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Content tagged with Networking posted in February 2011
Siemens Introduces OpenScape Cloud Services
News  |  2/28/2011  | 
The cloud communications services for SMBs and enterprises that don't want to manage the technology were unveiled at Enterprise Connect.
Major New DNS Vulnerability Discovered
News  |  2/25/2011  | 
The Internet Systems Consortium has issued a warning that certain versions of BIND are vulnerable to a denial of service attack. BIND is the most widely used domain name system protocol implementation. The latest version of BIND, 9.7.3, is not affected, but versions 9.7.1 through 9.7.2-P3 are vulnerable. Attackers could exploit the vulnerability to create a denial of service attack because of the way that BIND handles incremental zone transfers (IXFR), which is a technique for transferring data
Juniper Gets To '1' With New QFabric Family
Commentary  |  2/24/2011  | 
Juniper finally got to 1 in its 3-2-1 strategy launched last year. The trend, to flatten the network, has been coming for a while. What's held back the flattening are little things, like being able to aggregate enough access ports over a high capacity and low latency interconnects, broadcast control, traffic management and, frankly, a strong driver to re-architect the network. But that hasn't stopped Brocade, Cisco and Juniper from coming out with some innovative data center network offerings.
Juniper Introduces New Architecture For Data Center Networking
News  |  2/24/2011  | 
Juniper Networks is introducing a totally new design for data center networking that it calls QFabric, which collapses the typical three layers of networking equipment into one for faster performance, lower latency, better scalability, reduced power consumption and lower cost. The company will begin selling the QFabric Node switch this quarter at a list price of $34,000, the first of three products that together deliver the new QFabric architecture.
Cisco Escalates Video-Everywhere Push
News  |  2/24/2011  | 
The situation is simple: More video data requires bigger and faster networks, and as the leading network vendor, Cisco has a vested interest in facilitating this video growth. Over 50 percent of all Internet traffic today is video, and by 2014 the volume will be 90 percent, says the company. While the scope of video communications (including Internet video calling, video instant messaging, video monitoring and Webcam traffic) is currently relatively small, it is expected to experience substantia
Blue Coat Study Shows Malware Now Targets 'Trusted Sites'
News  |  2/24/2011  | 
An annual report on Web security from software provider Blue Coat that was released on Wednesday says that cyber criminals are launching more focused attacks and are targeting trusted sites to distribute malware, viruses and other threats. The author of the 2010 Blue Coat Annual Web Security Report also says that some Web-delivered applications that are used by businesses are at risk of malware if an attacker thinks there are valuable assets to be stolen by getting onto the corporate network.
Meraki Adds To Cloud Networking Lineup
News  |  2/23/2011  | 
A high-speed access point, integrated network access control, and a plug-and-play VPN device are intended to bolster security, especially for SMBs and companies with remote and mobile workers.
Flexera Introduces Software Suite To Smooth Transition To Windows 7
News  |  2/23/2011  | 
Applications usage management vendor Flexera Software is introducing a suite of software applications that it says can simplify the process of migrating businesses to Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system from Windows XP. AdminStudio Suite 10, available Tuesday, automates the transition project with a six-step process that includes inventorying apps, assessing compatibility, fixing compatibility issues and deploying the new OS.
Avaya Extends Virtualization Beyond The Data Center
News  |  2/23/2011  | 
Avaya is extending its Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA), which debuted last November, beyond the data center to the campus network, adding its virtualization capabilities to the company's Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8800 and 8600 products. By bringing network virtualization and IEEE Shortest Path Bridging (802.1aq) to the campus, current 8800 and 8600 customers can install, provision and manage real-time applications and services in minutes rather than days, says Avaya, whose ult
Virtual PBX Adds VoIP To Hosted Service
News  |  2/22/2011  | 
Provider's platform for SMBs includes VoIP lines rather than simply overlaying existing systems, though it can still deliver Virtual PBX Complete without adding phone service.
