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IBM System i Servers Get 3Com VoIP
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
IBM and 3Com are planning to integrate 3Com's VCX IP telephony software with IBM's System i midmarket servers.
Daily Spin: Lights, Camera, Podcast
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
Could audio podcasts already be a thing of the past? Video blogs are cropping up all over the web. Should your org consider putting a face to your
VoIP Sales To Hit $5.5 Billion By 2007: Report
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
VoIP hardware and software sales will reach $5.5 billion by 2007, but will then decline due a mature market and decreasing prices, according to a new report by Juniper Research.
Geek Chic: GoToMyPC Corporate 5.0
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
It's a useful tool for remote access, but the product could sharpen its multiuser support capabilities.
We Know How Hard IT Is--Trust Me
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
It takes a certain mentality to work with technology. I have the mind-set, but about once a year there's a project that makes me strongly consider changing careers.
11a Or 11g For Wireless? A False Choice
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
For enterprise Wi-Fi, the choice is both--not one or the other.
Fat Fingers From the Past
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
We've all done it: fat-fingered a config and not caught it until packets started disappearing. But how many of us can say we missed a misconfiguration for nearly two years?
The Art Of IT: Ultimate Outsourcing
News  |  3/31/2006  | 
In all likelihood, computing services will eventually be delivered to business in a manner similar to financial services. Although you'll be keenly interested in the characteristics of the services, you
IBM, 3Com Tag-Team On IP Telephony Suite
News  |  3/30/2006  | 
3Com and IBM announced a partnership today to port 3Com's IP telephony server onto IBM's System i server platform, the re-branded, multiplatform version of the old AS/400 series.
Let's Kill Web 2.0 -- Now!
Commentary  |  3/30/2006  | 
It's time to finally ban the term, because it's become the favorite of hypsters, pseudo techno-hipsters, and scamsters.
Hawking Bets Big On ZigBee
News  |  3/30/2006  | 
Hawking Technologies, a manufacturer of connectivity solutions now testing the home automation market, is preparing to take the wraps off one of the first home-control solutions based on the ZigBee
Review: Outsourced Data Center Services
News  |  3/30/2006  | 
We evaluated four RFI proposals on behalf of our fictional company, which was seeking a partner to manage its server infrastructure. Of the quartet, we gave high marks to the
Market Analysis: Is Outsourcing Right For You?
News  |  3/30/2006  | 
Often, outsourcing day-to-day IT functions to a trusted partner can be a smart move. It can alleviate workloads and control costs. Is it right for all companies? No. Is it
Air Time: Your TWE Pocket Field Guide
Commentary  |  3/30/2006  | 
Technical White Elephants, or TWEs, are the product of an ill-informed imagination that postulates a simple solution to a complex problem. Here's a field guide to help keep you out
Daily Spin: Show Me the Money!
News  |  3/29/2006  | 
A recent survey indicates that half of Senior Execs polled are worried that not enough is being spent on IT so far this year. And yet just a few
Korean Portal Daum Launches U.S. VoIP Service
News  |  3/29/2006  | 
Daum Communications Corp., South Korea's second-largest Internet portal, said it has launched Internet-based telephony services in the U.S. through its American subsidiary Lycos Inc.
Crash Course: Interior Routing Protocols
News  |  3/29/2006  | 
Picking the right interior routing protocol for your network is crucial for delivering your business applications end-to-end without undue costs or delays. There's certainly plenty to choose from, including RIPv1,
Affordable IT: Desktop Management Suites
News  |  3/29/2006  | 
We evaluated five low-cost desktop management suites for small-to-midsized organizations. Our Editor's Choice Award went to the option with the best usability, patch management and tech support.
Blogging Boo-Boos
News  |  3/29/2006  | 
In this edition, we shudder at the "Top 11 things your employee should never have blogged about." Also, a Junior IT Pro Kit and 3D avatars for mobile phone
Daily Spin: Catch Up with the Skype Hype
News  |  3/28/2006  | 
Where you fall on the Skype bandwagon may depend on whether you simply use it, or if as a network manager you need to manage or even ban it. eBay,
NSA Awards Harris $41.6 Milion For Secure WLAN
News  |  3/28/2006  | 
Harris Corp. has been awarded a five-year, $41.6 million Indefinite Delivery Quantity contract by the National Security Agency (NSA) to supply its SecNet 54 secure wireless local-area network (SWLAN) product
Product Update: Sonic Software ESB 7.0
Commentary  |  3/28/2006  | 
During our recent review of ESB products, we picked on Sonic Software quite a bit for its design-time environment. Yesterday, Sonic announced version 7.0 of its ESB offering (with availability May 1) and it appears that it's moving in the...
NEC Solutions 2500 Storage Array
News  |  3/28/2006  | 
The NEC S2500 can meet your needs by providing flexible storage options, including support for dynamic RAID sets and the ability to mix FC and SATA drives.
Centerfold: Extreme Makeover: Virtual Building Edition
News  |  3/28/2006  | 
Major commercial contractor Webcor Builders is paving the way to virtual building, the next generation of construction technology where every detail of a project is modeled and mapped out virtually
Skype Founders Sued For Racketeering
News  |  3/27/2006  | 
The suit claims that peer-to-peer client maker Kazaa, also founded by Skype founders, violated StreamCast's exclusive rights to the technology behind Kazaa by selling it to a shell company.
