350 million cash acquisition of the privately held company is expected to be complete by the end of the month, possibly as early as the end of next week. "Our plan is to keep Nimsoft pretty much like an independe
Get Out Your Checkbooks, The IT Recovery Is Here
News  |  3/11/2010  | 
Analysts from the research firm IDC say the IT economy will grow faster than the overall economy this year as the recovery from the recession builds. IDC forecasts information technology spending to grow by about 3 percent in 2010, modest by historical standards, but 1.5 times faster than the growth in the overall economy, said Stephen Minton, vice president of IT markets and strategies for IDC. Minton was one of a number of IDC experts who spoke Wednesday at the IDC Directions 2010 conference i
IEEE 802 Standards Committee Turns 30
News  |  3/11/2010  | 
The IEEE 802 Standard Committee, turns 30 on March 13th and has been a major influence on data networking. Ethernet is the OSI layer two standard for data communications and in 30 years, the speeds at which Ethernet operates has risen five orders of magnitude from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, and the diversity of where it is used (LAN, WAN, wireless) has grown. Indeed, topics have exploded from frame formats to power management and study groups to analyze esoteric events like static discharge in copper
Brocade Shifts Ethernet Strategy
Commentary  |  3/11/2010  | 
I must admit I was surprised when Brocade, in their quarterly earnings call last month, announced that while their total revenue and earnings were up, Ethernet sales were down almost 25 percent. Analysts were busy downgrading the stock, declaring the Brocade/Foundry merger a failure and generally decrying the foolishness of anyone that dared challenge Cisco in the market. Methinks they doth protest too much.
Cisco Swings Open The Doors With New Carrier Router
News  |  3/10/2010  | 
With the promise of giving "an adrenaline boost to networking," Cisco Systems has announced the Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System. Designed for the service provider market, the new router is a leap forward for Cisco both in bandwidth and throughput. While the new products will not be on any enterprise's wish list, the CRS-3 will grant the large service providers the ability to bring higher performance to the backbone of the Internet and will also streamline and enhance the cloud and video servi
Cast Iron Launches Cloud Integration Platform
News  |  3/9/2010  | 
Combining data synchronization with process-support and mashup capabilities, OmniConnect addresses on-premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration.
Avaya, Polycom Expand Video, Voice Partnership
News  |  3/9/2010  | 
The partnership will cover the joint development and marketing of integrated video, voice, and collaboration solutions.
One Million IOPS: Moving The Data Center Bottleneck
Commentary  |  3/9/2010  | 
The first system administrator to ever upgrade a server undoubtedly experienced a mismatch in performance between the installed server and the new component. Since then, millions of data center managers have experienced first-hand the performance bottleneck constantly moving from one component in their data center to another. Have those years of experience stopped smart people in our industry from challenging whether it makes sense to deploy new generations of faster technology, because the new
More Businesses Plan To Implement UC
Commentary  |  3/4/2010  | 
The implementation rates for UC remain steady, but the numbers of organizations building strategic plans for UC adoption has increased.
Net Optics Director Pro Combines Deep Packet Inspection And Load Balancing
News  |  3/3/2010  | 
Anyone who need to view network traffic for application, network or security monitoring knows the difficulty in getting traffic from the wire to the analyzer. Physical and network interfaces have to match exactly, or IT is forced to use switch-span ports that can place additional load on the switch fabric and limit the output speed. Netoptics announced a new inline tap that supports 40Gbps pass through traffic, a Gigabit Zero Delay TAP and a Director Pro with hardware based deep packet inspect
Is Emulex Running The HP Table?
Commentary  |  3/2/2010  | 
On February 26, Emulex announced that its OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapters are available from HP. This is a massive opportunity, given that HP is the largest OEM consumer of host adapters in the world. It is also significant because time-to-sales will be quick since the new HP-branded products are available for high-volume HP ProLiant rack, tower and blade servers. This also marks a ground floor opportunity for Emulex. These products are the first host adapters available from HP t
Broadband Sales Pick Up
Commentary  |  3/1/2010  | 
A year they would like to forget, this is how network equipment providers would describe 2009. While sales of broadband access systems declined 12 percent for the year, they showed signs of life as the year closed: DellOro Group determined that revenue increased by double digits in the fourth quarter of the year.

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