Vidyo Video Conferencing Platform Now Available For Cloud Providers
News  |  2/22/2011  | 
Video conferencing provider Vidyo is now offering a version of its platform that can be used by telecommunications and other companies to deliver video conferencing technology as a cloud service. On Tuesday, Vidyo introduced VidyoRouter Cloud Edition, which uses the company's patented version of the H.264 scalable video coding (SVC) compression standard. The technology delivers high-definition video over the Internet and conventional IP networks to a variety of endpoint devices, from HD TVs to s
IPv6 And DNS On The Interopnet
Commentary  |  2/18/2011  | 
The early planning work on Interop is moving along. Glenn Evans, who is managing the Interopnet and characterizes the position (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) as "benevolent dictator," and the rest of the NOC team have the daunting task of building and maintaining a production network for attendees and exhibitors, as well as providing the infrastructure to demo new technologies. At this early stage, work is being done to figure out what to offer to the show attendees and exhibitors. "If In
IBM's Watson: A Watershed Event For Information Technology--And For Society
Commentary  |  2/17/2011  | 
On the surface, Watson, IBM's "Jeopardy"-playing computer system, is impressive in its ability to answer complex, ambiguous questions expressed in natural language. In fact, Watson will likely be a centerpiece for IBM's centennial celebration in June. But Watson is more than just an impressive computing system. In fact, in the future, after Watson's technology is used and deployed in multiple ways, we expect this week's Jeopardy matches will be seen as a historic event in information technology
Bitrix Site Manager Helps Online Businesses Successfully Manage Peak Traffic And Prevent DDoS Attacks
News  |  2/17/2011  | 
Bitrix, a technology trendsetter in business communications, introduces its TrafficJuggler load balancing technology, which effectively addresses customers' needs for online business continuity. It delivers industry-leading performance capable of handling traffic spikes caused by extreme visitor activity or by targeted DDoS attacks.
Security Pros Straining To Lock Down Emerging Tech
News  |  2/17/2011  | 
Cloud computing, mobile devices, and social media are increasing training and management challenges, finds Frost & Sullivan survey.
AlienVault Unified SIEM Bundles Security Tools For MSPs And Enterprises
News  |  2/17/2011  | 
AlienVault Unified SIEM 3.0 is an integrated package of tools presented as an attractive way for managed service providers to extend their security capabilities, including a full enterprise security information and event management offering. The latest version of Unified SIEM, announced at the RSA Conference, provides tight integration of the company's Open Source SIEM (OSSIM) with a fistful of security tools available for deployment, making it well-suited for MSPs.
Critical Watch Releases IPS Optimization Module
News  |  2/16/2011  | 
Critical Watch, a leading provider of vulnerability management and compliance solutions announced today the release of its new IPS Optimization Module. The solution compares discovered vulnerabilities to IPS configuration settings and enables users of FusionVM to dynamically configure their IPS based on their unique vulnerability landscape.
The First IPv6 WAN Optimizer: Speed At What Price?
Commentary  |  2/16/2011  | 
Last week, Blue Coat upgraded its MACH5 to become the industry's first IPv6-compatible WAN optimizer. WAN optimizers have long supported tunneled IPv6 over IPv4, but the MACH5 is the first WAN optimization appliance to accelerate native IPv6--and then some. The MACH5 is actually a very sophisticated IPv6 application layer gateway (ALG), providing IPv6 connectivity, security and optimization in a single device. Yet it's precisely its sophistication that raises questions around device scalability
IBM Focuses On Endpoint Security
News  |  2/16/2011  | 
After purchasing BigFix last July, IBM has announced that it is integrating the functionality of BigFix into Tivoli Endpoint Manager, which will let users manage the security and compliance of servers, desktops, roaming laptops and point-of-sale devices such as ATMs and self-service kiosks. The company also said that it would be working with Juniper Networks to help develop joint security services for mobile devices, such as those running Apple's iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows ope
IPv6: Four Steps to Take Now
News  |  2/16/2011  | 
If you don't act to add IPv6 to your network, you're not only limiting the growth of your business, you may be turning away thousands of customers.
Cisco Introduces 'Context Aware' Security Architecture, Leveraging Client Telemetry
News  |  2/15/2011  | 
Cisco Systems has unveiled its distributed SecureX architecture, which enables "context aware" security enforcement regardless of infrastructure environment. A key element is inclusion of client information through Cisco's TrustSec technologies, which enable the transport and reading of context about user, device identity and role, to create and enforce granular policy. The announcement is being made at the RSA Conference.
HP Acquisitions Bring New Security Technology 'Under One Roof'
News  |  2/15/2011  | 
As the RSA Conference 2011 security industry convention continues this week in San Francisco, HP is revealing how recent acquisitions in the security space are starting to bear fruit. On Tuesday, HP will demonstrate new security capabilities it is offering to protect enterprise networks and software applications, based on its acquisitions of Fortify Software and ArcSight in August and September of 2010, respectively.
