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Does WLAN Management Really Need To Be In The Cloud?
Commentary  |  2/25/2010  | 
After talking with vendors over the past year, I can't say I am completely on board with the notion of WLAN management tools as a software as a service (SaaS). The premise of cloud management is simple: instead of deploying yet another server in the data center, redirect the enterprise wireless controllers and access points at a vendor-hosted solution. WLAN management services have all the trappings of the current cloud hype.
Gigamon GigaVUE Stamps, Slices, and Masks At 10Gbps
News  |  2/25/2010  | 
Capturing data for security, application performance, or just plain old monitoring, is a requisite function for IT. As network speeds increase, the need to capture data at line rate increases accordingly, so it's natural that network taps will increase in capacity. However, not all analysis methods need access to the full packet. Gigamon has enhanced its GigaVUE-2404 platform to time-stamp packets using a GPS time source, slice off the payload and mask bit patters in the payload prior to sending
F5 Enters The Virtual ADC Market With LTM Virtual Edition
News  |  2/24/2010  | 
F5 Networks is dipping it toe in the virtual application delivery controller market with a free 90 trial edition of their Local Traffic Manager Virtual Edition (LTM VE). LTM VE is a VMware virtual appliance that is targeted at non-production developer use. F5 does plan on releasing a production version of LTM VE in the first half of 2010 and is withholding pricing until that product is available.
Do SMBs Need More Fiber Connections?
Commentary  |  2/24/2010  | 
Good news/bad news. The good news is a growing number of companies now are able to connect to telecommunications service provider via fiber optic lines. However, the bad news is the carriers have focused on meeting the needs of large enterprises at the expense of small and medium businesses.
Windows 7 Rolling Review: Avocent LANDesk Management Suite 9
News  |  2/24/2010  | 
Last up in our rolling review of Windows 7 deployment solutions is Avocent's LANDesk Management Suite 9. Installation of LANDesk was relatively painless. The core management server, along with the database and Web management engine, can all be installed on a single box. LANDesk supports SQL Server 2005, 2008, and Oracle versions 10 and 11g for the back-end database. If you have fewer than 1,000 clients under management, you can get away with using SQL Express. As you scale beyond 3,000 clients,
Cisco Delivers Redundant Arrays Of Independent Datacenters: The New RAID
Commentary  |  2/23/2010  | 
On February 8, Cisco announced the introduction of new products that are part of an industry-wide continuum of cloud infrastructure development. One Cisco product, Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), stands out by dramatically simplifying the deployment of Layer 2 connections between datacenters to form Redundant Arrays of Independent "Datacenters" (RAID).
AppDynamics Pushes Application Performance Management to the Cloud
News  |  2/23/2010  | 
Yap Inc., a Web company that runs its automated voice-to-text transcription business on a cloud computing infrastructure, needed a way to monitor and manage just how long it takes to receive voice mails from customers and turn them into e-mails or text messages. So it turned to start-up AppDynamics, which this week unveiled its application performance management (APM) software built from the ground up to manage applications running in the cloud, virtual and service-oriented architecture (SOA) en
Rich Get Richer in Ethernet Switch Marketplace
Commentary  |  2/22/2010  | 
Consolidation has been the watchword in the Ethernet switch market. With growth rates slowing and competition increasing, vendors have been trying to gain size in order to weather the changes. Such an outlook is being made for good reason. Market research firm Delloro Group found that revenue for giants Cisco, HP, and Juniper increased $600 million in the last quarter, leaving few leftovers for the remaining suppliers.
PGP Offers Enterprise Key Management To Consolidate Encryption Control
News  |  2/22/2010  | 
PGP Key Management Server, announced today, aims to consolidate key management across third-party applications and devices, including custom applications, which typically lack built-in capabilities. PGP says enterprises are struggling with managing disparate certificates authorities for e-commerce,payment systems, file transfers and other processes. Wireless access points are another problem area, as large enterprises often use WLAN gear from multiple vendors, requiring separate key management f
Windows 7 Rolling Review: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager R2
News  |  2/19/2010  | 
In the next edition of our rolling review of Windows 7 deployment solutions, we test a product that has the inside track on Windows 7: Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SSCM). The product was relatively easy to deploy because Microsoft delivered Configuration Manager to us inside a pre-built virtual machine (Hyper-V, of course). Normally, the product is delivered as a traditional software package. Smaller and medium-sized IT shops can run Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 on single s
HP & Cisco: It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses A Partnership. . . .
Commentary  |  2/19/2010  | 
The battle for the hearts, minds and most importantly, pocketbooks of data center managers, escalated yesterday as HP announced they were OEMing a couple of Qlogic fiber channel switches and Cisco ceremoniously booted HP from their premier reseller program. Tensions have been growing ever since Mark Hurd and the rest of HP management decided to stop treating ProCurve like a red-headed stepchild, and Cisco entered the server market with their UCS.