Lycos Enters VoIP Market, Bundled With Goodies
News  |  3/27/2006  | 
The VoIP marketplace is getting another major player in for form of Lycos Phone, which is offering a bundle of free features and services,
RingCentral Updates On-Demand Telecom Service For Small Businesses
News  |  3/27/2006  | 
RingCentral Inc. today announced RingCentral Online 3.0, an update of its on-demand telecommunications service for small businesses and mobile workers.
Report: Vista Delay Won't Impact PC Sales Much
News  |  3/27/2006  | 
PC shipments will not be affected by Vista's delay, IDC said Monday in a report.
Daily Spin: How Do You Spell "Chutzpah?"
News  |  3/27/2006  | 
Despite the woes of Vista delays and a multitude of zero-day bugs to overcome, Microsoft still finds the time -- and the nerve -- to offer security advice to Apple.
The Five Biggest Network No-Nos
News  |  3/27/2006  | 
If you're expanding your network or building one from scratch, there's plenty to watch out for. Here are the five biggest mistakes you should avoid.
More Madness In March
Commentary  |  3/27/2006  | 
Say it one time out loud, and it still doesn't seem real. "George Mason is going to the final four." Say it a few times, and, it still sounds surreal but it is true. March madness continues with one of the more surprising NCAA Basketball Tournaments in memory. Naturally, the country is riveted, and, though I have no figures to back this up, I am guessing productivity is plummeting. Most companies were antipating some issues with workers spending too much work time viewing games over the We
Nortel's Latest Game Plan: Fast And Simple
News  |  3/27/2006  | 
A simpler services organization and superfast routers are part of CEO Mike Zafirovski's plan to leave Nortel's troubles behind.
Pumping Up the Online Jam
News  |  3/24/2006  | 
A new Web service called eJamming lets musicians play over the Internet. The collaboration software enables real-time jam sessions between musicians from almost anywhere. While small today, operators expect the
Credant Mobile Guardian 5.1 Enterprise Edition
News  |  3/24/2006  | 
This mobile security platform takes a different--and more secure--tack than full hard disk encryption products.
Friday Freebie
Commentary  |  3/24/2006  | 
Happy Friday! Today's freebie is all about streaming live video....
Jabber XCP 5.0
News  |  3/24/2006  | 
Jabber's latest IM server could have more improvements in useability but open standards support is a plus.
Why Enterprises Aren't Signing Up For Fiber Access
News  |  3/23/2006  | 
Less than 12% of enterprises have fiber access to their offices. With bandwidth at such a premium, what's keeping them away?
Eclipse Expands, Urges Shift Away From Windows User Interface
News  |  3/22/2006  | 
Eclipse Rich Client Platform offers developers a way to build user interfaces that run across Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops.
EDS Latest Tech Giant to Increase Offshore Hiring
News  |  3/22/2006  | 
The Dallas-based provider of IT and BPO services plans to double its staff in Hungary, where it currently employs about 1,100 workers.
Nortel Debuts New Router Line For Converged Networks
News  |  3/22/2006  | 
A month after completing its acquisition of router manufacturer Tasman Networks for $99.5 million, Nortel has released a new series of routers designed for converged networks.
Siemens Is Ringing: Dare You Answer?
News  |  3/22/2006  | 
Siemens' new P2P VoIP system will be easy to deploy. Businesses should wonder whether it will just as easy to hack.
Lucent To Pay $207 Million For Riverstone Networks
News  |  3/22/2006  | 
The Ethernet infrastructure firm filed for bankruptcy in early January; the parties expect the deal to close in April.
Daily Spin: Switches: When Speed Isn't Enough
News  |  3/21/2006  | 
Testing switches is in many ways Network Computing's bread and butter, as our recent review of Layer 2/3 data center switches shows. But as speed and throughput becomes a commodity,
Martin Says FCC Has Authority To Enforce Net Neutrality
News  |  3/21/2006  | 
AT&T chief Whitacre pledges not to block or degrade independent services as network neutrality issue takes center stage at TelecomNext show.
Minerva Networks, Nortel Team On IPTV
News  |  3/21/2006  | 
Internet protocol TV services company Minerva Networks and communications company Nortel Networks Corp. have announced the joint development and release of an Application Interface (API) that enables the integration of
Many Data Centers Still Have No Risk Management Plan
News  |  3/21/2006  | 
More than 75% have experienced a business disruption in the past five years, including 20% who say the disruption had a serious impact on the business, according to a recent
Deja Vu
Commentary  |  3/21/2006  | 
A long, long time ago... I can still remember How that browser used to make me smile. And I knew if it had a chance That it could make a website dance And users would be happy for a while....
Security: A Continuing Federal Challenge
News  |  3/21/2006  | 
While there has been some progress by individual agencies, last year's D+ on the FISMA report card still stands.
Disney's Iger: No Net Neutrality Laws Needed
News  |  3/21/2006  | 
Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger weighed in on the network neutrality debate with an opinion guaranteed to please his hosts at the TelecomNext show -- he doesn't think any new
Daily Spin: Building Towards IE 7
News  |  3/20/2006  | 
Our reviewers recently tested two new builds of Internet Explorer 7.0 and found them to be safer than previous versions, with a much-improved user interface. But has Microsoft significantly advanced
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