Infoblox Bridges Management Gap Between Physical And Virtual Networks
News  |  2/15/2011  | 
Currently addressing the network infrastructure automation and control requirements of large organizations, Infoblox has set its sights on bridging the management gap between physical and virtual networks. Officially launched on Monday, Infoblox IPAM Insight, an IP address management (IPAM) product, started shipping in mid-January on the Infoblox-1102 appliance platform with pricing starting at $14,995.
SonicWALL Unveils Line Of High-Performance Multicore, Next-Gen Firewall Appliances
News  |  2/14/2011  | 
SonicWALL has announced a series of four high-end, multicore, next-generation firewall appliances, topping out at a 96-core behemoth with clustering options for up to 384 cores. The appliances leverage SonicWALL's deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities to apply application intelligence and user identity for fine-grained policy and rule creation, as well as bandwidth and application usage control. The announcement was made at the RSA Conference today.
SecureAuth Rolls Out Multifactor Authentication, SSO For Smartphones
News  |  2/14/2011  | 
Enterprises can enable secure end user access via smartphones using the latest version of SecureAuth, which provides certificate-based two-factor authentication, single sign-on and identity management services. SecureAuth is also extending support for securing access to cloud-based applications. SecureAuth Identity Enforcement Platform (IEP) 6.0 extends the product's capabilities from desktops and laptops to iPhone/iPad and Android, as well as other mobile platforms. Mobile device users can be g
Tufin Firewall Management Suite Supports Palo Alto Networks' Application-Identity Capabilities
News  |  2/11/2011  | 
Tufin Technologies has extended its firewall audit and change management capabilities to "next generation" firewalls with support for Palo Alto Networks products. In addition to standard network-based firewall capabilities, Palo Alto enables organizations to create fine-grained policies and rules based on application and user identity using deep packet inspection (DPI) technology.
Converged Network Reins in Runaway Cabling
News  |  2/11/2011  | 
Expansion is evident everywhere in the University of Alabama at Birmingham's data center. The number of servers, switches and storage systems has been growing as the academic institution has delivered more services to its users. As a result, cabling was strewn throughout the data center, and the need to simplify its wiring was a central reason why the higher educational institute decided to install an integrated computing solution.
Startup CloudPassage Tackles Cloud Server Security With New Services
News  |  2/11/2011  | 
Data privacy, security and reliability are the biggest concerns surrounding cloud computing, according to a recent survey of IT executives conducted by the non-profit IT Governance Institute (ITGI). It's no surprise then that a number of IT vendors are scrambling to address those concerns. Take CloudPassage, for example. The startup recently unveiled its Halo SVM (Server Vulnerability Management) and Halo Firewall, server security and compliance services that the company says are built specifica
Trusteer Fights Mobile Web Malware With Separate Browser Just For Work Apps
News  |  2/10/2011  | 
A company focused on guarding against malware infections from Web-based software applications has found that the best way to protect against such threats is to create a separate browser solely for work computing. Trusteer on Wednesday launched the Trusteer Secure Mobile Browser Service that workers can download onto their laptops, tablets, smartphones or other portable devices in order to view work-related apps securely. Workers could then use a commercial Web browser such as Internet Explorer o
Dell's New Lineup Combines Consumer Features With Enterprise IT
News  |  2/9/2011  | 
Dell introduced on Tuesday a sweeping new lineup of laptop, desktop and workstation computers designed to welcome the "consumerization of IT," while still serving enterprise demands for support of virtualization, cloud computing, security and other IT priorities.
RingCube Targets 'VDI Ghetto'
News  |  2/8/2011  | 
At first glance, desktop virtualization is the poster child for the problem of satisfying an increasingly mobile workforce with increasingly scarcer resources. However, despite the proliferation of vendors entering the VDI market--including Citrix, MokaFive, Pano Logic, Ring Cube, Symantec, Oracle and VMware--the reality has been both technically challenging and more expensive than expected.