Intel And Microsoft Overhaul iSCSI For The Enterprise
Commentary  |  2/19/2010  | 
I recently attended a webcast where Jordan Plawner of Intel and Suzanne Morgan of Microsoft described how the combination of Intel Ethernet Server Adapters, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Intel Xeon processor 5500 series-based servers are integrated to optimize iSCSI performance and scalability. I came away from a follow-up briefing with Jordan and Suzanne impressed with the potential benefits to large data centers, as well as the breadth of integration between Intel and Microsoft products
Cisco Kicks HP To The Curb
News  |  2/19/2010  | 
In a stunning move, Cisco has announced that it will not renew its System Integrator contract with HP. HP will no longer be a Cisco Certified Channel or a Global Service Alliance Partner after April 30th, 2010. If there was any confusion that Cisco and HP were on a crash course, this move by Cisco should clear that up. Cisco's dropping HP follows the rumor, confirmed by Dell, that Cisco has also stopped plans to manufacture the Nexus 4001d Blade Switch for Dell's M1000e chassis.
Shockwaves In The Fibre Channel Switching Space
Commentary  |  2/18/2010  | 
Earlier this week I saw an article from the Motley Fool advising investors to be bearish on Brocade (to sell), highlighting the competitive challenges facing the company. Then, this morning I saw the challenges only get worse for Brocade, as HP and QLogic announced an OEM pact for Fibre Channel edge switches.
New Spector Server Update Provides Easy Monitoring
News  |  2/17/2010  | 
SpectorSoft has announced a new version of its Spector Server monitoring software, with improvements in its activity recorders that make it easier for network administrators to see what programs are running. In addition, the company has announced a new version of its flagship Spector 360 product, which helps companies monitor the activities of users on an enterprise level.
Viewfinity Loads Systems Management To The Cloud For Remote Users
News  |  2/17/2010  | 
Start-up company Viewfinity has announced the release of version 2.5 of their cloud-based systems and privilege-management product. The management solutions use a technique called application encapsulation to maintain the integrity of the end-user desktop, as well as enabling quick rollback of user changes. Starting as a free product for up to 50 machines, Viewfinity brings software deployment and policy management to enterprise clients, no matter where they are located.
Kaseya Expands Systems Management
News  |  2/16/2010  | 
In an attempt to make its product more scalable to both larger and smaller organizations, Kaseya International Ltd. has created a line of four products on one platform that let users migrate between them. The software is intended to automate all the processes an IT person does, such as discovering workstations, inventorying them, auditing changes, patch management, backup and recovery, policy management, software deployment and automation of daily and periodic tasks. On the high end, the softwar
SonicWALL Expands Deep Packet Protection With SSL Inspection for Midsized and Large Businesses
News  |  2/12/2010  | 
Comprehensive SSL inspection technology grants network administrators control over SSL encrypted applications and HTTPS web browsing
Chelsio's FCoE Protocol Pile-on
News  |  2/12/2010  | 
Just days after unveiling an end-to-end strategy encompassing numerous storage devices and an update to its Unified Storage Server software, storage solutions provider Chelsio Communications added Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support to its line of 10Gb Unified Wire Ethernet adapters. This permits high-performance FC storage systems to be deployed on a company's existing Ethernet network, rather than requiring a separate SAN. Pricing of the cards will be unchanged.
Windows 7 Rolling Review: Kace KBOX 2000
News  |  2/11/2010  | 
In a market full of software products, Kace immediately distinguishes itself in the OS deployment and client management space with its appliance. Of course, an appliance is just a cinderblock unless it delivers useful features and functions, so we put it to the test as part of our Windows 7 deployment rolling review. KACE sent in both the 1000 and 2000 series appliances for review, and to get the entire scope of features and functionality that Kace offers, you need both. The KBOX 1000 series foc
Ground Rules For Mobilizing Users
Commentary  |  2/10/2010  | 
Last week, I discussed rolling user-owned mobile devices into your mobility plans. While letting the users pay for their own wireless access may be a boon to the company's bottom line, it can also snowball into a nightmare for administrators dealing with supporting a slew of new devices. A little advanced work and planning can help thwart the dark side of mobility: the threat of unending calls to help desk, security threats and general chaos. First and foremost, you'll need to set some ground r
Streaming The Vancouver 2010 Olympics From Mobile To HD
News  |  2/10/2010  | 
If you watch the Olympics from your Web browser, the HD video stream will be coming to you live from Vancouver British Columbia with a scant 90 second delay. This feat is orchestrated by iStreamPlanet, and the capabilities to do so were assembled in just twelve days. The company, along with partners like Akamai, Arista Networks, Intel, Microsoft and Switch Communications, put together a fully automated workflow system to stream the Winter Olympics. An operation of this magnitude would normally r
AT&T Announces LTE Suppliers, Timetable
News  |  2/10/2010  | 
Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson will provide infrastructure for AT&T's Long Term Evolution wireless network, scheduled for deployment in 2011.
Are You Ready For IPv6?