Zenprise Adds Powerful New Android Management Tools
Commentary  |  2/8/2011  | 
Mobile device management is certainly becoming a hot topic. An increasing number of enterprises are finding themselves faced with the challenge of reconciling the popularity and potential problems associated with these devices, as well as taming the chaos that is possible when employees and customers alike adopt an increasingly mobile culture. Though Zenprise is a multi-OS mobile support framework with a long history covering BlackBerry and Apple devices, the latest release is all about improved
Solera Networks Adds Network Traffic Classification, Granular Application Awareness
News  |  2/8/2011  | 
Solera Networks has introduced traffic classification and identification with deep packet inspection, including highly detailed application information and visualized geolocation, to its network analysis platform. Solera OS 5, supporting the DeepSee suite of tools, also features an improved database engine for better performance and dynamic updating of dashboard displays.
Where Is Intel's FCoE Solution?
Commentary  |  2/8/2011  | 
FCoE may not be the slam-dunk portrayed by some analysts and vendors, but I'm confident an "everything over Ethernet" approach is the right one for the next generation of enterprise data centers. It's hard to argue with commodity pricing, solid 10Gbit performance, backward-compatible connectivity and network-enabled flexibility. Fibre Channel will eventually succumb to the Ethernet monster, and the data center will be better for it.
Atheros Endorses Cloud-Based Wireless In A Big Way
Commentary  |  2/7/2011  | 
When a company as integral to the wireless LAN space as Atheros endorses a new market direction, you'd do well to pay attention. The wireless chip giant is looking to make life easier for the under-served small-to-midsize enterprise (SME) space with an innovative new addition to its wireless offerings. Given that cost and complexity of doing wireless right keep adoption by SMEs to under 20 percent, Atheros wants to make secure, enterprise-quality wireless achievable for those who want it but fee
Lancope Adds Application Awareness, Visualization Tools To Network Behavior Analysis
News  |  2/7/2011  | 
Lancope's StealthWatch 6.0 network behavioral analysis tool features granular application awareness, flexible grouping of network assets for reporting and analysis, and relational mapping for network visualization.
SenSage Opens SIEM Data To Business Intelligence Tools
News  |  2/4/2011  | 
Security information and event management (SIEM) vendor SenSage has opened up its data to third-party business intelligence (BI) tools and dashboards, enabling organizations to leverage security data with business data analytics and create highly customized reports. The latest release (version 4.6) supports Open Database Connectivity/Java Database Connectivity (ODBC/JDBC) APIs, allowing integration of SenSage's data warehouse with BI products through SQL queries and/or the BI tools' more user-fr
The IPocalypse Is Not A Cause For Panic
News  |  2/3/2011  | 
Today, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ( IANA) will be passing out the last five Class A address spaces to the Regional Internet Registries (RIR), which in turn allocate IP addresses to organizations within their specific geographic regions. This marks the end of the IPv4 central pool, and the countdown to IPv4 exhaustion begins in earnest. The American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN)--which handles allocations for Canada, the United States and many Caribbean islands--is forecasting
Siemens Launches Unified Communications For SMBs
News  |  2/2/2011  | 
UC Server Xpress offers a pre-configured platform for messaging, conferencing, voice communications, and customer communications.
IT Is Becoming All About The API
Commentary  |  2/2/2011  | 
During a visit to Sillicon Valley a few weeks back, I had the opportunity to stop in on Cisco, HP and Juniper and get demos of products that I have been briefed on and written about but haven't seen in action. These products include Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS), Juniper's JunOS Space and HP's Intelligent Management Center. What struck me most about all three products is how much emphasis the vendors are putting on developing APIs, both for internal use and third-party integration. APIs
Fluke Tightens AirMagnet WLAN Protection
News  |  2/1/2011  | 
With almost 10,000 customers, including three-quarters of the Fortune 100, Fluke Networks' AirMagnet is releasing the latest version (9.0) of AirMagnet Enterprise, its wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) for managing and securing enterprise WLANs. Wireless communications is exploding, and security is a huge and growing problem. The company says that by the end of the year, 70 percent of all new worldwide voice and data client-to-LAN connections will be wireless, with 802.11n becoming the
Emulex Gains Fibre Channel HBA Market Share Over QLogic In 2010
Commentary  |  2/1/2011  | 
In 2001, Emulex commanded 80 percent of the $25 million Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) market. QLogic unveiled the industry's first single-chip HBA in 2002, and leveraged its two-year technology lead into market share gains over Emulex in each of the following eight years. Emulex battled back starting in 2008, when the company regained share in various quarters, but still lost ground for the full years 2008 and 2009. Emulex momentum continued through 2010, when, for the first time since t

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