News  |  2/10/2010  | 
If you're still on the fence about planning for IPv6 you might find this interesting: In 2010, U.S. Government agencies will require IPv6-compliant products in IT acquisitions. To find out what you should be thinking about in when it comes to IPv6 gear, we hooked up with Timothy Winters, a senior manager over at the University of New Hampshire InterOperabilty Laboratory (UNH-IOL), one of two organizations currently accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to p
Unified Communications Platforms: The Big Crunch Theory
Commentary  |  2/10/2010  | 
The communications universe has exploded outward in a Big Bang that now includes billions of people creating and accessing data from mobile phone applications, internet applications and corporate documents. Our inability to efficiently share and correlate all this raw data has slowed the acceleration of human productivity. As acceleration slows, the technology will experience a Big Crunch, the collapse into unified communications platforms.
Converged Network Savings Less Than Expected
Commentary  |  2/9/2010  | 
The proponents of converged data center networks, especially those in the FCoE camp, take it as an article of faith that their new network architecture will be less expensive than separate data and storage networks. When I sat down to figure out the real cost of connecting a server to the data center network, I was surprised that my FCoE configuration was just $300/server, or 5 percent, cheaper than using separate 10Gb Ethernet and 8Gbps Fibre Channel networks.
Novatel Completes 4G LTE Call
News  |  2/8/2010  | 
The firm is working with operators planning to launch Long Term Evolution commercial data devices later this year.
Internet Access Options Grow
Commentary  |  2/8/2010  | 
Broadband has evolved so it means more than just a cable modem or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connection. Now, companies are able to use optical Ethernet links to provide their employees with network access. Market research firm, DellOro Group, expects interest in broadband connections to increase, with new optical Ethernet connections being very popular.
Cisco Overlay Network Bridges Distributed Data Centers
News  |  2/8/2010  | 
Cisco continues its march to complete its Data Center 3.0 vision with a proprietary method to interconnect remote data centers called Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), extending a layer 2 Ethernet network over a WAN. The claim is that OTV is simpler. Cisco also counted 10Gb Base-T Ethernet modules for the Catalyst 6500 and 4900 switches, and new IO modules for the Nexus 7000. Additionally, they are furthering their Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) product with VMware as well as automa
Arts College Designs High-Tech Network For Voice, Data And Video
News  |  2/8/2010  | 
Known for its art, design, architecture and film studies, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) may not be what comes to mind first when thinking of high-tech campuses. However, the private college has built a savvy, high-speed IP network that supports thousands of students and faculty across multiple campuses, including a multitude of applications including voice, rich media, high-definition video, computer clusters, or render farms built to render computer-generated imagery (CGI) and m
Adobe Defends Flash, Again
News  |  2/3/2010  | 
CTO Kevin Lynch goes to bat for his company's beleaguered graphics platform.
HP Intros Portable Data Center
News  |  2/3/2010  | 
The 20-foot data center-in-a-box lets space-constrained companies add capacity without the cost of build-outs or overhauls.
I Want You For My Server Survey
Commentary  |  2/3/2010  | 
In my quest to get a handle on where servers are headed in 2010, I've spent time thinking about architectural innovations from Intel and AMD. I've also been serially interviewing the server vendors themselves (see my new piece on HP). Now comes the next step--I'm pulling together a survey for InformationWeek Analytics. And I'm asking for your help.
Paessler AG Builds Capacity to Meet Growing Demand for Network Monitoring Solutions
News  |  2/3/2010  | 
International Industry Leader Expands North American Presence, Products and Features to Help Companies Keep Pace with Network Optimization Needs
IP Infusion to Release ZebOS(R) Network Platform 7.8
News  |  2/3/2010  | 
GMPLS functionality support for IP over optical networking - Data Center Bridging support for data centers and virtualization - MPLS resiliency for wireless backhaul - Metro Ethernet Forum support for Carrier Ethernet
Jones Lang LaSalle Outsources To IBM
News  |  2/2/2010  | 
Big Blue to roll out help desk, server, application support and more for the financial and professional services firm.
iPad Threatens Wireless Networks, Feds Warn
News  |  2/2/2010  | 
Apple's new tablet could overwhelm communications links when it hits the market later this year, the government says.
A Private Cloud Is Called IT
Commentary  |  2/2/2010  | 
The title of this blog comes from a sentence penned by Steve Duplessie in Why the Cloud will Vaporize, and it's a sentence that really speaks to me. Duplessie writes an evocative article about the cloud market, but he made a few points on the benefits of cloud services and then wrote that little nugget, which I want to expand on. Whether you call it private cloud or a data center, the automation technologies and processes that are being developed for cloud services will trickle down into your da
Botnet Targets CIA, Google, Others With Junk Data
News  |  2/1/2010  | 
Security experts aren't sure why the botnet is conducting a weak attack.
iPad Vs Flash: Jobs Calls Adobe Lazy
News  |  2/1/2010  | 
Apple CEO says new tablet computer doesn't support Flash because Adobe's Web graphics program is unstable and bug prone.

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